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that_girl_lauren105 karma

Traditional Chinese foods and lifestyle are actually quite healthy—do you find that those traditions have been completely lost as the lifestyle becomes most rigid (996 work schedule) and there literally is not time to prepare food? Does anyone want to “go back to the village”?

Chanjason102290 karma

I wouldn't say I have no time to prepare food. I can prepare it on my own or I can hire a nanny to take care of it. It's cheap to hire a chef in China (less than $10 a day), cheap to have groceries delivered to you, and cheap ordering meals (less than $1 each time). I definitely wouldn't "go back to the village". Some of those traditions are healthy, and some aren't healthy.

secret-shot69 karma

Do you really believe it is a Chinese lack of fitness which made for the outbreak of the corona virus? Why would fitness level make someone a better host? I’m not sure I’m buying that one.

Chanjason102228 karma

Fitness is only a small part to it. It's more important to just be aware of "healthy", whatever it is each person is doing. Such as not smoking as much or not at all, drinking and eating in moderation, and small exercises. China is one of the countries with the most smokers. The corona virus has been affecting mainly those with weaker immune systems and the elderly because, in my opinion, I think they can't fight them off.