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Far be it for me to disagree with a famous security pro, but I think xkcd has a good rebuttal:


All our work and living is done in userland. Which means a malicious actor with access to our account can still destroy all the things we care about, just not our computer itself.

At some point the cost/benefit ratio of security fails. As a software developer, being unable to manage the software on my work machine is a constant pain point every place I've used it and has a debilitating effect on my productivity. And for what? A well-crafted userland attack could still mangle every service I have access to - source control, work board, test servers, build profiles, etc.

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"Batteries not included" and "Catch-22". Are all of your films named after classics that they're completely unrelated to?

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Good to see somebody mentioning Alpha, I mostly came to this thread to gush about his performance there. He's done a lot of great roles, but the whiplash personality-changes of something like Alpha are a whole other ball game.

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I bought a bunk bed recently and asked the store to recommend a mattress that would be compatible. The bunk bed manual had specific lines about how thick and heavy the mattress should be. The people at the store said "this is the right mattress for this top bunk".

It was the heaviest mattress I've ever lifted, and it was also incredibly thick. They obviously did not give one microscopic slice of fuck about "the top bunk should have a thin-ish and light-ish mattress".

Is this bullshit typical?

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In that case, thanks for covering Canada! I'm so used to to going without neat stuf the Americans get.