I'm in a major US city and have plenty of international clientele. It's against our professional ethos to share people's personal info but I'm happy to discuss things anonymously, even the juicy things.

Edit: Alright, thank you everyone. This was fun. Can’t believe we made it to the front page. adieu


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kingproducer2603 karma

Hi! What’s the craziest and/or weirdest request you’ve ever gotten from a client?

Edit: typo

ResidentialConcierge4600 karma

To not tell their parents about the transvestite sex parties they have in their condo on the weekends while they're away. I wouldn't anyways, it's against our ethos.

Or maybe it's just escorting the dead bodies out of units with the funeral workers when someone perishes.

Edit: apparently, the transvestite is outdated. Sorry y’all. The More You KnowTM

AllRegrets4ever1126 karma

How many have you had die (or even OD) have you had

ResidentialConcierge2327 karma

All the deaths have been from old age. About one per year is the norm.

crl4213 karma

Just FYI transvestite is a bit of an outdated word & a slur. If you’re referring to someone who is transgender, use that term, or if they are a cross-dresser or doing drag, then that would be more appropriate 😊

edit: why is this comment being downvoted? I’m not criticizing OP just trying to educate.

ResidentialConcierge24 karma

So when we say trans, that just means transitioning or something?

I’d hate to insult someone accidentally.

Edit: since ya’ll are downvoting this dude, I’m glad he said something. I’m in hospitality and it’s important that you choose your language carefully so you don’t hurt people.

ThataSmilez8 karma

Transvestite means a cross-dresser. If you use it to refer to someone who is transgender, it's suggesting that they are not, in fact, the gender they identify as, and instead just some cross-dresser.
It's not inherently a slur (in fact, there are still people who self-identify as transvestites), but it has been used in derogatory ways a fair bit as some people deride transgender individuals by calling them transvestites instead, and usage in the common lexicon tends to carry negative connotations nowadays.
Trans on its own is typically short for transgender (so yes, someone who is transitioning or who has transitioned).

ResidentialConcierge3 karma

Thanks for the info!

Ivaddhartha2545 karma

Hi. Are ultra-rich people happier than us??? Thanks in advance for your answer. Bye.

ResidentialConcierge5897 karma

Yes they are. But they seem more likely than we are to have a flaming shitbag for a kid, so that can be painful and cause a lot of sadness. When you have money and power, a flaming shitbag can do a lot of damage.

meterspersecond1156 karma

Any examples of non-flaming shitbag children? If so how do you think their parents did things differently than the others?

ResidentialConcierge3175 karma

Well I wasn't there when they were raised so I can't say.

I think the main thing is that they can't cut their kid off. For me, if my kid was making risky choices and getting addicted to heavy drugs, I'd prob have to cut her off financially pretty early on to keep from sinking the household financially. She's stronger with us strong and cut off from $ than she is with us all broke and fucked.

But when you're wealthy, you aren't really risking that. So it becomes a more emotional decision to cut your kid off even if it's what's best for them. I think we all have rough kids but middle-class people might allows theirs to hit rock-bottom faster.

So the rich probably have a lower chance of their kids turning out to be shitbags but their shitbags turn into flaming shitbags at a much higher rate.

PainForYearsAndYears1097 karma

I worked as a lifeguard at one of the luxury Disney resorts and the shittiest kids were always the ones staying in the penthouse. Things like throwing trash and/or things that weren’t trash from their top floor, absolutely refusing to listen to anyone, demanding crazy food and then calling after 20 minutes to “change their mind” and order something else when you already had a runner going to a nearby specialty grocery. Kids of the 100s of princes of Saudi Arabia were the worst.

ResidentialConcierge263 karma

We used to have some rich Saudis in the building. Same. Their neighbors were glad to see them leave.

JoeLunchpail1016 karma

Goddamn, this is a brilliant analysis of the trust fund class. Of course having money lets shitbags freefall longer, thus becoming bigger shitbags all the way down. Very insightful.

Side question: What is the most disgusting display of wealth/class have you seen in your time?

Edit: you've

ResidentialConcierge1178 karma

Prob when a guy was complaining that his underachiever son bought a car he didn't deserve. Kid shows up and it's a brand new Rolls Royce Phantom.

genericdude999153 karma

brand new Rolls Royce Phantom

Just looked that up. The folks over at /r/leanfire could retire on that. Junior is just going to wrap it around a tree in a year or two.

ResidentialConcierge430 karma

Yup. When I mentioned to the dad “oh wow, that’s a 500k car” he responded disapprovingly. He said “that just the entry level pricing. His is loaded.” Oof.

I watched the Doug DeMuro about those though ... what a car.

Smabacon2411 karma

Largest tip you’ve ever received?

ResidentialConcierge3249 karma


NuclearLunchDectcted1655 karma

How many have mistresses?

