I just released my first single “The Wild One” Here's a link: https://youtu.be/WU9OMRuXy38

I look forward to answering as many questions as possible! Let's talk music, Nacho/Better Call Saul, Scorpion/Spiderman, Vaas/Far Cry 3, Orphan Black or anything else you might want to know!

Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/B_L7mOYjxmW/

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justabearda1057 karma

Greetings from Finland Mando! Do you still get recognised as Vaas or do more people see you as Nacho now? I Have to say that after playing Far cry 3 back in the day, I hoped that I'd see you in more stuff. Very glad to see you get work and hope you all the best.

MichaelMando1538 karma

Thank you so much! Vaas is my spirit animal - having co-created that character is something that will always be dear to me. I still get recognized as Vaas, and I still feel the outpouring of love for that character - makes me very happy. Who knows... maybe I will reprise the role very soon? :p Thank you for watching xo

MichaelMando958 karma

Hey guys! I'm about to get into all of your questions!!! Excited to answer as many as I can xo LETS DO THIS

PabloAlex97693 karma

Nacho Varga has been one of my favorite characters in the show, not only because of the incredible writing but also because you've done such a tremendous and beautiful job bringing him to life. I cannot put into words how much I admire your acting and the S5 finale was easily one of your best episodes, period. I wish you nothing but great success with your career after the final season because you totally deserve it. So I have two questions for you:

1) Have you imagined at all Nacho's origin story? His childhood? About who he was before all that and how he involved with Salamancas?

2) What do you do in home to keep yourself busy during these difficult times? How do you use your time?

MichaelMando644 karma

Thank you so much for your sweet words - warms my heart how much people relate to Nacho and love the character.

1) Your questions about Nacho's backstory are fascinating - why did he get into the cartel in the first place? His childhood, etc ... I am not sure what the answer to those questions are. I have thought about them but would rather wait and see if maybe the writers will answer some of them in S6. I am also curious as to where is his mother? And most importantly how will all this end??

2) To stay busy I have worked on music - I just released my first single ever a few days ago. It is called THE WILD ONE and is now available on all platforms. I plan on releasing another two songs within the next month - a three part story of Emancipation and growth told through three songs.

Zilloc629 karma

Did you ever get to taste the fried chicken from Los Pollos Hermanos? It sure looks tasty

MichaelMando1047 karma

So good you could die from it :p

MichaelMando567 karma

Thank you guys for all your questions - this has been so much fun!! Signing off, until next time xoxo

AndreIzCool359 karma

Do you think they should make a spin-off show of Howard trying to get Jimmy to accept his job offer?

MichaelMando493 karma

Anything with more Patrick Fabien is good in my books :)

stephrachel226 karma

Hey Michael! I’m so relieved after last nights episode... I was terrified you weren’t going to make it out! You play such an integral role in Better Call Saul, how did you prepare for it? Would you be open to a Nacho spin-off? Lots of love from Toronto, stay safe! ❤️

MichaelMando298 karma

Thank you so much Steph! The love truly warms my heart and makes me feel responsible. A Nacho Spin-Off? That is up to the fans and of course Vince & Peter - I love this guys and would be over the moon to work with them again. Either way, I would love to occupy a central role in the next TV show that I will be a part of - I look forward for that kind of a challenge.

Love from Mtl xo

kandrung219 karma

Hey Michael! What was it like working with Jonathan Banks - did he ever wear those shorts and a t-shirt as seen at the Gas Station? Really can't imagine him ever being goofy.

MichaelMando687 karma

IG TakeOver @michaelmando answer: Here is a piece of advice #JonathanBanks gave me a few years ago. After we were done shooting a scene, he took me aside and said « Kid, I know you’re great; the director and writers and networks know you’re great... but you yourself don’t know you’re great. And until you can believe in yourself, you will never be able to sleep at night. Don’t wait until you’re 70 to start enjoying what you do. » I didn’t know how he could tell; but truth is I sometimes get so focused on the reality of a character that the craft becomes painful... JB is right; and I have applied his advice in everything I do. Believe in yourself; trust your gut - the mistakes you will make along the way are badges of honor and lessons of growth; savor them and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be the best version of you xo

Re_Boegga219 karma

How did u get that scar above your left eye?

