Hi, I'm Diane Guillemont, and I am the Game Designer for DbD Mobile by Behaviour Interactive. I am working on game systems, controls, feedback, and player experience on the game design aspect, and I've been here since the conception of the project. You can ask me anything related to mobile game design and horror.

I'll be available to answer your questions from 2 PM to 5 PM EDT today, July 5th. ;)

EDIT: Thank you so much to all those who participated today! I tried to answer as many questions as possible. Remember that there are more DbD Mobile devs doing AMAs this July, so don't miss them! If you haven't yet, pre-register now to get more updates and news about the mobile version of Dead by Daylight.

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bonesawed434 karma

One thing that I'm not sure if it has been addressed yet: Is DbD Mobile going to be fundamentally the same game that is just ported to Mobile? Or an entirely new/different gameplay style that fits "Mobile" better? After seeing Fortnite on mobile, I can totally see the entire "real DbD" playable on mobile if dedicated servers come to fruition. Thank you!

Diane_Bhvr321 karma

We made a few changes for it to fit the mobile experience best. But we want the gameplay experience to be the same.

ladyphasma292 karma

Will you be implementing a "play with friends" mode? Will there be an in game chat also?

Diane_Bhvr126 karma

You will definitely be able to play with your friends! As for the chat, it's not planned at the moment.

Edit: corrected typo

TypicalJaneMain199 karma

Besides hearing, how is dbd mobile different than dbd pc/console?

Diane_Bhvr143 karma

We made a few changes in the progression system, the Bloodweb as been modify into a new feature, the UI/UX has been adapted so it's easier for people to navigate. We have a lot of new other things coming in the future. Remember we are still in Beta for the moment, so stay tuned!

TooKoolFoU168 karma

Why are all the free characters not free (not including Bill, nor the free characters for Console)? It kind of angers me to see that Jake and the wraith you must buy or play to unlock as they are original. I can more or so understand with characters like the nurse, huntress, nea, and David as they are not originals. Why is that needed for the mobile version of the game?

Diane_Bhvr117 karma

We had to do some adjustment because the Mobile version is free.

But as said in the comment I'm a Designer so I'm not the best person to answer this. You will be able to ask to Rose our Product Manager during her AMA on July 22 ;)

dajokaman75996 karma

How much grinding will the game have compared to the console/PC version? Will it be toned down for mobile players or kept at same rate?

Will there be a system to let you link your Mobile DBD and Console/PC version to earn unique cosmetics similar to how Injustice 2 and MK11 does it?

Diane_Bhvr89 karma

The grinding on Mobile will be adapt for shorter sessions, you will be able to progress faster if you put the same time on Mobile than on PC.

For your second question I can't really share much details with you right now, but stay tuned to our official announcement ;)

Dartinius91 karma

Why are resources being invested into a mobile port?

Diane_Bhvr21 karma

Just like what RyanB_ said. We want as much people as possible to be able to enjoy DbD! ;)

gobigorgohome312377 karma

As an aspiring Games Designer (level design) myself, what are some good tips on getting a job in the industry?

I have a second question also, if that's okay. What's the hardest part/s of working in the industry?

Diane_Bhvr9 karma

Hi! I'm so sorry for the late reply, but I saw that you had a lot of good answers. I agree with MeaningfulChoices reply.

Solid foundation in design basics with expertise in some area. I think it's always great to have expertise in a few subjects so you can also show versatility. Communication and documentation are really really important.

A portfolio is essential, it's where you will be able to show your expertise, your ability to communicate efficiently in the first place and show good documentation. As MeaningfulChoices said, seeing your design process is essential. I enjoy seeing the final product of your work but most of all I want to be able to know what was your thought and design process.

But I also hear so many weird and funny stories about how people got into jobs sometimes that it's also hard to say, there is no unique and perfect recipe.

On my side, I was studying Graphic Art before Game Design, it gave me something a bit different than other profiles. It gave me an edge to the understanding of the user interface and experience. I also learned the basic of 3D art, and to script and code so I could understand the logic and work easily with other devs. I did a lot of little projects on my own and did a few game jams. I also accumulate experience doing a few internships in different companies. And worked a lot on my portfolio and CV.

I hope that all the answers we gave you will help. I wish you good luck!

Focuzed54 karma

Hello Diane. In regards to the current iteration of the beta, my question is the heartbeat. Currently there is no audible heartbeat sound like there is on other platforms, but a visual indicator. Are there plans to implement the heartbeat or is it going to stay a visual only thing? Thank you for your time.

