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Best AMA ever. You're a benevolent bastard for doing this.

Btw, you remind me a lot of this guy, http://www.explodingdog.com/

Are you Sam?

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Fully functional?

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Yay! Heterosexuals are fabulous too!

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Now that is interesting. I think most of us had assumed Worf would be a Federation Captain. Worf on a Bird of Prey, but not the Captain. Admiral or Ambassador then? Taking orders from Chancellor Martok?

Or maybe Martok is dead, assassinated and the Empire is in chaos again and Worf goes off on his own, leading an honorable Klingon life, going from place to place fighting for those who cannot. Eventually the Klingons are won over by the example he has always set he becomes Chancellor.

But now the Federation is becoming less and less honorable, too militant after the Dominion War. Will Worf lead the Klingon Empire against his beloved Federation because it is the right thing to do?