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Awesome novelty account. If you replied to one of NonsensicalAnalogy's comments in a battle of novelty accounts, what would that look like?

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What are some of the nontraditional ways people use (or try to use) Uber? I've always wondered about things like picking someone up from the grocery store with bags of groceries, or taking someone to the hospital who maybe should be taking an ambulance, or taking person A to meet person B and then driving both people to pick up person C before dropping them all off at the bar...

Are there any situations that you have to refuse?

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Do you worry about having them change leads during certain sections of a race? With stride length, is it all based off rein cues since the jockey doesn't really have any leg (or seat!) aids to work with? Thank you!

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In respect to training under saddle, what do the horses need to learn beyond the very basics of carrying a rider? In other words, what are some of the subtleties of a good racehorse's training?