MichaelMando498 karma

Ice hockey fight in Ottawa - in a skating park :p

melis666200 karma

If Michael could give one advice to Nacho, what would it be?

MichaelMando484 karma

Nacho is such an internally strong character - I admire him to be able to still stand up straight and maneuver his way around all these sociopaths and psychopaths. It really feels like "man VS corporation" or "man VS cartel"... If I could gift him one thing, would be to find him a good lover - a woman would will be good and tender to him... I feel he deserves to be around someone sweet... Maybe a view by the lake, a small home... evenings watching the sunset and making love :P He earned it

mackenziepuetz14184 karma

What was your first interaction with Peter Gould/Vince Gilligan like?

MichaelMando520 karma

My first interaction was that you can be super smart and very successful and remain kind and humble - they were so courteous! I remember after my screen test I shook everyone's hand and then felt someone reach over and gently put their hands on my shoulder - as I was about to exit. I turned and it was Vince Gilligan...

From the moment I left LA to fly back to Toronto until I finally got the role a few weeks later I would debate in my head if that moment meant: "I choose you" or was it more like "Better luck next time" loll Glad it was the first xo

hushpolocaps69163 karma

Hello Mr. Mando! I absolutely love your work sir and hope to see you in more movies or TV shows in the future! Will you be appearing in the upcoming Spider Man movie next year in 2021?

MichaelMando286 karma

Thank you so much sir! I love Spiderman and I love that whole team :) Who knows, I keep hearing things but I can't confirm or deny anything... yet. Stay tuned xoxox

DistantDestiny155 karma

Hi Michael!!

Looking forward to checking out your single after this.

Can you tell me, was there a scene you found particularly hard to film as an actor, and any techniques or experiences you drew upon to get an amazing performance out in the end?

I think you've been great on the show and glad you've survived into the next season!

MichaelMando808 karma

Thank you so much! I unfortunately found out that my father had stage 4 cancer early while we were shooting this season... it made it very difficult for me to play a character trying to save his father's life and then to go home and feel helpless in the relationship I have with my own father - (also a single dad who raised three boys on his own, I'm the middle). Those scenes were particularly hard this season... There was a time that I asked the director if we could stop, as it it felt a little too painful to talk about... he took me aside and encouraged me to use what I felt. As artists we shouldn't shy away from our vulnerabilities, our fears - and I am glad I continued...

ckellyedits129 karma

Hello Michael!

As an aspiring editor, I'd love to know - were there any scenes that turned out quite differently (for better or worse) in the final version we saw on the show than how you were expecting it turn out while filming?

PS your performance has been awesome!

MichaelMando214 karma

Thank you so much! And good luck in your career as an editor. You guys are the final frontier in the story telling process and can truly make or break a whole production! No pressure :p

Most of the time, watching for the first time is a surprise - especially of you work on a production where you don't have access to the rushes. But our editors are so great, that we have total faith in them xo

Rob_Czar112 karma

Hello Michael Mando! Huge fan and I think the season 5 finale is the best acting from you yet. Nacho is one of my favorite characters in the whole Breaking Bad universe however I wish will found out more about his past. Some examples I can think of is Nacho's aunt Rosa and his mother's family in Galeana.

My question is where do you believe Nacho's mother is or what happened to her? Also how and why do you believe Nacho got involved in the drug business?

MichaelMando183 karma

Thank you so much Rob! You're sweet words are encouraging and make me feel responsible to give you even more next year xo

Those are amazing questions, I too hope the writers get a chance to answer those questions about Nacho's mother - I feel the relationship between him and his dad hints to something tragic in regards to whatever happens to the mother... something maybe that explains why Nacho inched towards the cartel as a teenager? Hope we get those answers next year.

Thank you for watching xo

ladyInKateing91 karma

Since Nacho is a man of few words, a lot of his characterization and emotional state is shown to the audience with very subtle changes in expression as opposed to dialogue. How do you go about practicing that kind of acting? Is it more difficult than playing a less stoic character? Do you feel like it gives you more freedom to put your own spin on the role?

