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Have you bought an iron yet?

condit4511 karma

Probably shoved it in a drawer after he quit and didnt think about it until he needed it for a quick picture.

Pev_Petland_emp_114 karma

I found it in a trash bag, no joke.

Pev_Petland_emp_13 karma

As in?

Chips2547 karma

He’s trolling on your wrinkled uniform.

Pev_Petland_emp_19 karma

Oh. Honestly, I forgot I stole it. I just moved, and I found it in all my stuff. guess It came in handy as proof. I just kinda walked out after a shift, and then went home and realized I had 3 uniforms from a few days back. One of them is my painting/car working garb, and the other 2 are just loungers.

xSt4y_r3ady8 karma

I looked up cherry eyes before writing this and that’s insane. How can you do that to a poor dog? My question for you is, how many sleepless nights did you have knowing this was going on? For me, it would eat me up and I have two of my own with one that passed away this year

Pev_Petland_emp_18 karma

It was a regrettable time in my life

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Why is the body deleted?

Pev_Petland_emp_14 karma

Mods deleted the post

Pev_Petland_emp_13 karma


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Your parent comment. Was on the second line of reading and it was deleted before I got anywhere.

Pev_Petland_emp_17 karma

oh yeah. The mods deleted it until I gave more proof that I am who I say I am

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What in your opinion is the dumbest animal Petland sells?

Pev_Petland_emp_11 karma

I don't know... goldfish are pretty dumb animals

imlazynothandycapped-1 karma

What would you do to the owners?

Pev_Petland_emp_15 karma

If I had the legal authority? I'd file an account of animal neglect/abuse on the manager.

TrippSkylark-3 karma

Why did you not feel a moral obligation to say something until the story was getting traction?

Pev_Petland_emp_17 karma

I reported it while I worked there. The local humane society just never said anything to me.

TrippSkylark1 karma

That’s good. How unfortunate to work there while all this was happening. Do you ever feel like you should have done more?

Pev_Petland_emp_13 karma

It's more a question of 'could I have done more?' If I over pushed my boundaries, it's likely the humane society wouldn't have gotten involved

Kougeru-7 karma

wtf? i thought petstores were made illegal like a decade ago - I haven't seen any since then

Pev_Petland_emp_13 karma

They still exist, sadly. Some actually aren't that bad, mostly just ones that sell, like, goldfish aren't bad.

solograppler-9 karma

My goldfish died because I fed him too much, what is the optimal way to feed a goldfish?

Pev_Petland_emp_111 karma

Depends on the type of goldfish. Some need a bit more food than others. I would say if it's a traditional gold fish; 2-3 times a day. Watch how much they eat in 90 seconds to get an estimate of how much per feeding

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How close are you to becoming vegan?

Pev_Petland_emp_17 karma

Honestly... I don't think I could be vegan. Vegetarian... maybe... but not vegan

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Pev_Petland_emp_113 karma

I'm the one who tipped off the humane society

rumptump-17 karma

I aint watching the video because I hate youtube. Can you explain exactly what you mean by abused? Like specifically? Sorry if this would be obvious by watching the video, i just rather read things

Pev_Petland_emp_18 karma


A lot of the stuff started kicking up after I left, so some of that stuff is new to me

Vyviel-25 karma

How many animals did you personally abuse?

Pev_Petland_emp_15 karma

Oh god, none! I wasn't that person. I specifically left because animals were getting abused

Vyviel2 karma

Oh ok lol I thought you were going to ask for forgiveness or something. Good on you then =)

Pev_Petland_emp_11 karma

Oh no. Honestly, if I wasn't in fear of legal ramifications, I would've stolen a dog or two to save them before I left

spleefmaboff-29 karma

Charlie? Oops.

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Delete this, even if you’re joking. Making him able to be found by the exact people that he was trying not to is a super dick move, and could seriously mess his life up.

Pev_Petland_emp_17 karma

Trust me, there's no way the people will find me. I do still know a bunch of people who work there, but they're doing the same thing I'm doing, getting ready for some loud, unnamed tips

GriffinFlies-81 karma

Why did you say something sooner? It’s kinda annoying that you didn’t imo

Pev_Petland_emp_135 karma

I mentioned this in the previous post that got removed because I didn't have my proof pic. I was a teenager who needed money. The Kennel itself wasn't abusive, just the manager. I quit just before it started to get really bad.