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To think that I did anything to help put a smile on your son's face in the worst time in all of your lives. It gives me pride that I don't deserve.

Sending some love

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So, I mean I would hope that they would all answer, because we are very tight. We have a Parks Family text. But the first phone call I would make would be Chris Pratt. Explainer here

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In all honesty, there were scenes like that every day. We also got to do a fun-run take improv style. After every scene was done and the director and cast were happy, we could do a fun run.

But there is one that comes to mind

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I'm about to lose a lot of fans right now. My musical taste is very sad. But it is my taste, and I cannot help what my taste is.

REO Speedwagon: "You can tune a piano but you cant tune a fish"

Don't hate me....I need my Barry Manilow

I also like Michael Buble...

And here's why

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I know exactly what you are talking about. Here's some backstory