MichaelMando129 karma

Hello! That is definitely the challenge of the role - I find it easier to speak then not to speak. Nacho is an internal implosion... and demands all of my energy as an actor. He is also constantly in a situation of life and death - It has definitely forced me to better understand myself... to dive deeper and try to find points in common... took me on a long journey inwards that I sometimes think about long after the scenes are shot... I am lucky because it's a character who wants to head away from the dark and into the light - so my inner thoughts with him are always pushing me to better myself as a person

kirtovar191 karma

The latest season of Better Call Saul was really good and you really killed it this season and I have a few questions for you: Who's your favorite musician? What is your favorite episode of this season\the entire series of Better Call Saul? When do you think season 6 will be released? And overall how do you feel these days?

EDIT: A word

MichaelMando145 karma

Hello my friend! So happy you love the show and Nacho :) My favorite musicien is maybe Michael Jackson - Off The Wall & Thriller are so amazingly produced and performed (Thanks also to Q). I don't have a favorite episodes, I see them all as different color threads of one big tapestry. S6 is supposed to start shooting in September... but who knows now. Overall these days I am totally focused in on my music and just released my first single The Wild One - music is giving me purpose during these days.

kandrung88 karma

Hey Michael, what's the catering like on the set of Better Call Saul - did anything come close to topping Lalo's dishes? And if there was a canteen, who did you sit and have the most fun with? Ever have lunch with Don Eladio and his slippers?

MichaelMando141 karma

Catering is great! I am not a big meat lover, Lalo's a great cook! Steven Baeur and I became great friends - he is a sweetheart full of love! So happy I got to work with him this season

baileywillis0288 karma

Which artist/artists inspired your latest song?

MichaelMando175 karma

Hi Bailey! I am a huge fan of MJ, Marvin Gaye, Ottis Redding - I love James Brown... so many others. As for writing music, it comes from the soul... I try not to write with any conscious inspiration.

eekamuse75 karma

Were you as nervous as I was during the assassination scene in the finale? I was very nervous.

MichaelMando175 karma

I was terrified! I have no idea how in the world Nacho is going to get out of this:

Gus wants to keep him an asset forever / Lalo wants him dead / Don Eladio wants him to run things in New Mexico / His father wants him to turn himself in... And all he wants is "OUT" lol I believe it's a testament to the characters inner strength and intelligence. He is special, and everyone sees him as an important asset. Unfortunately most of these guys are only interested in their own benefits... S6 is going to be one for the ages xo

_Puppet_69 karma

Love your work! If Don Eladio asked you what you wanted, what would it be?

Also, if you got to star as Scorpion alongside one other Spider-foe, who would it be?

MichaelMando102 karma

What I want is to be happy, moment to moment. I feel if you stay true to yourself, life will take you to where you need to be; kinda like riding a surf. you might find yourself being an actor or in my case very recently, a singer... or anything else. The most challenging part in life is block all outside noise and to dive deep and listen to your soul - that is success to me.

Hmm as Scorpion? I am not sure, they're all bad ass. What I love the most about Super Hero movies and Super Villains is always the back story of how they become who they are, how they discover their gifts, etc. Hope I get to explore that!

Re_Boegga67 karma

So.....those were the best hitmen Fring could get, huh?!😅

MichaelMando100 karma

I will never look at bathtubs ever the same :p

lioneyssy65 karma

What’s your Fondest memory from the set of better call Saul?

MichaelMando225 karma

We shot the scene where Nacho opens the gate etc during the finale at 5am. It was the last thing I did this season... Watching the sun rise while we yelled "It's a wrap for Michael" felt cathartic. Nacho will never be the same... Excited for S6. xo

Zaki-Targaryen52 karma

I have a strong feeling that Nacho's days are numbered!.. You deserve more screentime!... Are we gonna see you soon in other works as well?

MichaelMando111 karma

Thank you so much my friend! I have learned so much from having a little less screen time than I had hoped so I have no regret - because I got to observe, analyze the directors and the script as well as watch the other actors work.

I definitely feel ready to accept the challenge of playing a central character in my next project and feel I have gathered so much wonderful experience on this show.

As for other projects - I just released my first single ever, called The Wild One and am developing some TV and film projects that I would love to co-producer. Stay tuned xo

Chuys_Is_Lit49 karma

2 kinda similar questions:

1) If we could plop Nacho into a different TV series or cinematic universe, what would you enjoy the most as an actor?

2) If we could plop Nacho and his dad into a different TV series or cinematic universe, what would make Nacho happiest?

