For those who dont know there has been a war in the streets to reclaim our country, it has been on since 25 January, and as the title says it I was brutally tortured and taken in custody.

I was in the same prison cell with some elite members in the Egyptian opposition as well as press from Reuters and local news.

You can find a news post in nearly every press network's main page

I can confirm my identity to mods only, preferably speaking Arabic to confirm I was held from this page:

Edit: Can down-voters please tell me what are you downvoting? I'd be happy to answer all your questions.

Edit2: Please reddit you're our last chance, facebook and twitter as well as several news sites have been blocked in Egypt, The revolution starts Friday at noon all over Egypt.

ِEdit3: Just a couple of random videos:

* * * *

Edit4: added a couple of news links, we're on the front page of every news network I can think of, I'm happy for us my fellow Egyptians.

Edit5: A couple of comments noted the time difference issue and I think it's worth noting for those who are following news updates that noon in Egypt is 2 am PST and 5 am EST

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sayyeddy293 karma

There are violent clashes just beneath my home, I'm out now, if I dont get back to you guys in a couple of hours I'm afraid I would be in custody of the police. FREEDOM TO EGYPT.

sayyeddy233 karma

Holy Cow! The Egyptian Government just blocked Facebook, twitter and a couple of local news sites! They're feeling vulnerable! Our freedom is near!

WKorsakow42 karma

Good luck. No chance of setting up a webcam in the window, I guess?

sayyeddy87 karma

I'm back, they're throwing tear bombs randomly, lots of people advised each other to prepare instead for the biggest event of all, tomorrow friday at noon all over Egypt.

The event on facebook:

sayyeddy91 karma

The feeling of being terrorized is the worst feeling you can feel, get a bit of what we were feeling in the last couple of days:

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sayyeddy40 karma

Unfortunately I have no webcam except the one in my laptop. I'll be sure to film the big protest tomorrow though.

wisam94 karma

Fellow Egyptian here! I hope your are OK. Glad to see your spirit very high. That's what we all need to free ourselves from Mubarak's tyranny.

Seems that there's not much questions being asked. Were you in Tahrir square when detained? Were you with the group that had Ayman Noor's son in it? How badly were you beaten?

sayyeddy93 karma

I was in the protest in front of the Lawyers Syndicate in Ramsis street, I was arrested near "el tawfee2eyya", I was badly beaten by the police even though I didn't fight nor used violence.

Glad to see quite a few Egyptians here on reddit, keep it up man, and please participate in Friday's protests.

[deleted]82 karma

so in two+ days you revolted, got arrested, tortured, and they released you , and despite your possible injuries from the tortures you still have time to post a ama, can you please tell in more ddtail how you spend these last days?

sayyeddy125 karma

This is my picture and the bruises are visible, I show only half my face for security reasons although my other half also has bruises. edit: deleted for security reasons

This is a photo taken by me from the front row of the protests (I challenge you to find any photo like it on the web)

And as I said I would fully release my info to any mods willing me to verify my identity, I know reddit has lots of people claiming to be something they're not, seeking an hour of fame they dont deserve, I'm not one of those, I posted on reddit my cause to educate you guys of what's happening here, get you a live opinion of what I'm facing.

StopBeingDumb67 karma

Question. If you only show half your face "for security" why are you showing all someone needs to identify you. If they did arrest you, they took your photo, and they can use a mirror function if it is really necessary to simulate the right side of your face. Not sure what security you have established.

sayyeddy67 karma

Thank you for that, I removed the photo.

throwPornaway6 karma

Could you rehost that on imgur? Loads really slow and incomplete.

sayyeddy20 karma

Here you go

My pic: edit: deleted for security reasons

From the front row of the protests:

drucey65 karma

Wow, I hope you're alright.

You might not wish to talk about it, which is fully understood; but if you don't mind, I'd be interested in torture methods. Not because of a sick interest, purely to see what they use in this modern day of age.

Methods? Effectiveness? Your thoughts, feelings?

Again, I hope you're recovering well. I presume you've been released?

sayyeddy138 karma

I cant reply because of the stupid 504 error, to answer the questions asked

I've been lucky to be in the same cell with very influential opposition figures and press who refused to be released without all of their cell members being released, kudos for them.

