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This is Jim O’Heir back for another round of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything

You may know me as Jerry from Parks and Rec, Kent from ABC’s Bless This Mess, and a handful of other roles in TV and film.

Proof: https://i.imgur.com/oOiArxk.png

Twitter Proof: Ask Me Anything!

Trying something new here today….. and will be answering your questions using personalized video responses via Cameo, where we’re raising money for (RED) in the fight to end AIDS.

I will be answering questions starting at 10am PST (12PM CT / 1PM ET).

Give me your best shot and ask me anything!

- Jim

EDIT: Thank you all so much for your questions! I am signing off now. If you want more Jim O'Heir, you can catch me in Bless This Mess on Tuesdays on ABC.

The holidays are also coming up, and if you would like, I can send a personalized video from Cameo. From now until December 15th, a portion of the proceeds will go to (RED) in the fight to end AIDs.

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ryan8735795 karma

Hi Mr. O'Heir, I don't have a question but would like to say thank you for something wonderful you did for my son five years ago. He nearly died when a tumor on his liver ruptured at school. At the time, we didn't know what was wrong, and our world was suddenly turned upside down when we learned he had liver cancer. At the time, Parks and Rec was his favorite show. You reached out to him with a message of support and encouragement, and it lifted his spirits and helped him forget about the situation for a while. We saw him smile and laugh at a time such things didn't seem possible. Five years later, he is a healthy, amazing 19-year-old who loves to cook and travel and is just generally an amazing human. When I think back on that dark time, what I remember is the light you brought to our family and the way his spirits were lifted by your message. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. There is no way we can repay your kindness, but we try every day to pay it forward.

JimOHeirOfficial5437 karma

To think that I did anything to help put a smile on your son's face in the worst time in all of your lives. It gives me pride that I don't deserve.

Sending some love

chase_bankin1479 karma

If you got arrested and had one phone call to make, but you had to call someone from Parks and Rec, who would you call that would answer?

JimOHeirOfficial2706 karma

So, I mean I would hope that they would all answer, because we are very tight. We have a Parks Family text. But the first phone call I would make would be Chris Pratt. Explainer here

onetimeonreddit844 karma

I'm basically the real life female version of Jerry/Larry/Gary in my Parks and Rec department at work. I feel a deep spiritual connection with you as a result lol. Do you have any Jerry moments in your personal life?

Edit to add that a few weeks back I even tripped and sprained my ankle while working and thought (Damnit Jerry!) in my head while I was on the ground. Cracked myself up.

JimOHeirOfficial660 karma

This is awesome. You work at a Parks and Rec department and you're the Jerry. Ok, here's my answer

CharlesSwan720 karma

Hi Jim, Big fan of Parks and Rec, my question to you is what was the hardest scene to film because you or a co-star couldn't contain their laughter?

JimOHeirOfficial1044 karma

In all honesty, there were scenes like that every day. We also got to do a fun-run take improv style. After every scene was done and the director and cast were happy, we could do a fun run.

But there is one that comes to mind

Buckaroo_Banzai_642 karma

Have you ever been checked for mumps?

JimOHeirOfficial756 karma

I know exactly what you are talking about. Here's some backstory

Nystateofkynd392 karma

Hi Jim! If you were trapped on an island what are 3 albums you’d need to get you through?

JimOHeirOfficial835 karma

I'm about to lose a lot of fans right now. My musical taste is very sad. But it is my taste, and I cannot help what my taste is.

REO Speedwagon: "You can tune a piano but you cant tune a fish"

Don't hate me....I need my Barry Manilow

I also like Michael Buble...

And here's why

HeartMyPussy259 karma

What type of movies and TV do you watch in your spare time?

JimOHeirOfficial298 karma

First of all. Big TV guy. Just finished binging Billlions. Here are some more that I have been watching that I recommend

greynol5240 karma

If you could play any role in TV/Film what would you play?

JimOHeirOfficial519 karma

So many.

Here's the thing. My face has helped me and hurt me. It is a very sweet face. A lot of people can't see past this Irish mess.

I would like to do a lot of darker roles.

But I also love my comedy too.

DustiKat227 karma

Did you ever feel lonely on set when the characters would isolate J/L/Garry? Also, what is one thing you’ve always wanted to do in life that you didn’t because you were afraid of the repercussions?

JimOHeirOfficial396 karma

Did I ever feel lonely: never. There was no way to feel lonely. Between takes we were laughing and playing around. Even though Jerry was the go-to, that was just on camera. Behind the camera was just the opposite.

As for the other questions. I don't know specifically. I'm a goody too shoes.

Anthadvl216 karma

Honestly Jim how big is that thing?

JimOHeirOfficial699 karma

Well, I look like this and I got Christie Brinkley. Do the math

thedynamicbandit165 karma

What's your favorite parks and rec episode?

JimOHeirOfficial336 karma

Here's the thing about that. I have a very specific answer to that. There are so many great episodes of Parks, but my answer is simple

kyuso128 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck size horses?

JimOHeirOfficial231 karma

I think I would fight one horse-sized duck. I could see my opponent and I can maneuver around him, but if there were 100 of those bastards running around....yeah no. One big horse-sized duck

ArickBaughts103 karma

What would I have to do for you to set me up on a blind date with Plaza?

JimOHeirOfficial243 karma

Just one second calls Aubrey Plaza

Hey, Aubrey...

NashATX72 karma

Do people still call you Jerry?

JimOHeirOfficial211 karma

Every day of my life. All day of my life. I hear "dammit Jerry" a lot

manwatchingfire70 karma

Since you have been linking it, what is your favorite Cameo video you have been requested to make for someone?

Do you have a Cameo video someone else has made that you really enjoy?

JimOHeirOfficial78 karma

So, these Cameo videos are wild. People request all types of things. But here is one of my favorites

SparklePony367 karma

So you started as a radio DJ in Indiana. When you were out there, did you ever pass by Munsee or Pawnee?

JimOHeirOfficial210 karma

No, I was not near Muncie. I started as a DJ in a little town called Rensselaer, Indiana.

And as for Pawnee, Pawnee does not exist. The creators of The Office, we had the same producers, would use Scranton for the Office, they would get a lot of feedback. If they ever joked about Scranton on the show, the Scrantonites would get offended. So we played it safe by creating a new city. Pawnee does not exist, only in our hearts

astralbeings57 karma

What’s your favorite way to wind down at the end of a long day?

JimOHeirOfficial113 karma

That's a great question.

I'm a TV guy. I love to sit in front of my tube with my computer sitting in front of me. Watching television and nibbling on something. I'm obsessed with the combination of caramel and cheese corn. The theaters are starting to serve it and call it their ''fancy popcorn". But mostly put on a good TV show

ultimatemigas43 karma

What was your favorite moment from White Noise Comedy? Was it Stumpys Gang?

Ps eggs bacon & toast forvever!

JimOHeirOfficial60 karma

For those who don't know, I began my early career in a comedy group called White Noise. Stumpy's Gang was me with puppets....and these puppets bled.

Stumpy's Gang is why I have what I have today. Full story here