Love your performance, thanks for making our quarantines better.

MichaelMando115 karma

Thank you so much! hmm I would love to see Nacho in Star Wars. I feel the force is strong with him and under the right guidance he could develop and become a worthy master of the force.

As for him and his dad... Hmm maybe something like The Godfather. Imagine his dad was like a Victor Corleone, and taught Nacho the proper way of conducting business with integrity and respect for the community and others. That dilemma of underground drugs and clean family values would be fascinating to me. xo

vincentrainbows42 karma

Hey Michael! I wanted to know what was it like on the set with other amazing actors and did you have any liberty to do some improvisation or you had to stick to the script? By the way, I’m also from Quebec!

MichaelMando96 karma

Hello Vincent! Nice to speak to a fellow Quebecois :) We all very much stick to the script - the writers spends over half a year weighing every word, and we honor them for doing such a wonderful job. It is very rare we ask them to change anything.

Working with amazing actors is the place you want to be as an actor - you watch, you learn, and you try to make them even better and vice versa. I find great artists to be the most generous - and that's a philosophy I like to apply xo

boblechock42 karma

Hey Michael.

Love that car that Nacho is driving in Better Caul Saul. Did they ever let you take it out for a spin out in the desert in between shots?

Hope they've got you signed up for lots more seasons dude.

MichaelMando85 karma

Thank u so much! I love that Javelin myself - such a sweet ride!

It belongs to a person, that the show rents out from - so I never drove it outside of the scenes. Maybe one day I will get an old car and take a date across the coast for a long road trip... sunroof down... music... Something about these old cars is so romantic and classic

KazMaster-J-37 karma

How did you get the idea for “the wild one”? What was the most complicated thing when you were writing it? Love that song! You’re incredibly talented, I love how you don’t act the characters you play, you make them real, love you and congratulations on your new music, I love it!!!

MichaelMando74 karma

Thank you so much! So happy u love the song - The Wild One means the one who cannot be tamed by fear. The hardest thing was the lyric about "My father's eyes cry in grievance, I am not alone in my fears". It was so personal because my father has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer... I'm glad I let it in. I feel it gave me courage to deal with the situation

LittleJimmyUrine36 karma

Damn dog! Haces tus propias acrobacias?

MichaelMando129 karma

Sometimes I do my own stunts! I did the falling down from the roof in Episode 2... I wanted to do the jumping in between buildings but they had over 15 million dollar insurance riding on that performance. Sony haunted me in my sleep and forbade me to even dream of doing my own stunts haha

malcontented35 karma

Bro you OK? I didn’t think you’d make it out of Lalo’s alive

MichaelMando50 karma

Tell me about it! lol

thatonemexicanlad34 karma

Hi Michael, i'm really looking forward to you answering these; i wanted to touch two different topics here. First of all i wanted to ask, do you have any realtionships with the BCS cast outside of filming? If yes, who is your favorite actor from the cast to hang out with?

Now to the secont topic: are there any future plans for you as scorpion in the MCU? I would be very disapointed if they did nothing with the character.

I really hope you answer and i want to thank you in advance. Nacho has been one of my favorites in BCS ever since season 1

MichaelMando100 karma

Hello my friend! Thank u so much for ur sweet words.

I love the whole cast! I really do and hang out with all of them: Patrick, Bob, Tony, Rhea, Banks... As for deeper relationships, Bob has helped me a lot by always giving me advice in my career and in my life. Just the other day he called me after he heard my new single and we spoke for a while over the phone - I am blessed to have such an amazing cast of friends to work with

Ternarian27 karma

Hi Michael! Thanks for doing this AMA!

With interests like MMA and hot yoga, you seem like a shoo-in as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. Any chance of seeing you on that podcast anytime soon?

MichaelMando57 karma

I do watch Joe Rogan! I think he tackles wonderful topics and would live to be on there, yes xo

goatsgivemelife26 karma

Hi Michael! The scene in the finale where you prepared to let the shooters in was one of the most stressful moments on the show for me. What was it like shooting it? Also, I love your work on the show and really hope to see more of Nacho. Have a good day!

MichaelMando41 karma

Thank u so much! Sending u lots of love - it was the last thing I shot - we wrapped that day with that scene, the sun was rising - I was burned out and when they yelled it's a wrap the sun was rising.

