There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of being a YouTuber. I'd be happy to provide insight of how I go about making my videos and how I see social media impacting our future.

Here is my YouTube channel:


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light_pear3831793 karma

Do you re-record the intro and outro every time or do you just reuse audio?

DailyDoseOfInternet_2227 karma

I re-use the audio for the intro only. That's it!

Salmonperson1762 karma

Has a comment ever bothered you?

DailyDoseOfInternet_4157 karma

yes, the ones that say that I steal videos which 100% not the case. I need to ask for permission and make sure proper papers are signed. The licensing process is not fun. I buy a few videos per episode from licensing companies.

lionexx114 karma

Okay, but honestly, when your channel was new and small were you asking permission than or did you only start following proper channels(IE asking permission) after you saw a spike in popularity?

Edit: This isn’t a jab at “you steal content” it’s a legit question as I know personally when you are smaller it’s hard to get permission for things and it’s daunting to go through all that work when you aren’t sure if it’ll even be worth the time! Smaller channels can get away with some loopholes until they become much larger! Nothing wrong with it as long as you are attempting to give credit!

DailyDoseOfInternet_469 karma

I started my channel for fun basically and didn't see anything to really come out of it. Just a way to share cool or funny videos I find on the internet. So the answer is no, I didn't always get permission early on because it was just for fun. When the channel got bigger and more serious, I took those older videos down and always ask for permission now.

itsnotmaxy1540 karma

What was your main motivation to start your YouTube channel?

DailyDoseOfInternet_2557 karma

Back in 2015, I was looking at YouTube and saw so many awful, low quality videos getting millions of views. I thought to myself, what if someone actually made some high quality videos that anyone can enjoy?

kingofsomthing41467 karma

Do you never get sick? You would think your voice would sound different when you are sick, however you always sound the same

DailyDoseOfInternet_1765 karma

The last time I got sick was about 2 years ago. I've been very fortunate or I just have a good immune system. No idea! I do worry about that!

Teddiedev1388 karma

Do you ever get recognized because of your voice?

DailyDoseOfInternet_2462 karma

only one time. I was getting my haircut and the woman said she recognized it and said her son always plays my videos!

CaNaNadiaNBANANA1088 karma

how do you get your microphone audio sound so good?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1356 karma

I'm not sure! I use a $50 blue yeti microphone

NoThankYouMan879 karma

Why do you emphasize YOUR?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1988 karma

because that's the most important part of the catch phrase. It's about you, the viewer.

Homiefatcow123851 karma

How do you find your content. Do people submit it?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1104 karma

A lot of people submit videos! I think I get at least 40 submissions every day! I typically find my videos on Instagram! But I will search all over Facebook, Twitter, etc.

JackSword5288 karma

Do you like any sports

DailyDoseOfInternet_746 karma

Chicago Bears and whatever team Tom Brady plays for. Also, Russell Wilson has the prettiest deep ball I have ever seen from a quarterback.

Cinemaphreak750 karma

My SO asks: are you married?

UPDATE: I have asked very few AMA questions over the years, so of course the first one I get an answer for is my GF wanting to see if the DDOI dude is available.....

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PieProtest747 karma

Would you feel guilty if you click baited your audience for once?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1511 karma

I would never do that. That's a good way to destroy trust in your audience.

SDecon746 karma

Whats your goal when you make videos?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1474 karma

I want those 3 minutes and 20-ish seconds to be the best 3 minutes and 20-ish seconds of your life!

siravidfone642 karma

How long does it take to get permission for each clip?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1266 karma

It depends on how long it takes for the person to respond. The other day I actually had someone respond to an email I sent 2 years ago! it was the record-breaking rock skipping video I posted about 2 weeks ago!

NoThankYouMan475 karma

You have to get permission for every video??

DailyDoseOfInternet_947 karma

Yes, otherwise YouTube would have taken my channel down a long time ago

peeingpikachu18557 karma

What do you do to relieve stress?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1354 karma

nature walks. I totally love nature. I'm obsessed with bees. When they are pollinating flowers, they literally do not care that you exist. You can poke them and they won't do anything. They are simply too busy to care.

