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This is whats terrifying about Scientology. Not only is it dangerous in its Fair Game policies and abuse of religious freedom laws, but despite its young age, it's already beginning to indoctrinate children as a primary function... It should have been gone decades ago, but it's held on.

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Is that why Buffalo Wild Wings stopped doing two for one wings on Tuesdays, and started pushing boneless wings? Fuck, man... Doing research on this now, and this seems really lose-lose for everyone. They switched from price/wing to price/lb, but then they stopped genetically modifying chickens to be bigger, so it takes more wings to fill an order by the pound... Farmers are losing out, consumers are losing out... Wowzers.

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It's also worth noting that, whether it's true or not that Reddit owes it to IAmA for bringing so much traffic, it behooves the subreddit to stay as independent of them as possible. If Reddit were to begin investing money into it, it opens to door for Reddit to begin making executive changes of their own to the sub.

First they're shelling out money, and the next thing you know they have a paid Reddit employee taking over as lead moderator with the reasoning being "Well, we have a big stake in how well IAmA does, and we put more money into it, so..."

(It was pointed out that this could be misconstrued as a slippery slope argument, so let me clarify that this isn't an inevitability. Rather, we don't want to allow for that possibility.)

Trust me. This subreddit accepts enough help from Reddit with coordinating celebrity IAmAs. We don't want more.

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This makes a lot of sense.

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From Lawrenceville to Duluth to Buford, all I associate that area with is incredible Asian food.