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Traditional Chinese foods and lifestyle are actually quite healthy—do you find that those traditions have been completely lost as the lifestyle becomes most rigid (996 work schedule) and there literally is not time to prepare food? Does anyone want to “go back to the village”?

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That’s true that household help is a lot cheaper in China, but some of the tech company or factory schedules (like I mentioned, 9am-9pm/6 days a week) is becoming a lot more common, and I can’t imagine having time or energy to have a healthy lifestyle if I’m almost literally never home. I’m not sure what your schedule is like, but for a lot of people it just seems like there is no work/life balance.

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9am-9pm, 6 days a week

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Yeah I have. I was thinking more like congee instead of that fried dough stuff or dim sum, but I guess it depends what kind of typical Shanghainese person you are 🤨

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I've worked with native Mexicans also, I agree, they look nothing like US natives. /u/wefearchange nailed the description, but I wanted to add that the treatment/living conditions/racism Mexican Natives endure is arguably even worse than the situation in the US.

I guess they don't have access to cars, McDonald's, or much alcohol, but Coca Cola has made more than a few of them obese/diabetic :'(.