84danie554 karma

Love your videos! I think I remember one where you featured a clip of your own cat - am I right? If so, how is the cat doing?

DailyDoseOfInternet_909 karma

my cat died about 1.5 years ago. I miss her but thank you!

Karimthehuman520 karma

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

DailyDoseOfInternet_1540 karma

hopefully living in a log cabin in the woods of Montana

Jaydon3532495 karma

How do you make DDOI?

DailyDoseOfInternet_602 karma

I use Sony Vegas 13 to edit my videos!

Lolidkimhere448 karma

Did you ever think you could make a career from YouTube when you first started?

DailyDoseOfInternet_521 karma

Never. I just made the videos for fun when I first started.

ImaginationFap441 karma

How are you doing?

I used to watch your Black Ops 2 story time/commentary videos back in the day with Sir NOSAJ.

Glad to see that you’ve made a great channel for yourself. Best wishes to you.

DailyDoseOfInternet_450 karma

thank you! Thanks for watching for so long!

009gaming438 karma

How old are you?

DailyDoseOfInternet_568 karma


Chris_2701396 karma

How are you? And how is everyone?

DailyDoseOfInternet_774 karma

I'm ok. 2020 has actually been the most challenging and difficult year of my life. I'm searching for the path of true happiness and I still have not found it yet.

Itsdatkitty357 karma

Didn't you use to make COD videos or something a long time ago?

DailyDoseOfInternet_465 karma

yes! Sir NOSAJ is my youtube channel for that

xraheem_235 karma

Sir Nosaj is Daily Dose Of Internet?!

DailyDoseOfInternet_267 karma


sadwormboi294 karma

Do you ever get burnt out?

I feel like you put a lot of of time and energy into your videos and making sure they're not stolen, etc. (which is amazing tnx btw) but it must take a toll on you and ngl I worry for you lol

Cyclip222 karma

Considering he selects the videos, asks for permission, edits the videos, and does everything else I'm surprised he hasn't missed a few videos to catch a break.

DailyDoseOfInternet_474 karma

Haven't had a day off in 2 years. I would like to take a break, but it's ok! I'm literally dedicating my life to this channel.

arn_g265 karma

Where do you get your clips from mostly? Alot of the clips you use I've seen on reddit before, but do you also use clips that are directly sent to you?

DailyDoseOfInternet_344 karma

I use a lot of clips that are sent directly to me. The fanbase typically sends me videos of their pets or something nature related.

grzybek337238 karma

How long does it take for you to make one DDOI?

DailyDoseOfInternet_429 karma

Editing is about 4 hours. Looking for videos about 12 hours.

P0tato-14114 karma

Oh wow, editing is surprisingly long

FreezingBlizzard14 karma

Probably the voice over and attention to details

DailyDoseOfInternet_30 karma

Voicing taking the longest

doihavetooreddit201 karma

Greetings from Germany, How does it feel to have viewers from all over the world and to make so many people's day's just that much better?

DailyDoseOfInternet_230 karma

It's super cool. I try to make my videos so that anyone from any part of the world can enjoy and understand!

Zaphodyful178 karma

Did you struggle to find an audience when you first started? Or did it happen quickly?

DailyDoseOfInternet_349 karma

Daily Dose grew very slowly. At around 10,000 subscribers my video of the voice actor of Spongebob swearing exploded with 2 million views in like a month. I actually gave up on the channel, but 2 months later that video took off so I jumped back on!

Grijns_Official164 karma

I love your content!... But without trying to sound like a dick... is the voice an act? Sorry if this sounded really mean. I'm just wondering if it is an act or not.

DailyDoseOfInternet_321 karma

I emphasize my voice to sound as clear as possible for non-native english speakers. Someone made that complaint a few years ago and it made sense. They said I didn't speak clear enough.

TheLostAstronaut_159 karma

Please may we have more bloopers? It may just me but bloopers everywhere once in a while just make a good laugh.

Btw, great job on the videos!