Diane_Bhvr56 karma

Hi!! We are aware of this issue and are working on it right now. The Heartbeat sound is definitely supposed to be here ^^

Jacobahalls16 karma

I think it would neat if you could enable a vibrating heartbeat as well!

Diane_Bhvr21 karma

Don't you think it would be too much? Like you would have your phone vibrating a lot.

But vibrations are something that we could consider in the future.

Jacobahalls11 karma

Well I mean you could make it subtle but for the same reason why console has vibrating. It puts you in the moment and you could “feel” your heartbeat and the sensation that came with it.

With the pc version you kinda get that sensation with headphones from the bass.

Diane_Bhvr8 karma

True. Like I said we could consider it in the future :)

Bismaria40 karma

Does the mobile version run on dedicated servers, or is the killer still hosting the games?

Diane_Bhvr56 karma

It's on dedicated servers :D

_Ferret_32 karma

Were there any design changes in handling Killer gameplay since it's difficult to turn your camera and attack with your weapon all with one hand? (Assuming the other hand is being used to move)

Diane_Bhvr35 karma

Yes we did some changes to facilitate the Killer gameplay. Two major changes are that we added an Aim-assist (that can be deactivated) and we also added an "Auto-walk". Both features are intended to adress the issue of moving the character, the camera and attacking at the same time.

xRedAce31 karma

Loot boxes? I really hope not but since it is a mobile game I wouldn't be surprised if they were in the game for monetization reasons

Diane_Bhvr12 karma

I'm not quite sure about this. But if ever we do or we don't, we will make sure to communicate and get feedback from you guys.

running_in_spite24 karma

Am I missing something, or has she not answered any questions at all?

Diane_Bhvr18 karma

I am answering right now! ;)

running_in_spite6 karma

Yeah, that was on me. Didn't read the time zone correctly. My mistake, sorry.

Diane_Bhvr5 karma

No problem ;)

sitye18 karma

What game would you rather be working on?

Diane_Bhvr11 karma

Why not my own game? ;)

thebully22211 karma

Where did the idea for core gameplay changes come from? (i.e., no bloodwebs, and a core leveling up system/bloodmarket instead) Were there issues stopping the original game’s implementation and what steps did you take to pursue the problem? Were there other unused ideas?

Diane_Bhvr8 karma

Our main intentions for changing some of the core gameplay were to adapt the game to Mobile players. The Bloodweb is great but not easy to use on Mobile. It was also more natural for us that leveling up and unlocking Perks based on your experience in-game.

Optimization was the biggest issue to bring the game on Mobile, and it took a lot of work from our team.
As for unused ideas, yes we had some, but I can't tell you which one, we may use them in the future ;)

Heznarrt10 karma

Love the console version and have been playing the mobile version any chance I’m not at home (which isn’t as much as it’s only been available a day but still!)

That said...are the graphics gonna improve between now and release?

Diane_Bhvr11 karma

Our optimization team is working really hard right now both on performance and the visual quality of the game, and will keep on doing so until our release and afterwards. You will be able to ask more questions (and have better answers) to JP, our Technical Director, during his AMA on July 17th.

Kahzgul9 karma

What is your game doing to ensure it isn’t encouraging or abusing addictive spending behaviors in players, especially children?

Diane_Bhvr12 karma

Just a reminder that the game is rated 17+.

It's not a pay to win, all of our monetization is around having new characters and customization. So even if you don't look the best you can still be the best. You can ask more questions about that to Rose, our Product Manager, during her AMA on July 22.

ALLIRIX6 karma

How much did the project change over the course of development? How has feedback shaped the game development process?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Is this specifically for Mobile?
If yes, we did a lot of internal playtests, we took every feedback into consideration to change and refine the controls and the game experience. We also brought in some of our Fog Whisperers to test the game and give us feedback.

mtvcribz12105 karma

Is there a particular character your team would absolutely love to include one day but would be an absolute headache to make happen?

Diane_Bhvr22 karma

I'd like to be in the game as the Killer but people doesn't seem that excited about it. I don't know why...

SchrodingerMil5 karma

How hard is it to transfer a mostly competitive game on PC and consoles to a more casual play style on mobile? Were you guys hoping to get new players to the game on mobile or were you hoping your already exiting player base are going to start playing on mobile in addition to PC/Console?

Diane_Bhvr8 karma

Very hard, but we took on the challenge. We want the gameplay experience on Mobile to be as close to the PC/Console experience as much as possible and we will continue improving this.

