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We are Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks and Henry Zebrowski, the hosts of Last Podcast On The Left covering all the horrors of the world both imagined and real. We have a new book out April 7th called The Last Book On The Left where we do a deep dive on some of the deadliest serial killers to ever exist plus cartoons. All artwork done by Tom Neely (Henry And Glenn Forever and Ever)

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seqoyah956 karma

Hi, guys! Congrats on the book, can’t wait for mine to arrive (-: I wish I could think of some better questions, because it’s so cool y’all are doing this. But here’s this question instead: Would someone be able to get Puffin’s measurements for his own Puffin sized velour track suit? I have a sewing machine, endless amounts of time as a laid off bartender during quarantine, and the desire to see Puffin in his own matching velour track suit.

P.S. Kissel, you’re my “celebrity crush.” You, me, a pack of Bud Light Limes, and no towels in sight. Think it over, and let’s see where this roller coaster called life takes us.

Lpontheleft382 karma

Yes! Send us an email at [email protected] and we can get ya those measurements!

-Michelle at LPN

dumbass-ahedratron479 karma


Any thoughts on revisiting old topics? You only started to do multi-part episodes after you had a lot in the bank.

Looking for faeries parts 2-8, obvs.

Lpontheleft859 karma

Just did that with Heaven's Gate and we plan on doing more on the Podcast! -Henry

The book revisits all the heavy hitters we covered on the show, check it out! -Marcus

The episodes are all perfect -Ben

reptilian_king_larry301 karma

Who is the person you've covered who has kept you up at night?

Lpontheleft658 karma

Richard Ramirez - Ben

Mengele. - Henry

None, I've had 'em bother me. But I sleep just fine - Marcus

funklesmithus280 karma

Hey Guys,

I love your work, it has brought me hours of entertainment at what can be a rather dull job.

Ben - Who taught you to use you clothes to dry yourself instead of a towel? Or was that something you devised yourself?

Henry - Has there ever been a time where your sense of humor has almost gotten you in danger?

Marcus - (Loving No Dogs in Space as well, thanks for starting that) What research has been the most grating of all of the series that you've done in the show?

I hope you guys are good during this time, and am hoping to see you live in LA once it's all over!

Lpontheleft338 karma

That's classic Kissel baby! - Ben

Every fucking day of my life. - Henry

Recreating the Richard Chase Quadruple murder through police reports and then writing both for an episode and then writing it again for the book! -Marcus

LastRunnerOnTheLeft261 karma

  1. Is there one topic that you’ve discussed extensively amongst yourselves but for some reason decided against covering? If so, why?

  2. Is there a topic that one of you really wants to do but the other two are against doing?

Lpontheleft628 karma

1) We want to do a Philip K Dick episode, but it would require MONTHS of research.

2) Marcus likes to cover history, however reading the countless manifests on how many shovels they brought with them I would rather jump into a ravine. -Henry

moccasin246 karma

Hi, guys. Huge fan. You keep me laughing, you keep my brain moving, you give me nightmares, all fun things to spice up life. Love you guys!

Question: if you had to eat an adult human penis, which way would you prefer it prepared?

  1. Boiled like a hot dog (a la dirty water dog), served on a bun, and with any standard hot dog toppings
  2. Cut into slices/rings (with the peehole in the center - think calamari rings), deep fried, and served with cocktail sauce
  3. Dipped into cornbread batter, deep fried, and served with mustard A.K.A. corndog style

Must eat the whole thing. Cannot puke. And you even get to pick whose dick it is.

Y'know, the important questions.


Lpontheleft392 karma

if you had to eat an adult human penis, which way would you prefer it prepared?


Eating a penis is like eating a slug, except for the tip which is the only part with actual flesh. Therefore I would eat it on a biscuit. -Marcus

highburyhorse13206 karma

Hi Dogmeat, The Truth and 2 Real. I fucking love you guys and the show. Got some questions for ya's..

What episode have you's been most hammered recording?

What conspiracy do you's believe is most likely to be true?

Favourite onscreen kill in a horror movie?

Thanks fellas, hail Satan!

Lpontheleft260 karma

What episode have you been most hammered recording? Its been about 5 years since we drank during recording, maybe the 9/11 part 2 or 3, a rough topic to be sober for.

purejoetry181 karma

In a Freaky Friday, body switch scenario, which of your cohosts would you rather switch with?

