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I have a two-parter: Are you going to answer any questions, OP? And, if not, is it because corporate found out and had you assassinated? Or is it because you just began your 18hr shift?

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Somebody tell me what that sub is because I ain't clicking it without an explanation first.

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I once took a "3D art" class we had at my high school. One of the assignments was edible art. What would you have done?

With me also being vegetarian, I used Garden Veggie burgers to sculpt a slaughtered cow with ketchup blood. I was trying to be edgy, I guess.

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It's a sad truth that bars are one of the few places. I know a guy about 50ish who was involved with a singles group on Facebook. They'd meet up for dinner and such without any pressure to try and date each other - but they were also open to finding people they were interested in at the same time.

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Next time you come back, make sure to hit Founders Brewery. That's always my recommendation to people. I was born in and lived in GR for many years and miss it.