Update #5: The Airborne Toxic Event (band) is in studio and there are like 5 members. I'm not sure I'll be able to get much from Drew or Mike in the way of answers tonight. Didn't want you to think we were just abandoning the thread.

Update #4: The guys are gone for the night. Feel free to ask more questions, or better yet, upvote the ones already asked that you'd most like to see answered tomorrow.

Update #3: The guys are talking their asses off with Brian Posehn during the breaks. Haven't been able to get a word/question in edgewise.

*Started this yesterday in the AMA section but were told this would be a more appropriate section. Here's yesterday's thread - http://www.reddit.com/r/AMA/comments/hyb54/were_dr_drew_and_mike_catherwood_from_loveline/

Hey Reddit,

Dr. Drew and "Psycho" Mike Catherwood, the hosts of Loveline, are standing by and ready to take your questions about Loveline or anything else you'd like to ask about. They'll arrive at the studio in about an hour and answer as many questions as they can get to before the show starts. Once the show starts at 10pm, I'll pop in during the breaks and try and get more answers.

If you're not familiar with it, Loveline is a nationally syndicated call in advice show that's been on for nearly 30 years with a focus on relationships, sex, and addiction. The show also aired on MTV (with then co-host Adam Carolla) from '96 to '00.

We'll answer what questions we can get to tonight and will continue as long (within reason) as the questions keep coming. (Questions/answers will be relayed to/from Mike and Drew by me, Loveline's web guy, Tyler.)

Photo proof: http://i.imgur.com/UZUSB.jpg

BTW, you can find us at http://lovelineshow.com, http://twitter.com/loveline, and http://facebook.com/loveline

Unfortunately, this isn't the place for personal medical questions. If that's what you're seeking, please give us a call during the show at 1800-LOVE-191

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ctwombat265 karma

What are your thoughts on Dan Savage?

Loveline_Radio81 karma

Drew: I support gay marriage. I'm not familiar with Dan Savage though.

HW_Plainview150 karma

I find this very hard to believe...

Loveline_Radio118 karma

Tyler here. I was a bit surprised too. I mentioned that he was a sex advice columnist, host of the "savage love" podcast and one of the founders of the "it gets better" project. He genuinely seemed unaware of who Dan Savage is.

roflcopter123321139 karma

dr drew, what's your take on marijuana?

Loveline_Radio158 karma

Drew: To sum it up: I don't care. If people like it, I'm happy for them. If they decide they need help stopping, I can help.

edit: removed placehold with actual answer.

[deleted]83 karma

You were funnier with Adam Carolla.


What are some outrageous calls you couldn't take on air? I'm sure they have to go through screening first?

Loveline_Radio94 karma

Tyler here. I screened calls for two years on the show. We prefer outrageous calls - makes the screener's job way easier! A DP call will always beat out a question about "the pill."

We do much more weeding out of overly medical, boring, or clearly fake calls. The only way we wouldn't take an "outrageous" call is if it had to do with a murder or some other heinous/illegal act.

DireBaboon78 karma

I miss Carolla and Anderson.

Loveline_Radio82 karma

Anderson is sitting 2 feet from me...

DireBaboon64 karma

Oh I haven't listened since Adam left. I thought he was gone. I've listened to every episode from 2000 to 2005 a hundred times.

Edit: I really like the episode when Anderson was drunk

Loveline_Radio155 karma

Anderson says "Then you'll love tonight's!"

fake_account_66675 karma

Back in the day Adam used to always hear people's smoke detectors beeping because of low battery. Was this legit or was the beeping just a drop?

Loveline_Radio85 karma

Legit. still happens to this day.

whatsabattle70 karma

Are you Mormon?

Loveline_Radio63 karma

Do you ride bicycles?

WilliamPilgrim67 karma

Dr. Drew,

In your more than 20 years as host of loveline, what's the best call you've ever received jk it was Laurine the holocaust-loving phone sex operator.

Loveline_Radio69 karma

She actually called in recently.

sultanrsx58 karma

What do you think about abstinence only education?

Loveline_Radio125 karma

Drew: I wish it worked.

Goshawk311819158 karma

Wow! OK, um...guess I'll start with something relatively easy. Have you ever taken a call/question that was so humorously odd or disturbingly out there that it struck you past your on-air professionalism?

Loveline_Radio61 karma

Mike: The shit dildos call definitely stuck me.

Viralculturemusic16 karma

Is this call posted online anywhere?

dancecommander52 karma

Drew, HUGE FAN! I Heard your name lumped in with Dr phil, Dr laura, etc. and i wanted to reach into the tv and bitchslap the ill informed host of the show. how do you feel about/deal with being lumped in with those hacks? you being a REAL doctor, and addiction medicine specialist


Loveline_Radio83 karma

Drew: I like when it's lumped in with Dr. Oz and Dr. Gupta.

Gurupup47 karma

Have you ever become so concerned with the question a caller asked that you felt compelled to follow up with the person later?

Loveline_Radio77 karma

Tyler here - I can confirm that on multiple occasions the guys have asked callers to call back and update them on how things go - whether it be for comedic or genuine reasons.

Gurupup26 karma

How often do they call back?

Loveline_Radio57 karma

Many do. Sometimes we get their phone numbers so that we can follow up on our own.

cheddarben43 karma

Dr. Drew,

Gary Busy... bat shit crazy or has-life-figured-out mastermind?

Loveline_Radio104 karma

Drew: Had a terrible brain injury in a motorcycle accident....

DuneM40 karma

Tyler, why are you dicking around on Reddit when you should be focusing on getting all the archives to Giovanni?

Loveline_Radio57 karma

I accidentally threw all the archives away. TylerRuinsArchives.

martinap36 karma

What was your favorite Germany or Florida headline? I loved that bit back in the day.

