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How does reddit's search work?

nubi78309 karma

My 99 Dodge truck is running rough. Can you diagram the electrical system that is responsible for firing the spark plugs?

PerniciousPANDA292 karma

What does one look like while drawing himself while drawing himself on Windows Paint?

iorgfeflkd237 karma

How can a man defeat a bear in single unarmed combat?

TrolI221 karma

How do you know when to stop wiping?

sifeus219 karma

This is the best AMA I've ever seen. What did my face look like when I first viewed its glorious radiance?

paint_interpretation205 karma

That's about 20 drawings and I have to go to sleep now. I'll do more tomorrow!

allenizabeth209 karma

so are you gonna draw that, or....?

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jumpingpoint176 karma

What is one thing that you can't ever seem to draw correctly, no matter how hard you try?

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criggchef163 karma

How do you beat the Water Temple?

zhirinovsky163 karma

Who would win: Richard Dawkins or the Pope?

paint_interpretation467 karma

RealLife101159 karma

What would my classroom look like?

ShoepZA144 karma

Describe your perfect day

ExPatBadger140 karma

Is there a shape and color that nobody has discovered yet?

bondagegirl137 karma

Pretend you are a fortune teller. What does my day have in store for me tomorrow?

BoloCheng111 karma

quite impressive so far. What does a cat smoking weed look like?

1tom23595 karma

what's inside the event horizon of a black hole?

[deleted]93 karma

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

HandBananas92 karma

Daddy, why did the dinosaurs die out?

inkdracula88 karma

What's your favorite movie? Draw me the dvd cover...

Noxat83 karma

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

BumpiestBread82 karma

Do you love vaginas or wieners?

yellowfish0478 karma

How girl get pragnent? How is babby formed?

shimmied_not_stirred71 karma

What do you look like?

chocobosage69 karma

what would i look like flying on a rabbit through detroit

Radiosucks67 karma

Why can't my cat flush the toilet after he uses it?

rampantdissonance61 karma

What is your favorite webcomic?

[deleted]61 karma

How do we reverse entropy?

foltaggio61 karma

What's your favorite video game?

DopplerEfeckt59 karma

What is your favorite hobby?

Funmover57 karma

Ass, entrance or exit?

hoowahman53 karma

If you could draw anything at all what would it be?

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badcrumbs36 karma

what's the best dream you've ever had?

MostImportantQ33 karma

Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle?

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Who is your favorite musical artist?

BorderlineAmazing27 karma

Awesome novelty account. If you replied to one of NonsensicalAnalogy's comments in a battle of novelty accounts, what would that look like?