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It is always nice to see people willing to help their fellow (wolf) man.

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While I would love to support you with this interesting life goal, I'll have to say "no".

I have nothing against your desire to be a wolfman. Transplanted hair comes from the body of the actual patient so it won't do you any good to find donors.

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I did not. I have been lucky to be blessed with a full head of hair my whole life. Thanks for the fun question!

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Thank you everyone for taking part in this interesting and fun AMA. I will be checking in over the next few days so please feel free to ask me additional questions.

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Good question.

Hair cloning has been studied for years and there has even been some success in producing more than one hair from a single hair follicle. However, this is still in the testing phase and needs to be proven to be safe for human patients in the long term.


Same thing with stem cells. Results/progress has been shown but more studies need to be conducted.