I haven't listened to Loveline in awhile, but I learned a lot about the world through it. Thank you!

Loveline_Radio34 karma

Drew: the best one's were subtle. they don't exactly stick out.

ThisOldMouse33 karma

Have you heard from Steve-O recently? How's he doing?

Loveline_Radio63 karma

Mike: I think he's been sober for 3 years now.

Tyler: He was on the show two weeks ago promoting his new book.

DrTetromino30 karma

Dr. Drew: How do you manage to work so much and have any time left? You must have damn good time management skills. It seems like your daily schedule must be outrageous.

Also, what was it like to work with Adam Carolla? How similar is his on-air persona to his off-air one?

I wish Loveline aired in Tallahassee.

Loveline_Radio40 karma

Drew: I do. Adam is much more quiet off-air. But he will "hold court" once in a while.

aredubya26 karma

Tyler, thanks much for bringing Loveline into the 21st century with all of your l33t web skillz. I'm a paying subscriber and longtime fan, truly thrilled to have Loveline coming back from its post-Carolla slump (aka the Year of Striker). Mike, you're exactly what the show needed. Questions for the crew:

1) Mike: have you seen Lacey Schwimmer (for the uninformed, his dance partner on DWTS) nude? If so, rank her on a scale of 1 to ZOMGHOT.

2) Drew: now that the triplets are graduating and heading for college (congrats to all), how many additional television programs do you intend to host?

3) Anyone: what is the correct pronounciation of (engineer) Anderson's last name? I've heard it many ways, and no definitive word.

Loveline_Radio18 karma

1) Mike says "What do you think?"

2) Drew says: I hope the ones I have survive so I can one day pay for graduate school too.

[deleted]24 karma


Loveline_Radio45 karma

I believe you're looking for a "Carrrooollla"

sporkafunk23 karma

DAG nights were popcorn nights.

When I was a kid someone gave me a poster (which is also a book) called Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten.

A lot of it is still true, but I like to think that Everything I Learned About Not Being An Idiot I Got From Loveline.

Thanks for your work and dedication.

Here's my question for Dr. Drew: What are you using for moisturizer? Because your face is fucking ageless, wtf man?

Loveline_Radio25 karma

Drew: chuckle Retin A.

cerv19 karma

What is the drop source of the newscaster-type guy saying "bu buu bu bukkake?"

projectMKultra19 karma

Dr. Drew, how come you never talk about ibogaine therapy for opiate addiction? Are you aware of the work being done by Deborah Mash at the University of Miami School of Medicine?

Loveline_Radio45 karma

Drew: Because it only lasts for about 6 months. Everyone I've seen go through suffers from permanent personality change. Not sure who Deborah Mash is but I'm glad she's doing more research on it (if that's her focus.)

atanincrediblerate17 karma

I'd like to know Dr. Drew's stance on a "moderation" approach to treating alcoholism as opposed to abstinence.

Loveline_Radio59 karma

Drew: "wish it worked. many have tried."

elemenohpee17 karma

r/loveline has been a bit stagnant lately, let's get some fresh blood in there!

Loveline_Radio18 karma

I'm all out blood.

mikealope114 karma

Tyler, did you set this up? Ruining more than radio, aren't we??

Loveline_Radio54 karma

Ruining anything I can get my filthy little hands on. ಠ_ಠ

jeanifurr13 karma

Love the show an I live Mike's voices-but do either of you ever get tired of doing/hearing them? Or is Mike tired of singing the "Stinky Pinky" theme? Again-I love it...

Loveline_Radio46 karma

Mike: The hardest character for me to stay in is Spencer Pratt because I hate him so much. He's such a terrible guy and I don't want to "be him." I never get tired of singing the stinky pinky song. not one bit. not even for a second.

[deleted]5 karma

On a related note, how did you guys decide on "Epic Sax Guy" as the Stinky Pinky theme song? Because of that bit it's now my ringtone.

Loveline_Radio11 karma

Tyler here: that was my absurd recommendation.

SpikeyJoe1712 karma

Can Dr Drew recommend any books on dealing with sexual trauma. Specifically at a young age?

Loveline_Radio24 karma

Drew: Look up "Waking the Tiger"

PhilxBefore11 karma


The questions are being answered via Tyler (Loveline's website manager) so the answers may be a little vague, short or delayed.

Drew: No questions, but thanks for your wonderful service. I've pretty much grown up with Loveline throughout the TV show and radio.

Loveline_Radio4 karma

Thanks for the verification Phil!

spewak10 karma

Why do you charge for your podcast?

Loveline_Radio3 karma

Unfortunately, that's Westwood One's call.

Drewsaurus8 karma

Why does Tyler ruin radio? I started listening a few months ago, but I never understood the joke behind that

Loveline_Radio19 karma

It was a byproduct of me talking with Anderson, not realizing his mic was open and thus bleeding onto the air and confusing everyone. This, combined with a couple other mishaps (usually not my fault) have led to this moniker. At least it's better than "petey"

futureheaded8 karma

@ Mike: On a scale of 1-10, how "passionate" a man would you rate Dr. Drew?

@Dr. Drew: How "passionate" do you feel you are throughout your average day?

Loveline_Radio17 karma

Mike: He's a fucking Judy Garland 42.

Drew: I'm a little tired to be passionate all day.

mellolizard4 karma

The only radio station that plays it in my area has poor reception and is never live (always the previous night's show). Do you know of a way to get the station to play the live shows, or am I stuck forever alone with a question?

Loveline_Radio2 karma

Mellolizard, you can still call in with your question. 1800Love191 - best time to call is starting around 9:45pm pacific.