I felt weight fall of me, and suddenly could breath. Something in Nacho also changed... I don't think he will be the same person in S6. So happy u love the show and the character xo

equipped_metalblade25 karma

What was it like working with Tony Dalton on the set? Was he really that athletic and scary in real life?

MichaelMando46 karma

Tony is a sweet heart! He is the one who turned me onto Hot Yoga, so yes he is very athletic :)

Shoocharu25 karma

Hi Michael! Huge fan of your work!!

When you took the part as Nacho, did you know from the start he was gonna be such a huge part of such a long series? Or did you think it would be a smaller role in a series with maybe 2 or 3 seasons?

MichaelMando73 karma

Thank you! I thought Nacho would die in S2 - but I also thought I would have much more to do in the first few seasons. I believe when they saw the rushes early on in S1, they changed some things around between Jimmy & Chuck which kinda post poned my involvement with the show - and even ended up changing my character.

In retrospect I believe it's for the better, as Nacho was initially a straight "bad guy" and now has turned into a redemption story with a very solid moral chore

Douglasqqq24 karma

Who is your favourite character to play; Nacho or Vaas?

MichaelMando81 karma

Hmm so hard to pick... What if Nacho called Vaas for back up at the beginning of Season 6! :p lol

rocker201422 karma

Hey Michael! Better Call Saul has been incredible! And your character of Nacho is at the heart of all of this. I know you can't give anything away going forward, so what is it that makes the show special to you personally?

MichaelMando40 karma

Thank u so much - warms my heart! I think the theme of morality vs justice / the theme of family / love of one's interest vs universal love - these are timeless themes and all the characters are somehow tapping into the same veins.

As for Nacho it's redemption - walking through fire to get back to innocence

Arctica4419 karma

Salut Michael! Congrats on your outstanding performance on the last BCS episode and this last season. That was intense!

What new language would you learn if you had the occasion? Any new country you'd like to visit?

MichaelMando58 karma

Hi and thank you!! Maybe Mandarin? It is such a rich culture and so different than the languages I speak, I feel it will benefit my thinking process to learn to think and see the world in a whole new way.

Countries I haven't visited yet, so many: Brazil, Chile, Japan, Greece... so many more!

BreakBye18 karma

Hi Michael! Are there any characters on the show (or BB) that you wish Nacho would have a scene with that he hasn’t already??

Nacho is so interesting to watch since his chemistry with other characters is so unique. He’s a criminal who can’t be reasoned with the law, isn’t overly violent or cruel like Hector or Tuco but isn’t as heartless as Gus, I feel like you can have a calm discussion with him but he may just have plotted your demise. Like a younger Mike who has that cool fire within him. So really any scene with him and a new character I love haha and was wondering if you were eyeing any other characters up at one of those table reads I’d love to be a fly on the wall for.

Big love and hope Nacho’s got a head start away from Lalo 0_0

MichaelMando36 karma

Thank you so much for the sweet words! Means the world - and yes! There are a lot of similarities with him and Mike - I think that's why he seeks Mike's help.

I was always wondered what a scene with Nacho and Jesse Pinkman would be like? Would they be best of friends? I don't see them not getting along - I just can't imagine how it would go down...

babyblue92417 karma

Who was a surprisingly pleasant person to work with on the set of Better Call Saul?

MichaelMando44 karma

The whole cast is amazing - Steven Bauer I have never worked with before; of course I loved him from Scarface - he was such a sweetheart. He believe that Nacho is like the son Don Eladio never had - and maybe sees a potential heir to this throne in Nacho, given that he didn't have any children.

Such a sweet man

mimino9916 karma

Hey Michael!

First, I’d like to say: man… your performance as Nacho is breathtaking! Really a charismatic character, and you’re really able to convey the tension in the scenes.

Secondly, I truly enjoyed Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3. My question is the following: How much did you enjoy portraying characters in video games? Do you think you would do some more in the future, or are you now definitely switching to a movie/tv show acting career?

Je te passe le bonjour depuis la France!

MichaelMando40 karma

Salut et merci!!! J'ai adore Vaas. Especially given that I played a big part in co-creating the character. Being part of the creative is something I would like to do more and more.

Maybe it's time I reprise the role! What do you think?

