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Thank you so much! I am happy that you loved the pill scenes. I had a few days to practice the drop - when we started shooting I was lucky enough to get it on the first try... I felt I could do it from further so I asked the director Adam Bernstein to give me a few more takes - I failed miserably at all subsequent tries and so we ended up using the first take!

As for the Scorpion - my first time in LA a few years ago I left with a single item that I bought from a souvenir shop and it was a hoodie cross of Mac Gargan as The Scorpion/Venom. It's surreal and I feel very grateful to be playing it years later.

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My pleasure, thank you for your questions!

I did my whole Definition of Insanity speech to a tennis ball suspended on a green screen pole. I asked the director to turn down the lights of the room - the red cams ended up giving a really eerie and dreamy feel... and I realized that sometimes you can have a great conversation with yourself. Until now, when I need a little clarity in my life, will do an AMA with myself and try to psychoanalyze what's going on.

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Thank you! That's so sweet of you to say. The pill scene to me was a demonstration that our realities and life experiences are so unique form one person to another and can't be truly understood without context... on the surface, it seems almost banal and very easy to switch those pills... it's only once you understand that the implication of failure would result in death of your family that this otherwise simple task becomes as important as disarming a nuclear bomb. What brought it all in perspective to me is when I realized, only a man who loves his father THAT MUCH would be crazy enough to attempt this - and the whole character arc immediately came into focus from that point on. My friend and I joke that it's like Michael Jordan's first 3 point buzzer beater during his North California days - it's at that point that Nacho becomes the Nacho he was destined to be, come life or death.

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I am still trying to convince Banks about the internet

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Oh gee! Anyone on Breaking Bad is welcome as far as I'm concerned. I have a deep affection towards Bryan Cranston, we've had some great talks through the years and I would love for him to guest star or even direct an episode. Aaron as well, of course... Dean! Betsy! Anna! Bring them all :)