Lpontheleft635 karma

I'd switch bodies with Kissel to cause mayhem and break the chains society put on the huge - Henry

I would go with Marcus so i could feel bone-y and wear tiny shirts and say stuff like "I'm in a band" - Ben

I would say Henry so I could go to California and have a sunny vacation! - Marcus

heartyman179 karma

Congrats on the book guys, I'm really enjoying it so far. I've got questions for each of you magnificent bastards.

Henry, what is your favorite voice that you've done for the show? I ask because the Mr. Muggs' impersonation is what I consider to be the gold standard.

Marcus, at any point were you genuinely shocked by something that appeared in research? Something that really defied your expectations?

Ben, I now live in Madison and am trying to channel some velour flair. Favorite spot on State Street?

Thanks for everything guys and see you in Chicago!

Lpontheleft292 karma

Henry - My favorite recent voice is Joseph Kallinger, all time is David Berkowitz.

Marcus- Yes, I was surprised BTK never stopped looking for victims and never truly took a break like everyone thought he did.

Ben - Check out High Noon Saloon, I won a comedy contest there!

Kerfluffle2x4176 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA,

Congrats on the jump from podcasters to small business owners! How would you ideally like to see LPN grow in the next 5 years?

Extra question: What kind of legacies would each one of you want to leave behind?

Lpontheleft617 karma

We wanna keep on growing the audience and adding new shows! -Ben

I have this great idea for a jade style egg that goes up your asshole, it will cure your anxiety and depression because you'll only be able to focus on holding the egg inside of your asshole - Henry

Schizophrepic_Clown163 karma

Is detective popcorn in the book?

Lpontheleft189 karma

Yes he is!

PrincessBukowski115 karma

Hi kings!

How sad are you that you won't see me for my birthday in Chicago?

Just kidding, thanks so much for being responsible and doing right by the fans.

Do you have any favorite online sources/rabbit holes that I can binge read during these trying times?


Lpontheleft154 karma

Check out the unofficial reading list sourced by redditor like you! http://lastpodcastontheleftreadinglist.com/

-Michelle at LPN

Acid_Matt109 karma

Are there any plans on writing another book? I know you literally just released the first one but I would LOVE if you guys wrote an alien encounters book.

Lpontheleft158 karma

We have some ideas for the next one! -Marcus

BuckyTheBadgerSucks107 karma

Who do you think had the bigger cock, Lyndon B Johnson or Rasputin?

Lpontheleft251 karma

Rasputin. It's Rasputin. - Henry

Lyndon B Johnson - Marcus and Ben (They're wrong though)

doctorgirlfriend8465 karma

Is Ben's favorite cock LBJ's?

Lpontheleft125 karma


AnalogRobber106 karma

Hey guys, congratulations on the book coming out and all your success over the past few years. I'm a huge fan and have listened to every episode multiple times over.

If humans could morph into animals like the 1998 show Animorphs starring Shawn Ashmore, which animals would you three morph into?

Lpontheleft135 karma

Kangaroo -Marcus

The Bloop - Ben

SupaKoopa71496 karma

What do you guys think is the most solid, convincing UFO and/or abduction story out there?

Lpontheleft175 karma

Rendelsham Forest!

whiskeyclone_87 karma

Marcus, what are your top ten albums of all time?

Lpontheleft333 karma

I couldn’t pick ten so here’s thirty:

Suicide - Suicide

Television - Marquee Moon

Radiohead - Kid A

The Stooges - Fun House

Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets

The Clash - London Calling

Ween - Quebec

White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000

Nirvana - In Utero

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life

Modest Mouse - Building Nothing Out Of Something

Reverend Beat-Man - Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Vol 1

Ramones - End of the Century

The Dismemberment Plan - The Dismemberment Plan Is Terrified

Wilco - A ghost is born

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground

Sonic Youth - Goo

Guns N’ Roses - Use Your Illusion I

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine

The Byrds - Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Old Time Relijun - Catharsis in Crisis

Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow

Metallica - Master of Puppets

David Bowie - Station to Station

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

The Strokes - This Is It

Talking Heads - Fear of Music

The Pogues - Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash

Liars - Mess

Add N To (X) - Avant Hard

discodad6978 karma

Hi guys, I'm a huge fan and it's my birthday today so I'm so happy you are doing this today!

If you had to be quarantined with one person you've covered on the podcast, who would you choose?

