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Do you think California housing is an economic bubble? If it is when do you think it will pop or will it at all?

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Why are you guys so adamant about tweeting at Trump? He ignores them so is it so others can see you’re against him? You guys tweet on every trump tweet that it just seems you guys are obsessed with him, which is probably not the case but it comes off that way. At a certain point you guys had some good points against him but you are filled with such constant vitriol in the tweets with him it’s hard to take anything you say against him seriously since you are filled with such contempt that you’re blind to any possible good that could occur from his actions. Before obligatory “There’s nothing good he could do or has done” try to look at things from others viewpoints, I see your viewpoint and I don’t think it’s that strong or healthy for you as individuals. Good day.

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Have you guys ever thought of making a museum like Ripley’s Believe It or Not?

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Shows what I know

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Is it possible to use hair surgeries like Bosley (if those even work) would they even take? I’m sorry if that’s a bit rude but I’m fascinated that this exists.