Edit: Alright we’re finna get some lobster and donuts. Feel free to keep asking away, we just may not respond immediately. Thanks to everyone who participated, we love and appreciate every single one of you <3

We are hot American rock icons, Thank You Scientist! Our new album, Terraformer, is now available everywhere. We are currently on tour, sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, Maine with our dog buddy Max to answer your BURNING questions! Ask us anything (Max questions welcome)

Listen here: https://ffm.to/terraformer

Terraformer Music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKKWQEpS8hI

Live Video of FXMLDR with marching band: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxrz6RPSww0

Proof: https://twitter.com/TYScientist/status/1141093118625886209

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DavidStHubbins1133 karma

Porcupine Tree or Opeth?

MFthankyouscientist51 karma


WadeTheHero27 karma

Sal, what's your reaction when people compare you to Michael Jackson or Claudio?

MFthankyouscientist45 karma

Fatter. I mean flattered.

TheRealJaysus25 karma

Just wanted to congratulate you on all the success of Terraformer! It's quickly becoming one of my favourite albums of all time! Also, I wanted to thank you guys, as you have been a huge positive influence in my life over the last 4 years! Your music means a ton to me!

1) Would you ever consider doing a live music video in Toronto? Lee's Palace was absolutely bananas last time you played there and I think it would make for a great live music video! That was one of my favourite shows of all time!

2) Is anyone in the band a Classic Simpsons fan? I feel like at least one member would be.

3) Now that Odin is no longer with the band, who's piss dissolves Twizzlers the fastest?

MFthankyouscientist16 karma

We would love to shoot a video in Toronto. Toronto and Canada always brings it!

I’m (Sam) a die-hard Simpson’s and Futurama fan.

We haven’t tried the Twizzler piss test yet. Will keep you posted


MFthankyouscientist24 karma

"I just took a huge dump at Starbucks. Ask ME anything." - Matt Reynolds

Thatguy1245524 karma

Will "Poop Magician" ever get a studio release?

MFthankyouscientist24 karma

Ideally yes. -Ben

geltoid21 karma

I'm going to ask the only question that matters:

Do you think Uncle Drunkle made it home with both of those two Sweltry Lounge Lizards last night, or did Sam's sonic saxophone solo assault and Sal's scolding ruin his chances for his sweaty sexy time?

You guys were great last night, btw

MFthankyouscientist18 karma

I was hoping my sax solo would disintegrate him into nothingness, but I think it just aroused all 3 of them. I’m sure sweaty sexy time was enjoyed by all


FoodForTh0ts21 karma

You guys are one of the few modern prog rock/metal bands to avoid the slick, highly produced sound that seems to dominate almost every subgenre of rock right now. Was the raw sound you guys have (especially on terraformer) a deliberate decision or just a result of your circumstances and restrictions of recording?

MFthankyouscientist30 karma

We wanted a more lively, “in the room” type sound. -Ben

Eidola_Leprous19 karma

Hey guys, absolutely loved the new record!

Two questions:

First, I see on the trading cards that Joe's father, Dan, likes to eat ass. Is he by chance single? I am looking for a good time if you know what I'm saying...

Second, how long have you guys been playing your respective instruments? I am deeply curious as it is obvious you all are world class musicians. Thanks :)

MFthankyouscientist24 karma

I'll let him know you are interested in his services! - Joe

Tom - 15 years

Ben - 23 years

Cody - 16 years

Joe Gullace - 15 years

Sam - 20 years

Joe Fadem - 10 years

Sal - singing out tha womb

PriapisticPapi18 karma

Are you aware that Blue Automatic includes one of the greatest guitar solos in rock history? I truly mean that.

Also, where did such a diverse group of talented musicians meet, and how the heck did you fall into your amazing sound? Its dripping with originality and talent. I find it hard to pin-point any obvious influences.

Lastly I want you guys to know that I bought your tab book and cried.

MFthankyouscientist16 karma

Aw man I’m so glad you dig my solos. That means a lot. We all gig together in various incarnations and are all good buddies. It’s a natural union. We just play what naturally comes to us and BOOM. -Tom

mushymeltypuppy17 karma

Hey Ben, do you own any sleeved shirts?

MFthankyouscientist24 karma

Only my suits for wedding gigs have sleeves 👌 -Ben

cuddlyvampire17 karma

Hi guys,

  1. Are there currently any plans for a European tour? I live in the Netherlands and I'm dying to see you guys live!

  2. If you had to add one instrument to the standard line-up of the band, which would it be?

  3. Would you rather fight 1000 7 piece prog bands or would you rather fight 7 1000 piece prog bands? ;)


MFthankyouscientist24 karma

  1. Hopefully soon! The Netherlands were especially great when we there in 2017! Great crowds and foods.
  2. LIVE: None. There's already too many to set up! STUDIO: every one we haven't used yet
  3. Only if there's a 5th grade boss every 10 waves.


