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Dating is one of them. Another would be finding a job. A lot of them have numerous physical restrictions that are too much for someone like me to handle on a regular basis.

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Being treated as if you were "different".

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Yes I am. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth and was given only a few years to live.

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I think that there would be a lot more that I wold be able to do. A lot of things I know HOW to do but PHYSICALLY doing so is more difficult with the tremors. My disability affects a few things in my life. Sleep can be an issue with the constant movement of my muscles. Sometimes, if I were to try forcing myself to keep still my muscles would cramp and cause pain to me.

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Oh wow this blew up more than I had thought! Thank you for all the questions and upvotes so far! I really appreciate this! My blog traffic and readers has also increased due to all of you. I am also looking for more guest bloggers to submit a post with a link to their blog so we can connect them both and further increase our readership. Have a good one and thanks for all the support!