ResidentialConcierge3153 karma

A few seem to. You don't shit where you eat though so most don't have their side pieces around the building. A few trainers and housekeepers that I suspect are getting boned.

Maybe a lady with a closeted hubby.

Egg_McCracky1636 karma

Have you ever met or assisted anyone who you recognized from TV/news/whatever before you were introduced?

ResidentialConcierge3273 karma

Yup, quite a few.

-A few famous TV chefs.

-One of the residents has a sibling that's a somewhat famous actor.

-One of the most famous athletes in the world lives down the street and I've met him before.

-A Hollywood producer lives here part-time so I get juicy Hollywood goss from time to time.

-Local Perd Hapley type celebs.

theserenity448 karma

Oh what's the most recent or interesting Hollywood goss you've heard?

ResidentialConcierge3202 karma

Well, it seems the people in Hollywood are not happy at all about Ricky gervais' Golden Globe jokes but they know they can't say shit about it. They seem so wrapped up in their own industry that they can't see how it looks to the outside.

WashedupWarVet1113 karma

How does your pay work? Do you get an hourly rate or just tips? How much and often do you get tips? Sorry so many questions. Thanks for doing this.

ResidentialConcierge1867 karma

I get about $17 an hour plus tips. Tips are about 5-6k a year and come mostly in the holiday season. During the year, side jobs get me prob 100 a month.

TheNonDuality279 karma

Where do you live! That’s nothing for high class concierge. My parents lived in a really luxury tower in the Bay Area and the concierges were making $35/hr + MASSIVE bonuses, like 5-10k, to start. The head concierge could have afforded a condo in the tower too.

Why do you think your pay is so low for what you do?

ResidentialConcierge368 karma

Don't know. Seems competitive with other jobs in my area. Maybe I'm being underpaid. Prob.

craycrayfishfillet170 karma

Do you just work the standard 40 hrs a week or do you work more?

ResidentialConcierge580 karma

Normally in the mid 40's. I wish I could work more but I have an ill family member at home that limits how much I can work.

iScreamsalad1091 karma

Were you ever approached sexually?

ResidentialConcierge2359 karma

No but there’s an old lady that likes to take her loopy pills and call up the front desk to tell us she’s naked. Eww

troyanator927 karma

Are the condos sold or are they rented? If so, how much do they sell or rent for?

ResidentialConcierge1335 karma

Only a smattering of renters.

They're actually pretty reasonable though. I think there are studios that might go for as little as 900k. The penthouses are prob worth 7 mil. Most things seem to fall around 2-3 million.

aymaraymar818 karma

Any stories about celebrity stalkers?

ResidentialConcierge1740 karma

Not really. Luckily, the notable people we have here are mostly from the world of finance/business so I don't think they have fanboys busting down the doors.

We did have an ex girlfriend of a pretty eligible doctor bachelor though. She would show up and start asking questions about her ex that were out of line.

She wasn't completely mental though. I think once the doc found out what was going on, he had a talk with her and it ended. I think some people don't realize that something that's cute in a romantic comedy is stalker behavior in real life.

AHK403YYC777 karma

How do you differentiate between the rich and ultra-rich?

ResidentialConcierge1475 karma

In my context, I'd say 5 million and up is rich. Billionaires and near-billionaires are ultra-rich.

Where one become the other? No idea.

seth928723 karma

You ever have to score someone some coke?

ResidentialConcierge1282 karma

No, that's not something I'd know how to do if they asked. Most are older and probably past their coke days but I've had to let some people know they had something on their nose before.

The guests that I suspect are dealers are weird man. Different from the types that I think of traditionally.

coley_bird339 karma

How are they different from the types that you think of traditionally?

ResidentialConcierge1244 karma

More Art Garfunkel, less Scarface.

PSteak352 karma

More Art Garfunkel

Brand new sentence.

ResidentialConcierge605 karma

Paul Simon has certainly never said it.

boxermansr612 karma

Wonder if it’s this guy? 🧐


ResidentialConcierge507 karma

Stephen Merchant could totally play me.

gambigirl607 karma

What are the common physical attributes of the affluent people in your building (along the lines of the $1000 shoes)?

ResidentialConcierge1475 karma

High Quality perfume. They all fucking smell good.

WorriedSysAdmin548 karma

So you said before side jobs, approx 40k which in a big city I think isn't much. What are your job possibilities? Possible to go up or just plan on leaving?

ResidentialConcierge992 karma

I could build rapport and try to become the building manager. It's a real possibility but I don't have that ambition. I go to uni part time and plan on changing fields when I graduate. With my current plan, the social connections you make are better than the growth potential I'd get if I were still in a hotel.

