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Some un-asked-for advice here. I work with the same clientele as you. I work on sports car race teams as a pit crew guy..people spend literally millions to race. It's a little harder in your situation since you don't spend a ton of time with them I imagine, but if you have a goal and run across someone who is a titan in that industry. ASK FOR ADVICE. The old adage it's not what you know its who you know is very true. Better to know the CEO than the department manager. Ive gotten several major opportunities and have a file of letters of recommendation from executives. Utilize your position, respectfully.

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Have you considered doing Pikes Peak for some funding? I'm a motorsport mechanic and ive done the event a few times. If you enter the correct classes and finish well, pretty easy to bag 20k for an actual driver. Plus it's a hugely popular event that would definitely nab you some exposure, though most of the clientele there are going to be road course competitors.

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Yeah, if you have a turbo for the altitude and enough bravery to go through the corners at speed you almost certainly will land a podium and a purse. Theres 85 Audi there ever year that does this.