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Oh no! Someone is going to push my anvil out a window! :(

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Pretend you are a fortune teller. What does my day have in store for me tomorrow?

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I see your account here is old as fuck but these seem to be your first posts. Do you post/lurk reddit under another name?

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In a moment of insanity I took the "How long would you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor" quiz with my 8 year old son. Now him and my 9 year old step-son are yelling "RAPTOR BALLS!!!!" at unfortunate times (and whispering it when they think I can't hear). Any suggestions on what I can yell back at them? I need something that will stun, shock or scare them.

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♫ Muñon es un gato que solo tiene quince uñas, le falta una pata pero sigue siendo un gato. ♫

I just love that. For some reason it tickled me immensely.