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vsymm764 karma

Draw a reddit alien in your style.

Reddit, this will be our new logo for a while.

BritishEnglishPolice31 karma

You mind if I stick this as the /r/pics logo?

BritishEnglishPolice26 karma

You drew something for me?! :3 Besides, raldi may make it the entiiiire reddit logo, so we'll see what happens...

poker_face684 karma

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Jorgeragula05623 karma

Can you draw yourself hanging out with ProbablyHittingOnYou collecting Karma?

ProbablyHittingOnYou1298 karma

Marry me

Renovatio_556 karma

What do you think of your ridiculously high karma in such a short time?

araq1579506 karma

Do you believe in magic, in a young girl's heart, how the music can free her whenever it starts?

salparadiso432 karma

...can I see you without your sunglasses?

galenblade429 karma

Is there something so awesome that you've always wanted to draw but never have?

cbellanger401 karma

are you a wizard

terrenceterry373 karma

You probably can't draw a baby giraffe

faulks371 karma

Do you think that Jeff Bridges could successfully portray every main character in every movie ever made?

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RJacksonm1313 karma

Also, you should livestream drawings as you make them.

tasari310 karma

What do you do when you're not making Reddit fall in love with you?

[deleted]306 karma

Do you like cats?

haneliz303 karma

Hey... uhm... uhh... me...


[deleted]287 karma

Holy shit this is happening! You're my new hero. Show us some pictures of your childhood?

karma_in_the_red265 karma

You will never see this reply.

quadfours257 karma


tmhrtly257 karma

How much free time do you have?

Matt__233 karma

hey what time is it?

xeones216 karma

What's your favorite version of the "Aristocrats" joke?

lensman00211 karma

Why line drawings/stick figures? What led you to the style?

xtirpation214 karma

Are you really a lefty, or did you just draw it that way (perhaps unintentionally)

K2J209 karma

If you could be any novelty account, who would you be?

thecheatah184 karma

Draw me 3-4 frames of cool character running :P

tmhrtly181 karma

Are you enjoying your newfound internet fame? Also, do you play minecraft?

Station15181 karma

Do you wear sunglasses irl when you draw?

liviaokokok169 karma

What was the last book you read?

[deleted]167 karma

Ask you anything? Sure.

Draw us the most epic picture you have ever drawn. Pour your heart and soul, sweat blood and semen into it.

antoto164 karma

I'm your biggest fan! Do you take requests?

Oh_damn164 karma

Is this your only account, or do you also have another, less-of-a-karma-magnet account?

Olorie142 karma

How did you discover reddit? Is this your first account?

Griffey24kr137 karma

What games did you buy from the steam sale today?

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Wasoomi110 karma

My Girlfriend is pissed at me... how do I tell her to cool down?

[deleted]85 karma

1) What do you draw with? What sort of pens do you use? How thick are the nibs? Do you use a scanner or just photograph it? Or do you use a graphics tablet?

2) Is your occupation art/illustration-related?

3) Any chance of you doing a self-portrait?

4) What are you doing for Christmas?

polyology74 karma

Best AMA ever. You're a benevolent bastard for doing this.

Btw, you remind me a lot of this guy,

Are you Sam?

reddic70 karma

weed? alcohol? cigarettes?