DailyDoseOfInternet_215 karma

bloopers come naturally! Can't be forced. Haven't had any good ones in a while.

boyinlol143 karma

What are your thoughts on twitch streamers reacting to your content?

DailyDoseOfInternet_135 karma

I love it!

Homie_Waffle141 karma

Would you have imagined your self in this position years ago, or did you have different plans?

DailyDoseOfInternet_215 karma

Never did I ever imagine this. Never haha. I had no idea what I was doing with my life a few years ago. I was simply an office drone working at a bank.

xd_joliss132 karma

Hi daily dose, i just wanted to thank you for always making my grandmother happy with your videos, she loved them. Please look at this post 🙏❤️

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PancakePowered247111 karma

Do you like bananas?

DailyDoseOfInternet_198 karma

Banana chips are the best

Brilliant-Hunter-362104 karma

What’s the story behind the logo?

DailyDoseOfInternet_204 karma

I made it myself and thought it looked cool

Sweet_Jazz96 karma

do you ever reuse clips? how do you keep track if you dont

DailyDoseOfInternet_167 karma

I don't re-use any clips. I have pretty good memory and I think I have only re-used a clip once or twice.

AxtonReaper78 karma

What's your favourite animal?

DailyDoseOfInternet_129 karma

Tiger or Desert rain frog

Its_Ya_Boi_Ya_Boi77 karma

who was your biggest inspiration that ultimately started your drive for youtube?

DailyDoseOfInternet_167 karma


Selling hot dogs to international celebrity.

lchi12363 karma

How do you decide what content should go in which video? And which content should be the thumbnail?

DailyDoseOfInternet_110 karma

I typically have a pretty good feel for what types of videos and thumbnails will attract the most attention and typically go with that video.

beene42054 karma

Do you Edit your own videos?

DailyDoseOfInternet_93 karma

yes! I do everything!

Pandamonk1751 karma

Monster energy drink or Doritos?

DailyDoseOfInternet_106 karma

I don't eat junk food like ever. Very rare. But yes doritos.

Secretagent70846 karma

Do you watch other people’s videos on YouTube?

DailyDoseOfInternet_112 karma

Lazarbeam, Fresh, and Dunkey mostly.

iqml42 karma

The Video clips you've uploaded, most come from which countries?

DailyDoseOfInternet_87 karma


Ehp28239 karma

What state are you from?

DailyDoseOfInternet_80 karma


TheSaadDan31 karma

how long did it take you to realize you were relevant?

DailyDoseOfInternet_57 karma

I'm really not relevant, my YouTube channel is. Thank you though!

Shellbeatboi29 karma

What’s your name?

DailyDoseOfInternet_54 karma


DeadByTdayYT20 karma

I really like your content and would appreciate if you would comment back! :) Also, (this may have been answered) why is there a Viral Hog thing at the bottom of the clips?

DailyDoseOfInternet_27 karma

crediting the licensing company I got the video from

Slimm_Spikes16 karma

How is it so easy to find so interesting stuff for people to enjoy?

DailyDoseOfInternet_38 karma

I have a pretty good feel for knowing what people will like. Sometimes there's a video that's super popular and I don't think it's funny or interesting at all, but I still share it because, for whatever reason, other people seem to really like it!

corptio14 karma

Are you okay?

DailyDoseOfInternet_31 karma

I'm okay! Just some good days and bad days!

SuperStriker7US8 karma

what do you think of the british east india company?

DailyDoseOfInternet_13 karma

are they still in business? I don't know anything about them other than they were the richest company ever. Is that right?

KevlarGibs3 karma

My kid likes watching your videos, but often times the people in the clips are swearing. Do you have any plans to mute these out to make your videos more kid friendly?

DailyDoseOfInternet_5 karma

There is absolutley no swearing in my videos. Perhaps they were really old videos?

spygentlemen2 karma

Do you ever feel like a parasite for clipping other peoples work or vids and compiling it into content for your channel?

DailyDoseOfInternet_4 karma

never because I am buying videos and getting permission.