Thanks for the questions and for giving a damn. It's been an exhausting day and I think it's time to unplug. I'll check in tomorrow just to confirm my continued freedom and breathing.

UPDATE: No black suits yet. Things continue to be crazy. NYT interview today clarified some things.

UPDATE 2: For anyone interested in the store, after multiple phone calls and speaking with PayPal customer service for quite literally hours, I have elected to disable PayPal as a payment option on I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE 3: This is just plain surreal. Blondie playing in D.C. last night

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MadInventorOnAHill9374 karma

How did you first learn your seal had been used? What was your reaction when you found out?

Titors_Time_Machine13770 karma

I was browsing Reddit and Fark with my morning coffee. Saw the story, didn't even register that it had anything to do with me. As soon as I saw the picture I was floored.

waskonator6620 karma

Given that your design is a parody, with intent to deceive the viewer without closer inspection, I don't think you could have asked for a better outcome than this situation.

It's a comedy, in the best possible way.

Do you have any other non-joke works? Is there something you can plug that we can look for more?

Titors_Time_Machine6098 karma

Yes but I'm not inclined to have worlds collide. Maybe at some future date after this has blown over I'll pull a Reddit "Hey I'm the guy that blah blah blah and here's my other stuff" kind of deal.

ithacaRocks4323 karma

Have you gotten any hate mail or worse yet?

Titors_Time_Machine7081 karma

Are you kidding?

motionoftheocen3233 karma

Can you share some of the highlights?

Titors_Time_Machine17717 karma


bright_shiny_objects4142 karma

When did you make it?

Titors_Time_Machine8653 karma

I created this in 2016 as nothing more than an outlet for frustration. I never imagined I'd be sitting here years later with this as a result.

thenewmook3856 karma

All these things you encapsulated in this design years ago and yet they’ve all become even MORE prominently displayed by him as time has gone by... is there anything you wish you could have changed or added now?

Titors_Time_Machine4992 karma

I wish I didn't have to answer this question. What a shit show the last couple of years have been.

yomnmnm384 karma

You're on Rachel Maddow!

Titors_Time_Machine429 karma


yomnmnm607 karma

It was in approx the first 5 to 10 minutes of her show, where she gives the context of the event, as well as deep dives the seal. Your store is also included!

MSNBC hasn't upped the official clip, but you can see it here on some illegal rebroadcast until it gets taken down:

Titors_Time_Machine379 karma

Thank you.

ku-fan145 karma

So /u/Titors_Time_Machine, is this your site or did someone steal that image from you?

Titors_Time_Machine222 karma

That's mine.

thewharfartscenter_2400 karma

Have you been visited by individuals in black suits yet?

Titors_Time_Machine5867 karma

I can't remember?

Honestly, no not at all. I did take the precaution of contacting my local police precinct to fill them in on the day. They're giving me some extra patrols tonight.

Ghosttiger131620 karma

Damn, that's smart. Did you go into specifics? Or were you general about the situation?

Titors_Time_Machine3651 karma

I was fairly specific. It took awhile for them to even get a handle on what I was saying.

"You did a what now? You photoshopped Trump? So you're saying you made an internet post?" etc etc etc

Damn_I_Love_Milfs1468 karma

Have any of the late-night shows reached out to you yet? I'd love to see you make the rounds talking about it and how shitty Mango Mussolini is. He'd have a breakdown

Titors_Time_Machine1974 karma

No, but I honestly don't know what I'd have to offer in person that I haven't already said to other media outlets.

Punk_Girl_Anna1212 karma

Are you at all afraid of the administration retaliating against you??

Titors_Time_Machine2301 karma


GrabbinSince05892 karma

Do people ever tell you you remind them of an off brand Seth Rogan?

Titors_Time_Machine1526 karma

Cool. I'm generic dollar store Seth Rogan. What's my name?

thecrazyal564 karma

Meth Rogain

Titors_Time_Machine494 karma

I think it's this one.

14times6minus15789 karma

I read in one of the articles that you're a former Republican who was pushed away by the president. How have the last 3 years effected your political views?

Titors_Time_Machine2292 karma

Yeah I read that too. It's sort of accurate. The sentiment I was trying to get across is that I have voted for republicans in the past. Like many people I was caught up in a post 9/11 America haze and wasn't thinking as critically as I maybe should have. I was also in my late 20s. I'm 47 now. Older, wiser and almost overwhelmingly more informed.

2soserius712 karma

thanos here, what did it cost to either you or Trump?

Titors_Time_Machine1607 karma

Everything. C'mon man, keep up.

MiceHere432 karma

Are you asking for compensation from the display of your image?

Titors_Time_Machine3029 karma

Not in and of itself, only on the merch people are buying.

Let me be clear. The fact that people are buying shirts and hats all of this sudden is very cool. (TM Red Letter Media) But the honest to god joy I got out of seeing that orange idiot standing in front of the seal clapping and hooting made my year.

doodcool612415 karma

If nothing else, this crazy day has shown that in the internet age, random acts of art and expression can have huge repercussions, as long as the President is dumb enough to stand in front of them.

What would you say to budding artists and pranksters on the internet who want to use their talents for good?

Titors_Time_Machine434 karma

Just do your thing and do it for you. That's where the catharsis and enjoyment live. If suddenly years later something comes of it then bonus!

RattaTattTatt414 karma

How did your coworkers react?

Titors_Time_Machine2089 karma

Well, my primary coworkers are cats and a dog. They thought it was awesome. Or they wanted food and a walk. Unclear.

ozarkadventurer340 karma

Why the double eagle?

Titors_Time_Machine1098 karma


jim5cents295 karma

How are your fifteen minutes of fame treating you do far?

Titors_Time_Machine740 karma

10:45, 10:46, 10:47...

BDHYoda192 karma

If you dont mind me asking, whats your daily job?

Titors_Time_Machine501 karma

Video production and graphic design. Nothing you've heard of and nothing sexy. I just make a living.

thisboyhasverizon89 karma

I don't think I could possibly be more impressed by your work. How do you feel right now? Are you nervous or stressed out or excited? What do you think will come of this?

Titors_Time_Machine214 karma

Are you nervous or stressed out or excited?


jevole9 karma

U of R or VCU?

Titors_Time_Machine18 karma

The latter.

nice_strada2 karma

Any plans to take this idea further? There's so much material when it comes to Trump

Titors_Time_Machine43 karma

I have a daytime gig that I enjoy so I don't plan on leaving that and making myself miserable by burying myself full time into the misery that is the Trump administration. Better people than me do that everyday. That said, I guess I'll keep up and running from now on and add the occasional thing when inspiration strikes.