Hello, I am a mattress expert who has seen the ups and downs of the mattress industry over the past 25 years. I’ll be answering questions from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Ask me anything!

Proof it’s me:  https://imgur.com/a/27ZZJCr

Over the years, there have been many changes to the mattress industry and I am here to answer any questions you may have! I have had many different positions during my career but I am currently a Mattress Merchandiser with US-Mattress (One of the largest online mattress retailers in the United States). Ask me Anything!

EDIT: Thanks for all the great questions, it's been a fun experience. Sorry if I didn't get to answer your question, I didn't expect this to blow up so huge!

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Tanks4God3527 karma

My mother In law visits and she’s 400lbs. She makes a permanent dip on her side in the guest room bed. Should I divorce my wife?

US-Mattress1894 karma

We're going to abstain from offering a yes or no on this one. What we can say is that there are mattresses that work better for heavier people that would hold up to your MIL's visits. Good luck!

Paladin56533 karma

I’m a heavy person myself. What would be your suggestions when mattress shopping?

US-Mattress35 karma

Get one that has a firmer support structure, a hybrid with a firmer feeling would work well for you. The combination of coils and memory foam would support your body better than most other types of mattresses.

6-7-101356 karma

Is the purple mattress made differently than any other mattress and is it actually worth it or just another company trying to make their product unique?

US-Mattress444 karma

The material they use to make their purple grid is an elastic polymer that they color purple. That's the only unique thing to it. This material is used in bedding elsewhere but the grid is unique to them.

Unique_User_name_42241 karma

How often should a mattress be replaced?

US-Mattress345 karma

Great question! Most regular mattresses have a 10-year lifespan. The wave of online bed-in-a-box mattresses has shortened that to 6 years if they're all-foam.

Voltrondemort177 karma

I bought a bunk bed recently and asked the store to recommend a mattress that would be compatible. The bunk bed manual had specific lines about how thick and heavy the mattress should be. The people at the store said "this is the right mattress for this top bunk".

It was the heaviest mattress I've ever lifted, and it was also incredibly thick. They obviously did not give one microscopic slice of fuck about "the top bunk should have a thin-ish and light-ish mattress".

Is this bullshit typical?

US-Mattress171 karma

Sadly, yes. Many salespeople are only out for themselves and only care about their commission.

Andrelosan144 karma

Would you say soft or hard is better?

6 months ago I bought a very soft mattress and feel like I have bad sleep. I dont wake up but feel tired the whole day since I got it.

Is there a 'get-used'-time or should I get something harder?

US-Mattress176 karma

Excellent question! Soft or hard are both great, what works for me probably doesn't work for you, and so on. While there is a "get-used-to-it' period for sure, you should already know what you like in a mattress. It's a common myth that your mattress must be soft for you to sleep on it. Not true! Your mattress must provide you the comfort that you prefer and support your body! If it's been 6 months and you still get terrible sleep than it's time to trade up!

TheZeusHimSelf149 karma

How do u trade up? Is there like a trial period? That is my fear. I might spend 2000 bucks on a good set that I thought I would like but couple of months down the road, that did no work out. So what are the options here.

US-Mattress68 karma

Most companies offer a 'trial period' somewhere between 30-120 days. If you don't like it, exchange it for a different comfort.

Trans_am1978140 karma

Has anyone asked you about a mattress that you weren't sure about, so you replied with "hmmmm, let me sleep on it, and get back to you."?

US-Mattress91 karma

I wish! That would be a great response! LOL!

suaveitguy135 karma

What is the Rolls Royce of mattresses? Why sets it aside?

What is the closest you can get to that quality for under $1000?

US-Mattress309 karma

The Rolls Royce of mattresses is Hästens, handmade beds from Sweden. They range from $5,000 to $40,000 just for the mattress! The closest you can get to that quality for under $1,000 would be the Beautyrest Platinum collection.

LurkingDrDeath85 karma

Older mattresses used to be able to be flipped over, and the new ones don't- has the quality changed necessitating that? As a follow up- what do you think about foundations? They used to be a firm mattress almost themselves and now they are a box.

US-Mattress45 karma

The call for change from a flippable mattress to a non-flippable was consumer demand for higher quality mattresses, yes. Non-flippable mattresses have been created to address some of the issues associated with flippable mattresses like shifting materials and sagging. Once those were addresses making a second side to the mattress was not necessary, and saved everyone money.

For the foundations question, you're right, they did use to be nearly a mattress themselves. What happened was the switch from 'box springs' to 'foundations'. They're two different things. Box Springs offered added support and comfort materials to the mattress. Foundations are just platforms for the bed to rest on, raising it up higher off the floor.

Insomniac85250 karma

I have an unusual problem. With a softer mattress, I get a sore lower back. With a harder mattress, my shoulders get really sore and stiff. I’m not particularly overweight (male, 62 years old, 160lbs). I’ve settled on a foam mattress, which is tolerable, but not particularly comfortable. And yes, I have tried many different pillows: cervical, down, gel, water. You name it, much to my wife’s befuddlement I’ve gone through a dozen. What I think I want is a firm mattress with a hollow cut out for my shoulders! Any ideas?