We think our existing players will appreciate to be able to play DbD anywhere, but we also want new players to come in, especially those who don't have PCs and consoles.

frogminator5 karma

Big fan of your console version :) From a business perspective, what are the challenges you guys face to obtain licensing for familiar horror characters?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Hi! I'm not the person in charge of this subject, so I can't answer your question. So sorry!

BatZach254 karma

When will DBD mobile beta be available to people in the US?

Diane_Bhvr3 karma

I can't share too much details about it right now. But we will keep opening the beta to other countries until the full release. Stay tuned on our official channels for more information ;)


Are you going to answer any of these questions?

Diane_Bhvr3 karma

I am ;)

alphaxomegax1013 karma

When will it be available for USA mobile players?

Diane_Bhvr3 karma

I can't share too much details about it right now. But we will keep opening the beta to other countries until the full release. Stay tuned on our official channels for more information ;)


How much time does it take to make a mobile game compared to a pc/console game? What are challenges you face for mobile?

Diane_Bhvr7 karma

Well, it depends on the mobile game. But for DbD Mobile, the game is already existing on other platforms so we didn't have to start from scratch. I took us 8/9 months to reach the Beta version.

Optimization was one of the biggest challenges and making the game "mobile friendly" while keeping the original DbD experience.

lavahot3 karma

What are some mechanics that don't translate well from the PC or console version to mobile that you had to ditch or replace?

Diane_Bhvr5 karma

The Bloodweb was one of the features that was not translating well on mobile. It was pretty hard to navigate in it and to make it clear. So we changed it to our brand new Bloodmarket!

The Killer controls were also a big challenge. We had to add a bit of auto-aim and an auto-walk to help with controlling for the first person camera and the attack.

OverHaze2 karma

Will the mobile version have ethical monetisation. Will you be chasing Whales?

Diane_Bhvr3 karma

Yes it will be ethical monetization. You can ask Rose, our Product Manager, more about it during her AMA on July 22.

DrHivesPHD2 karma

What are your favorite games of all time?

Diane_Bhvr3 karma

Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill 2, Ocarina of Time, League of Legends and of course DbD :P

Netster2 karma

With the existence and (somewhat) success of Identity V on mobile already, can I please ask that you keep in touch with those devs as well? There are a lot of changes and little improvements that they've thought up that I think would be great additions to DBD. I can't wait for Dbd on mobile! Keep up the good work

Diane_Bhvr3 karma

Hey! Thanks for the support <3

Focuzed1 karma

Hello Diane. This may be more feedback oriented but also a question. Currently when selecting add ons you can press and hold to read the descriptions but currently it does not work for perks. Is this something the team is aware of? It would be easier for new players coming in to know what perks do what. The only description is when they are initially unlocked unless I may have missed something. Thank you for your time.

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Hiiii Focuzed :) You will also have descriptions for Perks, don't worry. As you know, we are currently in Beta so some features are still in development, and this is one of them.

lukeypookie91 karma

Love the game, my friends and I have lost countless hours on it, how long did this whole process take?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Thank you so much! It took us around 8 months to reach the beta version :)

Focuzed1 karma

Hello Diane. In the current iteration of the beta, we are asked to input our username but in game they show up as unknown or local host. Is this just due to the build of the game currently have and if so is it being addressed? Thank you for your time.

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Hi again! We are aware of this issue and are working on it at the moment :)

Nineflames121 karma

Have you seen Chef by Jon Favreau?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Yes, I've seen it actually!

aHorny3rdGrader1 karma

Will there be any rewards that transfer from PC to mobile or vice versa, whether it's blood points or cosmetics of any kind?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

I can't share too many details about it right now. Stay tuned on our official channels for more information ;)

Sargent_Caboose1 karma

What are the biggest challenges in mobilifying the game?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Optimization was one of the biggest challenges and making the game "mobile friendly" while keeping the original DbD experience.

M1st3rPuncak31 karma

Will the game be cross platform with the current console and/or pc versions?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

I can't share too many details about it right now. Stay tuned on our official channels for more information ;)

mom03671 karma

Will the fps be good?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

It's already good! ;)

Focuzed1 karma

Hello Diane. With the current leveling system, are teachables automatically learned at the 30, 35 & 40 levels? Thank you for your time.

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Hey Focuzed! With the current leveling system, teachables are automatically learned at the 20, 30 and 40 levels on the mobile version

openedtab21 karma

Will this be like the console/ computer version?

Diane_Bhvr2 karma

Yes but with some changes ;)