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LilFudge01213 karma

My aunt is a quad since 2001 and she's beaten so many odds. That said, she rarely talks about how isolating her experience is, especially her dating life. What are some other less talked about misconceptions or issues you see facing folks with disabilities?

disABLEdguyy12 karma

Dating is one of them. Another would be finding a job. A lot of them have numerous physical restrictions that are too much for someone like me to handle on a regular basis.

sweetiepiecutiepie3 karma

In relation to dating I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years but when I became a disabled last year I constantly heard isn’t he so good to stick around, people actually thought this was a compliment 🙄

disABLEdguyy1 karma

How is he not good?

adeiner7 karma

I work for a US organization that helps people with paralysis in America, mostly with unmet medical expenses. We help people pay for home renovations, accessible vehicles, etc. What kind of expenses do Canadians with paralysis have that aren't covered by insurance?

disABLEdguyy2 karma

I'm not sure

thrwawayevryday5 karma

Are you disabled yourself?

disABLEdguyy9 karma

Yes I am. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth and was given only a few years to live.

rebornultra4 karma

What is the hardest part about being a disabled person in today’s age?

disABLEdguyy10 karma

Being treated as if you were "different".

Antimatter234 karma

Do you think if you didn't have celebral palsy your life would be dramatically different? Obviously I know it'd be different but in the sense that it's life changing or have you grown accustom to your disability? Or how does your disability affect your daily life other than society?

disABLEdguyy6 karma

I think that there would be a lot more that I wold be able to do. A lot of things I know HOW to do but PHYSICALLY doing so is more difficult with the tremors. My disability affects a few things in my life. Sleep can be an issue with the constant movement of my muscles. Sometimes, if I were to try forcing myself to keep still my muscles would cramp and cause pain to me.

Zerose243 karma

I've read about weighted blankets. Does it work for you? Or does it even work for people with physical disablities?

disABLEdguyy1 karma

I've always wanted to try one of those. I feel like it would help keeping a bit more still at night when trying to relax.

disABLEdguyy3 karma

Oh wow this blew up more than I had thought! Thank you for all the questions and upvotes so far! I really appreciate this! My blog traffic and readers has also increased due to all of you. I am also looking for more guest bloggers to submit a post with a link to their blog so we can connect them both and further increase our readership. Have a good one and thanks for all the support!

Mountain-Security1 karma

Hello! I'm a sixteen year old high schooler that plans on becoming a travel journalist. Do you have any tips for writing about society?

disABLEdguyy1 karma

I have a few times. It depends on when I am motivated to write. Also when I can think of something to write about.

MikoRiko1 karma

How generalized is the term "disability" for you in your writing? Would you consider someone with heart failure living with an LVAD disabled?

disABLEdguyy2 karma

I would define "disability" as a condition that worsens or prohibits an action that that person would like to make. It could be mental, physical, or both.

JugenvonHelsinki1 karma

Are you associated with any charities for people with disabilities?

disABLEdguyy0 karma

Not at the moment

Solodeji1 karma

Indeed, our society needs equal treatment to make it more fair and habitable. Is it possible to treat the disables like the ables in the society?

disABLEdguyy1 karma

I don't see why not. People are born "differently" all the time. No one is the same person and has their own way of life. Just because you were not born with or without something doesn't make you any less of a human being. The day that EVERYONE is treated the same way will be quite different to the world that we presently know.

dkzo-2 karma

Do you get boner?

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I like to identify myself as a nerd. Learning about niche topics has been my hobby for years. Currently I'm looking at "van life" and everything about it.