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We are Mike (M2H_Mike) & Nico (Astfgl32) from M2H Studios & Blackmill Games and we are members of the development team of the World War I Game Series. You can know this series for Verdun, which focusses on the Western Front of the war and Tannenberg, which is set in the Eastern Front.

This week, we announced that Tannenberg is heading to PlayStation 4 & Xbox One on July 24th, delivering massive multiplayer battles on famous WW1 battlegrounds, such as Dobrudja, Carpathians and the newly announced Przemysl!

Find out more information about the series at http://ww1gameseries.com

Ask us anything!


Thanks everyone for asking these cool questions! We'll try to get back to some of you, but it's been a lot to answer! Look forward to July 24th! When the eastern front of Tannenberg opens up on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One!

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reactiondwarf13 karma


Just one question — Isonzo/Vittorio Veneto the game when?

VerdunGame11 karma

We're exploring where the WW1 Game Series can go next, but our focus is on Tannenberg right now :)

RandomGermanAtVerdun11 karma

Do you guys ever listen to Sabaton?

VerdunGame21 karma

We sometimes hear someone in the office shout "FIELDS OF VERDUN!!!", so I guess that's a yes!

C12e7 karma

Will you ever make a ww1 VR game?

VerdunGame20 karma

That would be very interesting! But we are not planning on that right now since although Virtual Reality is great, there is a limited audience. We'll see what happens in the future!

PompiPompi5 karma

Is this game mostly multiplayer and does it have a chance to have enough players to fill the servers?

VerdunGame3 karma

Game is mostly focussed on Multiplayer, although you can play offline if you want. We find that there is a active playerbase, so we don't think that will be an issue

BlackCat1592 karma

Are there any plans for a new game set in a different front? Are any new squads planned for Verdun or Tannenberg, like Indians, Gurkhas, Poles or Czechoslovaks?

VerdunGame2 karma

We will soon be looking to what we can do next in the WW1 Game Series, but our focus is mostly on Tannenberg right now!

Gunner_McNewb1 karma

What is the single player, which Steam has a tag for, like? Is it multiplayer with boys? A campaign of sorts?

VerdunGame2 karma

There is a offline mode where you can try out the game with bots. There is no story campaign, because we would basically need to build a seperate game in order to do that well.

baltinerdist1 karma

This looks very epic, particularly since folks tend to focus on the next war up from this one. Any chance you are considering a Stadia release?

VerdunGame1 karma

Right now, we don't have plans to add our titles to the Stadia service. But perhaps in the future, who knows?

Innermissions1 karma

Is the game bad? Be honest

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VerdunGame4 karma


ChunkHole120 karma

Will we ever get vehicles such as aircraft or tanks in verdun and tannenberg or maybe a whole new game?

VerdunGame1 karma

The focus of the WW1 Game Series is on infantry combat. We won't add vehicles you can control, because at that point you'll have to completely redesign the game. They also didn't appear on the battlefields of World War I a lot.