US-Mattress55 karma

Yes! You can dial in the comfort that works for you by getting a firm mattress and adding mattress toppers to it until it's your ideal comfort.

outerheaven7747 karma

What are your thoughts on the mattress evolution? Going from a traditional box spring and innerspring, to water beds, to memory foam to and now smart beds. Where do you see the industry in the next 25 years?

US-Mattress63 karma

Good question! Everything in our lives seems to be ruled by technology. As you pointed out smart beds are now a thing. You can buy a bed that will be delivered to your front door for a slew of online companies that have their own brand. The internet will be the overall determining factor of how the industry is shaped over the next 25 years. I think that technology will allow us to shop for beds even easier than we already can. The industry will morph into an online community where we ask the people what we should buy rather than a salesman.

banfff41 karma

What do you think of Casper’s recent IPO?

US-Mattress67 karma

It's not surprising. A lot of companies that blow up quickly try to get to that point in their business to maximize their worth. Wait another year and you'll likely hear about a few other online mattress companies going in the same direction.

sunintheradio34 karma

Do you have any preferred brand and why?

US-Mattress86 karma

Everybody has their favorite mattress, my personal favorite is a Stearns & Foster. I like it because it's a legacy brand that is luxury for people on a budget. I sleep on one every night!

sup2no30 karma

Have you gotten any strange requests from customers or weird bed manners you’ve heard of to accommodate?

US-Mattress87 karma

The strangest requests are from people who shop mattresses strictly for the romantic uses of a mattress. We answer the questions as honestly as we can, but it's when the people hop on the bed in "positions" that makes it truly strange.

suaveitguy30 karma

Best way to deep clean - sweat etc..?

US-Mattress29 karma

That's tricky because every mattress is different. The first thing you should do is check the information on the law tag sewn into the side of the mattress to be sure that you're not going to do anything to harm the materials. This will also ensure that you won't void the warranty if you do clean the mattress. Once you're sure that you can clean the mattress safely, then I recommend a light cleaning with a damp (not wet!) cloth with non-abrasive soap. Using chemical cleaners really doesn't work and more often than naught void the warranty.

Lotus_1215 karma

Two questions.

  1. What should I pay attention to to know it's time to replace my mattress. It seems fine to me but it's also almost 10 years old.
  2. I hate pushy salespeople. Is there something you can say that will get a mattress salesperson to back off while you shop?

US-Mattress29 karma

  1. Sagging, lumps, smells (we all sweat), a dip on the side of the mattress, and if it got really heavy.
  2. Do your research in advance, know what you like in a mattress, keep your budget in mind, and lead THEM through the store. The best way to deal with a pushy salesperson is to take away their swagger.

WifeofFartyButt11 karma

What are your thoughts/experiences regarding: - Sleep Number mattresses - Adjustable mattresses

If the average mattress has a 10 year lifespan, how do the above types compare?

US-Mattress31 karma

I despise Sleep Number, they're just glorified air beds! Now here's where you want to mention overpriced! $15k for a mattress that I would use while camping with my family? No thanks! Adjustable beds are great, I got one for my Mother who suffers from Arthritis, she loves it!

Lohengr9 karma

Are physical mattress stores going to disappear?

US-Mattress23 karma

I truly think that they eventually will! Mattress stores will become the Blockbuster of the shopping malls!

DaBlueCaboose9 karma

A year or so ago, I moved and while I was waiting for my furniture I had my mattress laying on a hardwood floor. Those few nights of mattress on floor were some of the best nights of sleep I've had in a while, I think because of how even the support was.

When I put it back on my box spring, it felt completely different. How can I recapture the feeling of having a mattress on the floor without dealing with the issues that entails? I've been looking at platform beds hoping that does the trick

mtf25014 karma

Put a piece of half inch plywood between your mattress and boxspring.

US-Mattress10 karma

mtf250 is right, use plywood.

IsmailGuendogan7 karma

Change my mind:

Expensive matresses are unnecessary. You don't need a 500$+ matress with 100 comfort zones with latest foam technology and what not to sleep well, every 50$ matress does the job. I also like to sleep on the carpet floor occasionally. ?

US-Mattress3 karma

Challenge accepted. There are mattresses that feel like your sleeping on a carpeted floor that are very affordable, think around $399 for a Queen. Your body has curves that need to be supported for you to get quality sleep, countless studies have proven this fact. If your body weight is not evenly distributed then you build up excess pressure and you'll end up tossing and turning. You might not need a $550 mattress, but you'll definitely regret a $50 one!

gintegra4 karma

We've come to hate our pillow top because its too soft and just sags where our bodies lie all night, leaving a nice hump in the middle. So, my wife and I just bought a Purple mattress online and we'll try it for the 100 day trial period. It should be in sometime next week.

We tried out Purple at a Macy's and thought it felt noticeably different, but comfortable. Any opinions on them?

US-Mattress3 karma

You might do well with a new Purple. Keep in mind that their primary material is gel memory foram and it sounds like you're switching from a traditional mattress. Watch that calendar so you don't let the 100 days lapse!

elzaco4 karma

Any tips on what to look for in a mattress for people with sciatica?

US-Mattress3 karma

Ask your doctor for a recommendation than take that to a mattress expert so they can match you up with a quality mattress. What I do suggest is adding an adjustable base to help move your mattress into the most comfortable position.