Re_Boegga15 karma

Hello from Germany! Great season finale! Exceptional performances! My question is: do you believe fame has changed your personality? Or are you afraid it might happen in a negative way? Saw an interview with you and Muhammed Ali's daughter, and you mentioned a situation with a car crash happening in front of you. Your first instinct, naturally, was to go out and offer help, but apparently other, more famous people, sitting in the same car as you, have stopped you to go out to help. I hope you'll always stay the humble and kind person that you seem to be! Rebecca.

MichaelMando47 karma

God bless u Rebecca! Thank you! Fame is a strange thing - because you, yourself don't change. You are still the same soul stuck in the same body. But the world around you discovers you under different facets. They learn more about you, see into your soul through your music and acting, know your thoughts through AMA like this... and then you catch your interactions coming in from others to be on a new frequency - people make a strong opinion about you because of your work... and that can sometimes even happen with people who you have known u for a long time... It's tricky because you are moving people in their hearts by diving into yours and creating art - I love what I do and would rather experience something intense, then be afraid to share myself. So hopefully I stay sane and continue to dive deeper xo

Parsagolnia11 karma

lalo or fring? who do you hate the most?

MichaelMando41 karma

I don't think Nacho hates any of those guys - he just finds himself in a situation where his abilities make those characters want him by their side. But they want him to "serve" them, and aren't very interested in his own interests. They also don't care for his safety... so he rather gets out. Also, morally - he is definitely inclined towards the light as his relationship with his father starts to deteriorate - he wants nothing more but to go back "home", figuratively, to who he was a child... purity, innocence, love

RokVuk11 karma

Nacho is one of my favorite character. I was wondering, will Nacho get out of the cartel eventually? What's his faith, is he gonna get killed of ?

MichaelMando28 karma

Thank you so much - the love that you guys have for Nacho is so moving especially given that so much of what we know of this character is communicated non verbally.

I don't know how fate but to me it's a story of redemption - I believe in second chances and like Mike says, I feel he has surpassed what was expected of him. I feel in way the act that he does at the end of S5 is a leap of faith in his relationship with Mike... Not sure what will happen... but I feel Nacho will never be the same person heading into S6. Something in him changed once he left those gates

HenryMcKenna110 karma

Hey Michael,

Thanks so much for doing this!

Whice scene in BCS did you find the most personally challenging to shoot?

Do you have any favourite background characters in BCS that you would love to see more of? I want to find out more about Nacho’s personal life with his Dad and two girlfriends(!)

Much love xoxo

MichaelMando22 karma

Thank u so much! I too would love to find out more about Nacho's personal life, his mother, more about him and his father... and his love life - maybe have him fall in love with someone pure for once lol He is always surrounded by sociopaths

The most challenging was in Episode 2, when Fring had a gun to his fathers head - I had to hold back so much anger... It was difficult to let that one go.. But Nacho is a man who truly can put his ego aside and focus on his objective - he simply wants out, to keep his father alive and start over, even if he has to be penniless. I admire that dedication for a better life and hope his story ends well, at least metaphysically

vincentrainbows10 karma

Hey! I really liked your performance in Better Call Saul and I wanted to know if you knew in advance what would happen to your character?

MichaelMando29 karma

The writers are writing Season 6 as we speak - nothing is finalized and all can change until the very last minute. I am so excited to see what is going to happen to Nacho. He is in an impossible situation with Gus/Lalo/Don Eladio/His father all putting pressure on him in different directions. S6 will be one for the ages xo

AlexanderOfNine9 karma

Hi, I think you have been fantastic over the course of the series, and I just wanted to know, at the beginning of the show, would you have thought that you'd still be alive this far into the series, and a fan favourite no less?

MichaelMando26 karma

Thank you so much! Means the world - I had honestly no idea... I thought Nacho would die in Season 2... The fact that he became such an iconoclastic character; the anti-thesis to Scarface in so many ways; and noble in his intention; selfless towards his father in his desire to keep him safe -- that is a blessing I never saw coming and am grateful for.

As for the love from the fans - warms my heart, encourages me and makes me feel even more responsible to dive deeper in my soul and keep giving you guys the best of me xo

lawyercatgirl8 karma

Nacho is one of my favorite characters. Obviously you live a life very different from him, how did you try and relate to him and incorporate that into your performance?