Lpontheleft196 karma

LRH BABEY! He could help us EXPAND and find REAL LOYAL employees - Henry

Building off of LRH I'd say Jack Parsons. - Marcus

Young jim jones! I think I could change him. If not just do a bunch of drugs with him. -Ben

EnchantedCharlemagne70 karma

Hi, y'all! I'm really looking forward to my book coming in. I've got a few questions:

  1. What movie role do you think each of you would absolutely kill (besides Jack Ruby and/or Eggman, Henry)?
  2. Would you guys consider re-examining Waco? I know y'all have mentioned your views have changed since the first episode, and I'd love to hear your breakdown of the Davidians.
  3. What is the worst noise you've ever recorded while making the podcast?
  4. How is everybody doing? Is Travis here answering questions too?

I want to thank you guys for your amazing West Memphis 3 series. I grew up with the story dominating my life and you guys did it and them well. Hail Yourselves, from Memphis!

Lpontheleft177 karma

3) There is a lot of burps Marcus saves of us -Ben I have a compilation of Henry's farts that I will one day release. -Marcu

lamentedlady68 karma

Ben, what surprised you about the book-writing process?

Lpontheleft265 karma

How much work Marcus could do! -Ben

Squilliams_unibrow65 karma

What's the best way to support LPN with everything going on? Favorite serial killer!?

Lpontheleft102 karma

Keep on listening to the shows! Spread the word tell ya friends!

kimsquared62 karma

I love y'all so much! Hail yourselves! Love the book by the way.

One question: Henry, why do you call Marcus, dogmeat?

Lpontheleft149 karma

There is no reason, he simply looks like a dogmeat. Its the sweet eyes. -Henry

I think its the ribcage personally - Ben

ElianGonzalez8660 karma

What’s your Taco Bell order?

Lpontheleft172 karma

Chicken grilled stuffed burrito and a Mountain Dew - Marcus

A Chalupa Supreme, Nachos Grande, and Mexican Pizza with 20 fire sauces -Ben

I'm more of a Del Taco person - Henry

okaycpu58 karma

Marcus - What’s your favorite Nick Cave album?

Also are you guys ever gonna cover mothman? You touched on it in the MIB episodes but I’d love to hear a full episode dedicated just to mothman.

Lpontheleft95 karma

Let love in!

Yes! We would love to cover Mothman!

braydenpoint55 karma

Hey! Congrats on the book. Was starting Dune during quarantine a great or terrible idea? Keep up the great content 🤙

Lpontheleft113 karma

It's a great idea congratulations on your 8 month journey, you really gotta push through book 5 but book 6 rocks! - Henry

alverez66754 karma

Big fan for many years here:

What’s y’all favorite horror movie from the last couple years?

Who’s your “favorite” under the radar serial killer?

Why no PANZERAM in the book??

Love y’all.

Lpontheleft116 karma

<Favorite horror movie

Parasite - Ben Hereditary - Marcus Mandy - Henry

No Panzram?

We just covered Panzram on the podcast, we focused on older less covered topics in the book!

jeanifurr48 karma

Love you guys, love the podcast. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment! You truly work hard to give us fabulous content and info. Can’t wait to get my book and see you live in LA this summer.

Seeing as today is Twin Peaks 30th anniversary. What is your favorite episode and character? And if Marcus and Ben don’t watch Peaks, what is your favorite David Lynch film? Hail yourselves!

Lpontheleft78 karma

Agent Cooper is #1 always. He is my favorite pure hearted hero. Favorite movie Lost Highway -Henry

Episode 8 of the return is my favorite. Love Major Garland Briggs! My favorite movie is Eraserhead because it looks like my dreams! - Marcus

Blue Velvet is my favorite Lynch film just because Dennis Hopper is so great. My Favorite Character is Nadine, I don't know why I just love her! I love the debut of the black lodge. - Ben

Arcane_Oven40 karma

Henry, as someone who also has a musical theatre background, what was your favorite role that you got to play?

Lpontheleft80 karma

Mr Mushnik! -Henry

RiversHomo38 karma

hey guys! been listening for years. love it all.

Is there any topic you've wanted to do a deep dive on that doesn't fit in with the other content on LPOTL? Thanks!

Lpontheleft159 karma

The Philip K Dick Valis experience! Takes a lot of research to get there -Henry

Tom Brady Deflate gate : WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BALLS - Ben (Henry and Marcus are shaking their heads in shame)

The History of sideshow freaks! - Marcus

winniebeann34 karma

How do you guys manage the stresses of the book/podcast/live stream/shows?