SomePriority16 karma

two parter

  1. will the long awaited greta van fleem collaboration ever come to fruition?

  2. what was the worst venue this past run of shows, and why was it in Indianapolis?

MFthankyouscientist20 karma

  1. We love Greta Van Flem! Would love to poop on their chests ASAP
  2. Correct! The Citadel is assbuns

-Joe Fadem

Dragon2235215 karma

Will the podcast be returning anytime soon? I really enjoyed those two episodes! You guys along with Bent Knee put on the best show I’ve ever seen in Baltimore by the way. I’m not sure anybody will be able to top it.

MFthankyouscientist14 karma

Most definitely it eventually will return! -Ben

LegalObject13 karma

who's the best cuddle buddy on the tour bus? Hard mode: you can’t answer max

MFthankyouscientist18 karma

Joe F and Sam cuddle hard AF every night

UbiquitousSham13 karma

hello to my favorite anime ost creators

I have a big question that I've had for a while now, you may have seen it on Facebook and/or on the other medias:

When are we getting the full release of hit songs such as "Livin', Lovin' I'm Gelman Jackson"?

On the day before the release of the album, I excitedly checked the YouTube album only to find that it wasn't there. I thought "Oh, they're holding it from me. They think I would be too powerful with the strength of such a song, so they are trying to restrain me by making me listening to the likes of Birdwatching on repeat."

Then, the release on Spotify came and went, and still Livin', Lovin', I'm Gelman Jackson was nowhere to be found. I started to worry. There was a massive chance that you had forgotten about it, and I had told all my friends about it. Now both of our reputations are on the line.

Then, came the cold, rainy night of Wednesday, June 19th came as I drove into the packed parking lot of The Space Ballroom in Hamden, Connecticut. I put on my Listening Hat™ and heard the full duration of the concert. Poop Magician blessed my ears, but there was no Livin', Lovin', I'm Gelman Jackson to be heard.

My quest is clear. I have to hear it now. It was and still is driving me insane. I frantically purchased the Terraformer vinyl from the concessions after the show, and there was still that one missing variable.

You might be content with your new album, Thank You Scientist, but you promised the people these songs, and we need you to follow through. How am I going to commute to work without Sam's Hot Lips and Party School? How will I fall asleep without Dr. Freckles and Menghi Junior's Funeral?

When will we hear


MFthankyouscientist15 karma

Our real fans will not be silenced! FREE TERRAFORMER(REALONE)!!!!!

tehbadmojos11 karma

Hey guys! Just saw you on the 13th in Michigan.

My only question is was the fart really so bad you had to leave the stage, or was that just a courtesy for your band mates?

Thanks for all the amazing music, you have been my favorite band for the last few years and I missed you with coheed last year but was so thankful I got to see you last week! Keep it up!

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

Eating healthy on the road is tough. So are my farts. -Sal

PeedgeMcDuck11 karma

Why didn't Terraformer follow the tradition of opening with a multi-layered vocal intro track?

MFthankyouscientist16 karma

It’s not really an intentional tradition. We had Wrinkle as a live set opener and liked how it felt so we used it for the record. -Ben

SAWCEofficial11 karma

Where would you rather play: Montclair State or the depths of hell?

Much love from Adam and the sawce bois :)

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

Depends, which layer of hell? 🤔 -Ben

aenima611 karma

Hi guys! Love Terraformer. How did the intro to In the Company of Worms come about? Its so different from the rest of the song, in a very great way.

MFthankyouscientist17 karma

I had just gotten a jiunta shamisen and put the intro together in the studio. It was a garbage instrument and barely stayed in tune. I have since upgraded to a nice tsugaru shamisen which has been on every album since! -Tom

flyersfreek1310 karma

How do you plan on transforming the EWI into an instrument essential to prog rock?

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

Honestly we don't. If anything I think the use of electronics kind of helps us step away from the cliche "prog" sound, which I think is why we like them - Cody

MarkingLolwut10 karma

Hey friends. I drunkenly wrote to you on Facebook a while ago and you took the time to respond. Made this Swedish fanbois week <3

For my question: Are you pro-mayo?

MFthankyouscientist25 karma

I’m very anti mayo. Shit freaks me out. -Tom

Uhji56099 karma

For the new members of the band, what was it like coming into a pre established group like this?

