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Zykium669 karma

If I were able to find donors would you be willing to transplant their hair onto my body so I can live my life as a Wolf-Man?

ParsaMohebiMD930 karma

While I would love to support you with this interesting life goal, I'll have to say "no".

I have nothing against your desire to be a wolfman. Transplanted hair comes from the body of the actual patient so it won't do you any good to find donors.

MankindsError1141 karma

Doc, I'd gladly donate my ass hair to help this wolf man/woman in their goals.

ParsaMohebiMD1447 karma

It is always nice to see people willing to help their fellow (wolf) man.

ParsaMohebiMD307 karma

Thank you everyone for taking part in this interesting and fun AMA. I will be checking in over the next few days so please feel free to ask me additional questions.

LMkIIIV211 karma

Anything on the horizon next few years to get unlimited grafts? i.e cloning or stem cells?

ParsaMohebiMD279 karma

Good question.

Hair cloning has been studied for years and there has even been some success in producing more than one hair from a single hair follicle. However, this is still in the testing phase and needs to be proven to be safe for human patients in the long term.


Same thing with stem cells. Results/progress has been shown but more studies need to be conducted.


Paynefree992208 karma

Did you have hair transplant yourself aswell?

ParsaMohebiMD337 karma

I did not. I have been lucky to be blessed with a full head of hair my whole life. Thanks for the fun question!

kismyname173 karma

What would you suggest for women with hair loss? I’ve tried doing research about hair transplants and apparently women aren’t good candidates for transplants because their head have diffuse loss which means there’s no donor sites.

What else can these women do for their hair?

ParsaMohebiMD193 karma

A hair transplant is definitely an option for female patients and this is especially true for women who have male patterned baldness because the hair is preserved in the back and on the sides of the head. In addition, women with a very high forehead are good candidates.

EuclidianEigenvalue171 karma

Do you think products like minoxidil work? What is your opinion on it?

ParsaMohebiMD271 karma

I do believe that it works but minoxidil is not a permanent solution. If a patient stops using the product, the hair loss will start once again.

Jared_Tietjens168 karma

What’s the typical cost for a class III hair transplant?

ParsaMohebiMD142 karma

Hard to say because each doctor charges a different amount for hair grafts (per graft). Plus, the cost depends on the total number of grafts that are transplanted.

Dippinthosechips92 karma

Is it standard practice to prescribe finasteride or dutasteride following hair transplants, or is there not generally a need for this?

ParsaMohebiMD112 karma

Good question!

It is not a necessary treatment for the transplanted hair. If you feel like you could use some help with the hair that surrounds the transplanted hair, you could use a product like finasteride to help with the hair density of the surrounding hair.

Hermannhyh81 karma

Will the magical hair loss water i bought in spain work?

ParsaMohebiMD158 karma

I'd have to say that I doubt it. Did you also buy some beans for a magical beanstalk?

Rice water can make your hair shiny and healthy bit it won't make it grow.

budsonguy68 karma

Is it possible to have a successful transplant if hair hasn’t grown from that skin in over a decade?

ParsaMohebiMD91 karma

The hair is coming from elsewhere on the body (to be transplanted) so, yes, it is still possible.

TropicalFruitLover50 karma

What is your favorite tropical fruit?

ParsaMohebiMD139 karma

The quick answer is "the one right in front of me".

The real answer is papaya or mangosteen for its antioxidants.

keevesnchives48 karma

What's the pathway for working in hair transplant in terms of residency/fellowship?

ParsaMohebiMD90 karma

The first step is finding an established and board-certified doctor that has been named a Fellowship Training Program Director by the International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS). There are not many hair restoration centers around the world that have this certification so it takes some research. Then, contact the doctor to see if they are looking for a fellowship candidate at that time.

We are proud to have that certification! Good luck in your journey.


BalkansJohn41 karma

Most transplants I've seen are for dark colored hair, what about blondes or lighter colors?

ParsaMohebiMD70 karma

Hair transplants care good for any hair color. Lighter hair might not look as dense or thick just because of the hair color but it can be successfully transplanted.

GetYourTwinkies40 karma

Are bald guys usually shorter? My understanding is dihydrotestosterone is largely responsible for hair loss in men and it also contributes to earlier closing of growth plates.

ParsaMohebiMD77 karma

There has been some research conducted in Germany where "the researchers theorize that it might be due to an accelerated progression of puberty when they were younger, as well as the earlier fusing of growth plates in their bones."

Having said that, this theory has not been proven to be true but it is an interesting theory.

BruhDontFuckWithMe27 karma

Arent these procedures useless unless the patient continues use of DHT blockers after surgery, since the underlying cause (genetics) is still there?

ParsaMohebiMD80 karma

The hair that is transplanted generally comes from the back and sides of the scalp and they are not sensitive to DHT.

Zorrox191111 karma

Hey, thanks for doing this IMA!

Here's my question: What are some of the choices you’ve made that made you who you are?

I realise it's not technically about hair or science, but I'd be super grateful for your answer ()

ParsaMohebiMD32 karma

The choices I've made have been driven by the desire to help others better their lives through medicine.

spaghettilee2112-5 karma

Are there any trailing hair transplants?

ParsaMohebiMD6 karma

Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean.