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What would you suggest for women with hair loss? I’ve tried doing research about hair transplants and apparently women aren’t good candidates for transplants because their head have diffuse loss which means there’s no donor sites.

What else can these women do for their hair?

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I have pcos so my crown has hair loss and overall I’ve lost quite a bit of density throughout. Thank you for your response

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Omg that sounds so cool!! So the wig can’t last longer than 6 weeks? Damn.. may I ask how much it costs? Any cons to that? It can only imagine how it feels to have your self confidence back

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Thank you for your response! I did take spirolactone for a while and whether it helped or not is debatable. I took it for a year but didn’t really notice anything. I had to stop however because I’m thing TTC. But I’ll try the da laboratories topical spray though! Thanks for all the advice

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely try that. I use tinted dry shampoo and it definitely helps cover up my scalp. It’s a cheaper alternative lol but I’m excited to try toppik now.

Hair loss is so devastating! It’s just a dehumanizing experience for lack of better term but yeah.. I’ll always have hope