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How does Gravel feel about his job of infiltrating civilian rallies in France in the early 1950's while having a job with the US army counterintelligence corps? Does he still believe in spying on civilians for political purposes? Does he have pride in participating in spying on civilians while in the military? I'm not trying to troll but it seems he has some questionable skeletons in his past

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Being ex-military, I cringed when I saw that movie. The lack of discipline portrayed was just non-sense.

As infantry there were 3 types I really liked: EOD, medics and A-10 pilots.

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Hi Dr Bugbee!

  • If you were running cannabis at 1000 umol/m2/sec with white light that has a very high CRI (so with deeper reds) and wanted to overdrive the plants to 1400 umol/m2/sec but you only have one wavelength to do this. What would you pick ignoring the PPE of the LEDs: blue (which has poor leaf penetration and strong photomorphogenesis effects which we may or may not want), green (85-90% absorption with good leaf penetration), red (gets in to lower leaf penetration again at higher lighting levels), or far red (half is reflected, may drive the PSI separately for greater photosynthesis)?

  • What are you thoughts on using chlorophyll florescence for real time monitoring of photosynthesis levels? I do this with a spectroradiometer but most people in to cannabis have no idea about this technique. How about monitoring the 570/531 nm photochemical reflectance index in a grow chamber?

  • What are you thoughts on using the newer spectral sensors as full spectrum quantum lights sensors to drive down the $500 cost of something like the SQ-520 (I use one of these and love it). There is a 10 channel one out that covers PAR fairly well (the AS7341) that costs $5 in quantity.

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What's your nationality? Looking through your posts you claim to be Egyptian but you also claim to be an American.


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Correct, I wanted this point cleared up. In this case the OP was Egyptian but not an American as claimed in an earlier post. This was confirmed by his response in this thread.