I was electrically shocked repeatedly, pepper sprayed in my eyes and mouth, punched repeatedly and kicked -yes kicked- in the face.

Plus I was with about 30 other members in a 4X4 meters cell.

swimminfiend54 karma

can someone give me a brief summary of what the fuck is going on in Egypt right now?

devildawgg22 karma

What is the crowd chanting in the second video?

sayyeddy95 karma

They're chanting: "The people want this regime to fall" in arabic.

jameseyjamesey38 karma

is there any signs that this protesting is slowing down and nothing will come of it? or is the movement growing and becoming more fierce?

sayyeddy95 karma

From what I'm seeing the exact opposite is happening, people who were hopeless and negative are now actually participating.

slenderdog22 karma

What is the credible alternative to Mubarak? The Muslim Brotherhood?

sayyeddy64 karma

Of course not, although they're not the monster Mubarak tries to scare America of, I just think they aren't capable of holding a democratic system.

I'm thinking the most credible alternatives are either Elbaradei or Ayman Noor.

edit: And I forgot, Amr Moussa.

WKorsakow22 karma

What do you think the chances of a successful (i.e. removal of Mubarak, suspension of martial law, ect) revolution are?

sayyeddy51 karma

A phenomenal low for the Egyptian stock market, removal of foreign investments, the flee of Mubarak's family to the UK yesterday, the aggressiveness of the anti-riot police all indicate that the system is collapsing.

WKorsakow21 karma

Whose side is the army on?

Edit: some more questions, since it's hard to get a decent idea of the situation through regular media:

How many protesters are there all in all? How many sympathizers?

Have you heard about Suez yesterday, where they torched a police station?

What about the dead? Are they getting the 'martyr for the cause' treatment?

sayyeddy41 karma

Sympathizers: all Egyptians. Actual protestors were about 100K in Cairo, and another 20K in Alexandria the two main cities in Egypt, and another 20K all over Egypt.

about how the dead are treated I really dont know, all that I know is that the riot police are actually on our side if they haven't been ordered.

WKorsakow15 karma

Thanks for the quick answers. Here's an uplifting video:

I'm still trying to sort out the situation. Where are you getting these numbers from? What is the media reporting in Egypt?

sayyeddy37 karma

I'm getting these numbers from local unbiased media and international media estimates (all the local main media are biased towards the system, some have reported that there were 300 protestors!! unbelievable!!)

Local Main media is covering up what's happening by irrelevant news, but I doubt that any Egyptian doesn't know what's going on.

Thank you for the video, my eyes are flooding, I love this country, I love these people, I hate this tyrant system.

walden4216 karma

What does tear gas feel like? Does it burn, hurt you, or what? How lasting are the effects? What are ways to avoid it? Would you say that's the main thing that disperses crowds?

sayyeddy29 karma

I found the main problem to not be the tears actually, it blocks your breathing and prevents you from running, and yes I think it just disperses crowds, and makes those in its center very vulnerable to being arrested.

s2upid18 karma

is it possible to pick a canister up and throw it back to the riot police? Play a game of hot potato?

sayyeddy66 karma

Did that a couple of times, does have a chaotic effect actually.

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sayyeddy8 karma

ربنا معانا يا رامز و لازم تنزل بكرة

nlpat947 karma

How much influence does the Muslim Brotherhood have with these protests?

Is there any anti-American resentment in Egypt (I know our government really fucked shit up there)?

I hope democracy is established in Egypt and that the sacrifices you and countless others have made pay off.

sayyeddy23 karma

Nobody has influence in these protests, everyone is now considered from the opposition, I've seen every kind of Egyptian and political parties in these protests.

Not much anti-American resentment except for supporting Mubarak knowing he's a dictator.

SuperAngryGuy5 karma

What's your nationality? Looking through your posts you claim to be Egyptian but you also claim to be an American.

sayyeddy28 karma

I couldn't reply because of the stupid 504 error, to answer your question I'm an Egyptian raised in the US, I consider myself to be an Egyptian-American even if it isn't entirely accurate, both nations have great value to me.