Also I need to check my email, is dot com working?

MFthankyouscientist18 karma

It was great! I've been good friends with the guys for a while so it was FINE! Also I was already good friends with Sam and Joe G and we joined at the same time so i was nice to have other cute gumdrops to learn with!

-Joe Fadem

MFthankyouscientist16 karma

A mega challenge for me. As nice as it was to know there was a solid fan base, the amount of pressure I felt to step up to the plate and deliver well was unlike anything I had ever felt in my life. But y'all are so wonderful and welcoming, you made it so easy! Very grateful to be here - Joe G

L3xLuth9 karma

Can we party tonight in Portland?

MFthankyouscientist9 karma

I hope so - Cody

ThatBandDude219 karma

Love the new album! Has some truly amazing moments in it that really impressed me! But as a sax player myself I wondered as I listened to your discography. What inspired you to add a "horn section" to your band?

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

A bunch of us like to arrange for ensembles & various instrument sections, so having horns (and violin) in the band is like having a little baby orchestra - Cody

tuck889 karma

Hi guys! Your live rendition of the Legend of Zelda themes was amazing. Any chance of some more video game covers?

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

Glad you liked it! We have some ideas for a new pop culture medley so yes -Ben

EmmettTheGreat8 karma

Posted earlier, but this is incredible important. If it's called Blue Automatic, WHY DO YOU SAY AUTOMATIC BLUE!??!?? This question has plagued my existence for the past few years please set me free from this internal hell!

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

Why not

SUBS7ANCE8 karma

I've followed you guys for a few years now. I saw you open for coheed. I thought to myself. Damn this band sounds heavy. Then I realized theres so much depth to all your music.

  1. How much does salvatore attribute some of his style to Michael Jackson?

  2. Where did thank you scientist name come from?

(I always mess around with my homies and tell em it's from half baked)

  1. Is terraformer a concept album?

The last one is just a statement. This album you just released might very well be the best music I've heard in 10 years.

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

I can field 2 & 3 -

  1. Literally Nowhere

  2. Absolutely Not

(not to sound snarky but that's the god's honest truth)

- Cody

SrpskiCekic7 karma

Oh this thing is still on? Well I also need to add that Terraformer is amazing, and that I am glad each album has a very distinct atmosphere to it.

I saw mentioned that you'd love to work on a video game, so what game genre would you think would benefit from cream?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

Anything retro. Shovel Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, etc. We are all fans of that aesthetic. Something high-octane like Mario Kart 8 would probably be more in line with our live instrumentation!

-Joe Fadem

mugiwara05567 karma

Hey guys! I saw you guys in Austin, I was at the front singing obnoxiously loud. This one has a few parts. What is the song writing process like? Does Sal come up with lyrics as you guys work on the instrumental part, or is it all done together? Also, how long does it take from start to finish?

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

Thanks for the question. The song process varies from song to song. Sometimes it’s something we all hash out together in a room together. Other times I will bring in a skeleton or a score for everyone. Either way, everyone always puts their hands in the dough, so to speak. -Tom

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

I write lyrics after all the melodies are written. -Sal

Thiccsburgh7 karma

What does the song title FXMLDR mean? Also, is the band's name inspired by a quote from the film Half Baked? I am loving Terraformer! Thank you all for putting so much work into the album and I wish you all the best on the road.

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

Fox Mulder and nope. GLAD U LIKE THE ALBUM - Cody

Porch-Weasel7 karma

How long until we get a Max solo record?

MFthankyouscientist14 karma

I just asked him and he gave some serious side-eye and then turned away.


nocturnical7 karma

OK, I'm in late but I'm gonna give it a try. I think I read before that there are Frank Zappa fans among you. What's your favorite album(s)?

I just went on a road trip and listened to Terraformer & Baby Snakes on shuffle and there were feelings.

Also, obligatory please come back to the PNW appeal. I will drag along all of my rowdy friends to any Seattle & Portland, Ore. shows. And by rowdy friends I mean women in their 20s-30s who drink cheap wine, wear cardigans and write speculative fiction for kicks.

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

My favorite is definitely One Size Fits All followed by Roxy. Honorable mention to You Can’t Do That On Stage Volume 2. I am a huge George Duke fan and that line up just fucked my shit up when I first heard it. We love pNW and will be back. -tom

SavingsRaisin47 karma

What are some songs that you guys listen to on the road for a morale boost?

here’s on rec from me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZtNtVYihcw

MFthankyouscientist16 karma

This and only this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB_YWGuYGn4

and lots of Cupcakke

Chakks7 karma


MFthankyouscientist17 karma

They're more of a mood (and thank you) - Cody

tandemthruthenight7 karma

Hey guys. I just saw you in Indy where you were dealing with the peepee water raining on you and your cables. Just wanted to say thanks for putting on a great show in those conditions. Loving the new album. Just curious as to what song took the longest time to record?