Lpontheleft136 karma

Medication - Ben Weed and Booze, yoga is nice! Also spending time with MY WIFE!! -Henry Medication, therapy, video games, and the patience of MY WIFE! -Marcus

GrimmauldPlce33 karma

What's been your favorite part about all the recent events? (Spotify, meeting people, etc) I'm so thankful for you guys.

Lpontheleft79 karma

My favorite thing is releasing the book and seeing this thing we worked so hard on in the hands of the fans! - Marcus

Meeting ya'll is really gratifying! -Ben

We wish we were on tour seeing everybody, but we will be there in August! -Henry

R3PAIRManManManMan33 karma

Congrats on the book! I actually just got mine today and it is beautiful! Can't wait to start reading!

My question is how are you all holding up during the COVID-19 calamity? Hope you all and the whole LPN family are staying safe and sane!

Lpontheleft83 karma

how are you all holding up during the COVID-19 calamity?

Eatin' pizza eatin' burgers, making content to make ya laugh - Ben

We're doing fine, just trying to make the people laugh - Henry

We're doing good! Marcus

dashrendar6933 karma

Ben do you still carry the marmaduke comic strip in your wallet?

Lpontheleft63 karma

I unfortunately lost my original Marmaduke, but it has been replaced!

saigenicole132 karma

Hi all!

What role did all of you play in writing/putting the book together? Did you sparse it out, or did Marcus assign things, or something else?

Triple L!

Lpontheleft88 karma

We split the work up, Marcus wrote the pros. Kissel wrote jokes and essays at the end of the chapters. Henry wrote the jokes and collaborated with Tom Neely to bring you all the cartoons!

nicolebrooke0232 karma

Hey guys! Absolutely love the show, and I can't wait to dive into the book. A question somewhat tied to the book: if you could go back in time and meet/observe any serial killer, who would it be and why?

Thank you all for all the hard work that you put into the show! Hail sweet Satan and Megustalations!

Lpontheleft77 karma

I'd only wanna see them through bars in a jail cell, I would look at Panzram - Henry

John Wayne Gacy when he met Roslyn Carter - Ben

I'd like to observe David Berkowitz writing the son of sam letter - Marcus

estcoastthrilla30 karma

i know this is kind of random, but i’m curious because i’m not even sure if i could answer this question. if y'all could have the answer to only one of the world’s many mysteries, which would you choose? (congrats on the book, btw! i'm hoping to order it soon!)

Lpontheleft109 karma

if y'all could have the answer to only one of the world’s many mysteries, which would you choose?

Where the GODDAMN ALIENS - Henry

What were the ins and outs of ancient societies? - Marcus


cieuxrouges24 karma

Hi Guys! Henry, I know you watch a lot of documentaries (I loved your narration for the alien hybridization program doc, perfect casting right there), what documentary just blew your mind? The doc that just took everything you thought you knew about a subject and turned it upside down? Question is open to anyone, I just know Henry’s the documentary guy.

Lpontheleft59 karma

Frontline documentary about AI wars between China and the US- Henry

Fog of war, doc about Robert Mcnamara -Marcus

Dark side of the ring! -Ben

earlofshaftesbury21 karma

Hey guys! Big fan here.

You guys have talked about various metal bands before, during the Norwegian Black Metal episodes, and here and there over the years.

So, my question is, do you have a favorite metal band, or subgenre of metal that you listen to fairly often?

Lpontheleft51 karma

There is a death metal band out of Long Island right now that just released an album called After Birth, check 'em out! I also really love Mayhem -Marcus

Iron Maiden is my favorite band in the world- Henry

Pantera! -Ben

MrCheesehed100019 karma

Any/All of you: What are your favorite horror games? (ps i Love the podcast :])

Lpontheleft41 karma

Resident evil 7 VR -Marcus Resident evil 4! -Ben

CosmicSlop6918 karma

What form of magick do you find to be most powerful and most effective?

Lpontheleft40 karma


Constant-Award17 karma

Just ordered our copy this morning! Who did each of you did you most enjoy/anticipated going back to cover more in depth?

Lpontheleft35 karma

Chikatillo was fun to revisit! - Henry

Dennis Raider was the most interesting for me! - Marcus

Richard Chase is always interesting -Ben

sjsean16 karma

For your Book cover art were there any killers you really wanted to add but weren’t able to and if so why?

Lpontheleft35 karma

The people on the cover are the people covered in the book! The artist Tom Neely wanted to add Panzram but sadly he wasn't in the book!