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So you're running as a libertarian then?

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It’s sad, but let’s be honest, it’s a 2 party system. Have you considered running under a Republican or Democratic ticket? And if not why?

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Our two party system is part of what is wrong with American politics today. The democrats and republicans have become so deeply entrenched in their ideologies that they can no longer even hear the other side. There are extremes among the American people, but they are just that, the extremes. Most people are somewhere in the middle and that means we can find common ground. Democrats and Republicans have forgotten how to find common grounds.

I also believe most of our politicians are just that, politicians. They have lost sight of their task of serving the people. They chose politics as their career and not as a community service. I do not want to be a career politician.

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You say you want to end drug enforcement... Which drugs specifically are you referring to? Are you wanting to completely decriminalize all drugs? If so, what sort of health system protocols are you willing to install to ensure better access to rehab services & other mental health services? What forms of drug prevention education are you willing to endorse if this is successful?

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I am referring to all drugs.

In my life, I have lost my best friend, 2 other friends, and my wife lost her uncle, to heroin overdoses. I have friends with life-altering felonies, who can't get regular work or even an apartment because they had a little too much weed on them. I have been at two raves that were raided under Bush's Rave act, I escaped without charges thanks to being active duty military at the time. In the military, I watched as friends were carried out in shackles for MDMA usage many many times, these were good people, people who wanted to serve others, and just wanted to experience life in their off time.

I am tired of seeing people's lives ruined and families torn apart for the drug war. What we need is better treatment for mental health, addiction, and to ensure these substances are what they say they are. By legalizing we are also stripping the power from cartels and street gangs.

I fully support using drug taxes to fund the necessary mental health and rehab services.

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What is your stance on the second amendment? I'm not Texan, but many Texans I know were ready to come out and vote for Beto O'Rourke in 2018 until he came out in support of an assault weapons ban.

I'm sure many Texans would love to know your stance on this.

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I fully support the US Constitution and the liberties afforded by it. I will never seek to ban guns in opposition to the second amendment. However, I am not opposed to increased training requirements for more deadly weapons and feel it is a good compromise with legislators pushing for a ban.

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How would you describe true freedom?

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True freedom is being able to pursue your happiness in any form you choose, so long as you are not harming another person.

You should be able to be yourself, love who you want, live how you want and the government shouldn't have a damn say in that.

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I’m happy to see some opposition, I think a majority of us are fed up with Abbot. Question: Could you elaborate on “getting rid of the property tax”?

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I agree, and that is one reason I plan to use an executive order to ensure every party who fields a candidate has a spot on the ballot. A large pool of candidates and ideas serves Texans best.

The right to property is a fundamental civil right. Property taxes however prevent people from ever truly owning their property, specifically their homes in Texas. We see, most often with retired people that they retire and begin having a fixed income but their neighborhood rises in value and the rising taxes force them out, even though they may have paid their mortgage in full. This affects everyone, though, to different degrees.

If we look at Colorado, they are generating 1 billion a year in tax off of marijuana sales. Texas has 6 times the population and probably 20 times the usable land. We can generate enough sales taxes to replace property tax and give people their well deserved home ownership.

Also, when we shift this income into the state's citizens, we also remove the funding from street gangs and cartels, driving down crime here and in countries who want to export to us.

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Are you for measures like ranked choice voting or others so voters don't "waste" their vote on other candidates?

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Good evening,

I realized I misread what you were asking and wanted to come back to this. No, I actually like this idea. I am for anything that supports giving people more choice and more say in their democracy.

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No. I believe voters should be presented all of their choices, regardless of the party in control or the party with the money.

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Did you vote for Kinky?

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What is your stance on firearms. Is tighter gun-control needed, why or why not?

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As I said in another response, I think the constitution should be protected and upheld first and foremost. I will never support legislation that violates our constitutional rights. However, I am not opposed to more training requirements/screenings in order to possess deadlier weapons and think it would be a good compromise to appease those pushing for bans.

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Are you aware of the corruption in the family court system?

Have you read "The Women of Courtwatch" ?
It's about how 5 corrupt judges were defeated in 1994 and some reforms were put into place. Sadly things seem to be slipping backwards.

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I am. I myself and many of my friends have been through that gauntlet.

If you have ever heard those horror stories about how the judge brings the small child up to ask who they want to live with "mommy or daddy", the parents right there, the child still hurting from the change they don't understand and wanting to lash out from the propaganda they've been fed. That was me.

I also know that far too often fathers are not given an equal opportunity to maintain primary custody. In my own custody court case, which is public, the now retired judge actually told me "if you as a man want to seek child support then I would assume you are a vindictive person". In fact, if it was not for my current wife pleading on my behalf, I have no doubt that as a man I would not have primary custody of my children.

Malcom Gladwell in Talking to Strangers has some very interesting research regarding judges general ability to judge a person, I think we are seeing that deficiency far too often in these cases.

I do think we need to make some changes here.

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Are you going to end religious discrimination? Or is religion conveniently exempt in the name of 'religious freedom' (aka 'Follow Christ or else you're fucked')?

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I believe people should be able to explore their spirituality in any way so long as they hurt no one. In my home, we are a mix of apathiest, Christian, Muslim and just spiritual.

As Governor, I will protect everyone's right to choose their own spirituality as the constitution intended.

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I understand that the border patrol is federally ran, but how do you justify ending drug enforcement in a state bordering a country that is currently going through one of the worst drug wars in human history? Wouldn’t ending drug enforcement create an appetizing path for cartels to traffic narcotics into Texas without fear of being caught once they make it through the border? How would you rationalize this with New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana?

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Legalizing drugs would defund the cartels. Legal routes for the production and procurement of narcotics would be developed. We would be cutting the cartels lifeline. Look at Colorado, marijuana sold there is for the most part, grown there. Sources outside the state would be scrutinized.

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What are your feelings on psychedelic drugs used as therapy?

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I am glad you asked this.

I was molested as a child, and I can see how that affected me in my early years. I was an insecure youth and put on a fake exterior often. I am proof that psychedelics can heal. If it was not for them I have no doubt I would not be where I am today.

I also know and have witnessed miraculous work with people experiencing different forms of PTSD, mental health, and even addiction.

I am a big fan of Paul Stamets work, let's get him here to help shape Texas policy too.

In case you can't read my enthusiasm, I support therapeutic usage 100%.

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What are your plans for protecting the environment?

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My wife and I are often called hippies by our friends and want to preserve our planet for future generations. In our own home we do everything we can to help the environment, from reducing waste, buying thrift clothes, to growing food, owning chickens, reducing our energy footprint. We are also looking for an electric vehicle to fit our family of six, unfortunately a Model X is out of our price range.

As governor, I would support legislation that protects our environment and block any that hurts it.

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How are you doing?

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Just trying to keep up with all of your questions. Hope you are doing well yourself.

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What is your main piece of advice for a high schooler looking to pursue politics?

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I have never been a politician in my life and after making these changes for people I don't plan to remain. I just want people to get a better deal and a bigger voice.

As far as pursuing this, I would say make friends with a lot of people in life, all people, no matter who you might think they are, go to places others won't, see what other people in other countries endure, try to understand as much about people as you can, and learn to feel for their cause.

You can see many similarities around the world, we humans have common desires, namely to live as we choose, to be happy and to be loved. In your life, pay attention and I am sure you will find things that people like me miss and when you're ready, fight for it and you'll be a better person than any of us.