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Yes... I did masturbate once or twice to your video games in the very early 90s. 386 style. No questions.... just a comment.

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No question. Just a statement that we named our fish Floki.

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That part when I get her clothing off in the hot tub.... totally hot.

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Probably as good as 14 yo 386 Leisure Suit Larry masturbation could be.
EDIT: I eight Bitted all over myself

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FUCK THAT.... I don't know you, but reading YOUR story is teaching us. Not only about what cherishing what we have, but how easily it can be taken AND also how it is possible to move forward. Not to mention, one quick moment of time can make a guy that is a hard worker into a homeless person through no fault of his own. Any moment of any day our lives can change dramatically.

These are lessons that we can all learn from.

While I pray (and I am not a religious man) that I never have to go through what you did.... your story IS important and that you are here on Reddit tonight telling this story IS important. Not worthless.... very valuable. Thank you very much for sharing.