Porscheguy111015 karma

Some un-asked-for advice here. I work with the same clientele as you. I work on sports car race teams as a pit crew guy..people spend literally millions to race. It's a little harder in your situation since you don't spend a ton of time with them I imagine, but if you have a goal and run across someone who is a titan in that industry. ASK FOR ADVICE. The old adage it's not what you know its who you know is very true. Better to know the CEO than the department manager. Ive gotten several major opportunities and have a file of letters of recommendation from executives. Utilize your position, respectfully.

ResidentialConcierge1021 karma

This is 100% correct. Mentorship is the best fringe benefit this job allows. I've met some of the greatest minds of their generation here. Some people who really shaped our lives.

One of the worst tippers here will sit and chew the fat for a couple hours a week. I learn so much from him that I don't care how cheap he is. His conversations are worth the price of admission.

Also, letters of recommendation are a great idea. I'll have to remember that one.

takeitordont443 karma

Do you feel you ever could bond past your position with one/some of the residents? Maybe after changing jobs?

ResidentialConcierge769 karma

Yeah, some are pretty cool but I think of them more as mentors than buddies.

Maybe 3 or 4 I'd smoke a bowl with after my time here is done. Important to remember that you're still their employee in the meantime though.

chojinherb435 karma

Does it surprise you what they spend there money on?

ResidentialConcierge1428 karma

I'm surprised by how sane most are with their money but this is a class building with a lot of doctors, lawyers and professors mixed in. Conspicuous consumership is not vogue here because old money frowns on most flaunting but that means sometimes they aren't aware of how their habits look to the uninitiated.

For example, some probably spend as much as I earn (or more) on flower arrangements. Some order $200 meals every night from fine dining restaurants on grubhub. Most though, find a way to turn their lifestyle into an investment. They'll spend a few million on an investment property just standing at the desk talking to someone else on a handshake deal. They'll buy the top of the line Mercedes and then drive it 500 miles a year, then drive it for 10 years before trading it in. I know a dude that bought a marina because he was spending too much to moor his boat. $1000+ shoes on everyone though.

chojinherb121 karma

Thank you for the response funny what you accumulate when the monetary is a second thought, Do you think they would have the same spending habits but on a smaller scale if they did not have the same means?

ResidentialConcierge527 karma

I think that gets into some nature vs nurture stuff so its hard to say.

That said, we have a few who were accustomed to a lavish lifestyle that lost most everything to ex-wives with good lawyers. They are sad and stressed about money all the time. If they sold their condos and moved, they'd be well-off for sure but they are unable to change so they they stay asset rich and cash poor. Those people still eat at fancy restaurants and stay members of their yacht clubs but they also clip coupons. Kind of wild.

lance_klusener25 karma

What shoes are they wearing?

Trying to figure out who makes these 1000$ shoes.

ResidentialConcierge64 karma

Italian designer stuff

AskAboutMyCoffee304 karma

In my experience with the very wealthy, I've noticed that for one reason or another, they can't seem to function without quite a bit of assistance. What have you seen someone personally struggle with that just blew your mind?

ResidentialConcierge404 karma

Well mine are mostly older so while they do get assistance, at this point in their lives it's just common sense. I wish my parents are as open to paying for a little help.

MrMadrona272 karma

How do you get a job working for such exclusive people? I assume it requires connections. Also, is it fun watching all the fancy stuff happening?

ResidentialConcierge540 karma


I personally was never impressed by luxury so I don't find it that fun. I am impressed by great accomplishments though and meeting people who have those is pretty fun.

CallMeKaydee153 karma

Have you ever met/witnessed the mistress of a client?

ResidentialConcierge554 karma

I think so but since they didn't screw in the lobby, I can't be sure.

WooPig45145 karma

Did Epstein kill himself?

ResidentialConcierge358 karma

Obvy no.

serverpimp39 karma

Have you ever had a Louis CK private garden moment? https://youtu.be/5yWk1YEHP4I

What about a Seinfeld delivery? https://youtu.be/UaBhnlZgNIo

Any similar stories?

ResidentialConcierge63 karma

I know everyone in the building so no on the Louis CK thing. But the other day, the side door at my home apt building was stuck open and I manned it until the on-call guy came in to fix it. I had my own personal Seinfeld in my mind talking shit that night.

APicketFence25 karma

Has Epstein ever been there, and if so where do they sneak the kids in?

ResidentialConcierge58 karma

No but I don't think I'd know if the people here were like that. This is where they have their wife and family. I get more of that "heartless hedonist" vibe from the young tech wealthy though and we don't have to many of them in this building.

we_coming14 karma

What are the demographics? Mostly white?

ResidentialConcierge39 karma

Prob 50% white-Jewish. 30% white not-Jewish. 20% Latin American, Indian and Persian.

[deleted]-26 karma


ResidentialConcierge20 karma

You become part of the community. And no, some can't hold it together before the elevators. Some are pretty private and we don't know much. It's like being the bartender in a small town.