Since moving here I have met too many women that are under the impression that they are pretty pretty princesses and as such should not have to do anything but get everything they want. It is their way or no way. They are rude, self righteous and believe they are entitled to everything.

They treat their men badly and barely care about their children. They grew up believing that their wedding day is the most important day in their lives and that their main focus throughout their life should be to find some guy that is supposed to grovel before them to marry.

Not all women are that way but a a great majority as I have seen. Many of my girl friends have infuriated me with their behavior and attitude towards their boyfriends/husbands, treating them like they were stupid and just plain being unreasonable cause they think that is ok and that is the way they should be. Why do you raise your children like that? Why do you continue to behave like that? Some women even acknowledge that how they are behaving is childish and rude but still do it because that "is just the way it is".

Edit: wow, I did not realize that this tiny insignificant post would get such a reaction. Thank you all for the interesting and insightful comments. It seems people either give a resounding "yes" or a "up yours" :D Some people seem to have misunderstood my statement to mean that Icelandic women are perfect or European women are awesome, this is not so. We all have our faults. This post is about the attitude I continually seem to run into here in the US. I maybe wrong, perhaps my sample group is to small or not varied enough. But so far this is what I see. Thanks again for all the input.

Edit2: I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who commented on this thread, I tried to respond to as many as I could but kind of stared in awe at my monitor when the comments hit a thousand O_O It appears that I hit a nerve here and interestingly enough we all seem to be split down the middle at this point. I really have enjoyed reading your comments (both good and bad) and it has given me lots of food for thought. Also, it seems that my comment on where I live got lost somewhere in there, so: I live in Northern California. I am 31 and yes I do have some awesome down to earth, hard working girl friends. I am married (big wooooot! to my hubby for standing up for me more then a few times. Love you baby <3) so no I can't marry you sorry. Yes I have seen a grown man naked and no Icelandic women are not perfect. Cheers and thanks for a very interesting day everyone.

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gottageddit962 karma

Didn't you know? American men are stupid and can't do anything for themselves - just look at any television ad with a husband/wife storyline.

brjaladabina388 karma

that is so true! It's unbelievable. Why do they do that is my question.

misterscratch626 karma

Because American women do most of the shopping. See, the only way you can cope with the difficulty of having this idiot beast around the house is get some more Glade Air Freshener.

untaken-username279 karma

For perhaps one of the most nauseating commercials in this vein, see Suzanne researched this.

brjaladabina50 karma

o_O omg that's the worst commercial ever. Dammit you just made me cringe in horror...dammit I am doing it again...

match451138 karma

Probably because they want to hear it, and advertisers want them to believe it. Princesses who believe they deserve everything buy more, don't they?

brjaladabina68 karma

Yes! you are so right.

embervoid186 karma

As a European I'm curious, what do American women think about your attitude? Do you have more success with American men because of it? What do they think of you?

brjaladabina345 karma

I have been more successful with men then some of my American girlfriends but I don't know if that is because of my attitude or because of the allure of being a foreigner. My friends also think I am a bit odd and cringe at the way I talk to guys. They think I am too straight forward and I call men out on their BS. I am also not afraid to pick up the bill, open the door for them and try the things they like to do (thats how I got into paintball, D&D and now pistol shooting).