David Drew Pinsky

best known as Dr. Drew, is an American board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and radio and television personality. He has hosted the nationally syndicated radio talk show Loveline since the show's inception in 1984

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Loveline_Radio158 karma

Drew: To sum it up: I don't care. If people like it, I'm happy for them. If they decide they need help stopping, I can help.

edit: removed placehold with actual answer.

Loveline_Radio155 karma

Anderson says "Then you'll love tonight's!"

Loveline_Radio125 karma

Drew: I wish it worked.

Loveline_Radio118 karma

Tyler here. I was a bit surprised too. I mentioned that he was a sex advice columnist, host of the "savage love" podcast and one of the founders of the "it gets better" project. He genuinely seemed unaware of who Dan Savage is.

Loveline_Radio104 karma

Drew: Had a terrible brain injury in a motorcycle accident....

Loveline_Radio94 karma

Tyler here. I screened calls for two years on the show. We prefer outrageous calls - makes the screener's job way easier! A DP call will always beat out a question about "the pill."

We do much more weeding out of overly medical, boring, or clearly fake calls. The only way we wouldn't take an "outrageous" call is if it had to do with a murder or some other heinous/illegal act.

Loveline_Radio85 karma

Legit. still happens to this day.

Loveline_Radio83 karma

Drew: I like when it's lumped in with Dr. Oz and Dr. Gupta.

Loveline_Radio82 karma

Anderson is sitting 2 feet from me...

Loveline_Radio81 karma

Drew: I support gay marriage. I'm not familiar with Dan Savage though.