MichaelMando26 karma

Thank you! I was raised by a single father - that to me is at the heart of who Nacho is. It's about someone who has lost himself and is taking the difficult journey back to who he really is.

babyblue9247 karma

Are you a cat lover?

MichaelMando21 karma

That is a question I debate all the time... To cat love or not to cat love? I flirt with the idea sometimes to get an Abyssinian cat; and then I cross a at on the street and they eye me in such a way... I end up changing my mind.

Dogs have never made me feel that way lol

IOnlyPlayAs-Brainiac6 karma

Who’s your favorite artist?

MichaelMando14 karma

So hard to pick just one - but Michael Jackson is someone who I felt took music and entertainments to unprecedented heights. I believe in the acting world, Marlon Brando is someone who was a real artist and di wonderful things with the craft.

Mansithe6 karma

Hello mr Mando! I'm your big fan from first time when I saw your performance in Far Cry 3 easily you stole that game! I couldn't believe how admirable actor you truly are when I saw your perfomance in BCS series, just watched season 5 finale today. Just few questions I have regarding your current performance. How well do you go along with the cast of BCS, I mean those actors really play a horrifying people and you as well put a soul to your role, have the performance affected your personal life ?

MichaelMando18 karma

Thank you so much! So happy you love Nacho so much :)

All the actors are professional and we are all friends. We are all happy to be on a show that is so well written. We also are all experienced enough to know that the better your scene partner is, the better your scene is and the better the show is, the better it is for everyone. It's an ensemble piece where every character plays a role in keeping it all together - if you go with that attitude, you always win

Rohn-6 karma

Hey Michael! Im a huge fan of the breaking bad universe and def love your portrayal on Nacho! I enjoyed the finale of S5 in Better Call saul. The ending got me hanging on the cliff as im curious to see where will Nacho go and what would ultimately be his fate. Do you think Nacho has a good chance in S6 or will we meet an unexpected end? Also will the covid-19 delay the production for S6? I really hope that we wont have to wait at least 2 years :/

Thanks, love from Chicago, IL

MichaelMando22 karma

Thank u so much!! Nacho's chances are very, very slim... I think that's what I love about the character so much. It's one man VS a corporation (Fring) and the cartel. He has no family back up, no inheritance... it's a man who has to follow the justice in his heart and try to get himself back "home"

We are scheduled to shoot in September - hope we can make it so you guys get the season early 2021!

unoriginalcat5 karma

You've done so many different things throughout your career: theater, video games, tv shows, movies and now music. If you had to pick just one, which has been your favorite project to work on so far?

Love you in everything you do, the new song is absolutely amazing, can't wait to hear the other ones!

MichaelMando8 karma

Thank you so much! It is so hard to pick - I tend to do what I am most compelled to at the time that I am doing it. After wrapping S5, I didn't feel like acting for a bit... strangely I just released music for the frirst time in my life - a single called The Wild One. I plan on releasing 2 more songs, part of trilogy -- a story about emancipation.

1- Riding into the sunset 2- facing your demands 3- sunrise and goodbye

that_arcane_fella4 karma

Hey Michael! Always a treat to watch you on Better Call Saul. Loved your single 'The Wild One'. When can we expect your next single to drop?

Can't wait to see you face-off Spider-Man as Scorpion. I know Marvel and Sony snipers would be onto you, but could you tell us anything about the upcoming Spider-Man movie? Even tiniest detail would suffice.

MichaelMando7 karma

Thank you so much! So happy u love the music :) I plan on dropping to new songs very soon, within the next month or two. Part or a trilogy story of my EP.

As for Scorpion - can't say much at this point. From a personal stand point, origin stories is what I find the most captivating - would love to explore Mac Garage as cop and understand what pushed him to become a criminal... and then of course his dive into insanity

newttargaeryon3 karma

Hey Michael! First off, I was pleasantly surprised at how good you can sing! Congrats on your first single. My question is if Nacho somehow escapes where would he end up and what would he do? What is he passionate about?

MichaelMando9 karma

Hello and thank you! I believe if Nacho could escape he would want to fall in love... have a cabin by the lake, cut wood, make a baby or two and spend the time with his children that he never could with his father... somewhere were there are all four seasons... somewhere far from the deserts and buried bodies under all those cactuses