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Thanks for dealing with all the technical difficulties that night. That venue was especially brutal! Anchor took the longest to record because of the string arrangements


gallandof7 karma

I Can't remember what year, but a few years ago you were touring with Haken, and at your Boston/Cambridge show the power went out. Did the show ever resume, or what ended up happening that night?

MFthankyouscientist10 karma

We ended up playing in a fan’s basement. It was a fun night. -Tom

DunskiiRulez7 karma

About a year or so ago, you guys performed in my college town at a cafe and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. After the show Salvatore came up and asked if he could touch my head (I'm bald) and I said yes. Can I assume this to mean we are bald brothers, bound by blood eternally?

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

As Larry David would say, bonded by bald. -Tom

MrPotatoHead11097 karma

Would you guys ever consider doing an Instrumental album on the side?

MFthankyouscientist56 karma

I’m doing your mom on the side -Sal

MFthankyouscientist22 karma

TYS will never have a totally instrumental record, but we have a bunch of side projects that are instrumental including: Three Oranges, We Used to Cut The Grass, and UFO ToFU. I’m also working on a weird modern jazz record currently! -Tom

Shinkirou7 karma

Mr. Invisible is one of my all-time favorite songs. Terraformer is insane, you guys are insane! Can we expect another Sun Lab Studio music video??

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

I’m sure we will eventually do another sun lab. We have some other cool video content coming soon. -Tom

ten_thousand_puppies6 karma

I heard you guys for the first time a few years ago opening for Protest the Hero in San Francisco, and was immediately hooked.

Any hints on when the rest of NA's stages are gonna be graced by your presence? I'm in Chicago, and dying to hear Terraformer live.

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Thanks! We just headlined Chicago last month. We’ll be back soon for sure!


toririot6 karma

Hiding in the bathroom to post on my phone at work - apologies for format issues!

Seeing Tom play a shamisen live in Milwaukee was fricken amazing! There is definitely more Japanese influence (ありがとう学者 t-shirt, "New Moon") - who brought this in? My money is on Joe, but wondering if there's another weeb amongst you guys :)

Also, could you pleeaaasse give me the lowdown on Anchor? Meaning, inspiration, how long it took to write - l love the entirety of Terraformer, but Anchor is definitely the frontrunner for fav track of the album for me. Learning more about what went behind it would be fantastic!

Couldn't think of anything funny, but now that I know you guys like T&E - FOR YOUR HEALTH! Bring ya some Chrimbus milk from Mike's teats next time you're touring close to Chicago <3

MFthankyouscientist9 karma

You are right. I’m the biggest anime fan in the band but Tom actually plays the Shamisen so it balances out. We are all big fans of Japanese art of any medium, especially Japanese noise rock/math rock/70s funk.

Anchor is my favorite off the record too! I really think it our most cohesive and focused song and Sal’s lyrics are extremely powerful. The string arrangement that Cody, Tom, and Ben collaborated on rly brought it to the next level

-Joe Fadem

TheAftermanIV6 karma

I know it would probably feel like you're following in Coheed's footsteps but did you guys ever think of doing short stories or a graphic novel about some of your work? I get such an amazing space adventure vibe from Terraformer (Geronimo makes me feel like seeing earth from space for the first time) and I would love to know if there's a connecting story

MFthankyouscientist22 karma

No. We would rather do a video game instead. -Tom

SavingsRaisin46 karma

What's been the funniest question so far¿?

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

Not this one


youlox1234567896 karma

Love the new album, now do you guys want to play some shows that's actually align with my life schedule? 🤣

How's Max?

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

Max says quit yer day job


Flynt456 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how mad thicc is each member of the band?

MFthankyouscientist9 karma

10’s across the board. Some are just more low key thicc than others. Maxx is an 11

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Can you be the judge? We wanna know from your perspective


mikeybags136 karma

I saw this on my way to work this morning while listening to Terraformer. When did you guys get a new tour van, and why are you following me around town? https://imgur.com/gallery/7qOPo61

(I tried this multiple times and imgur was not cooperating, I have a feeling Cream Co. is aware...)

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

Put your damn phone down -Ben

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

We are unauthorized to address this question. Redacted.

-Cream Co.

el_pecos6 karma

Have you guys ever composed something so extreme, in terms of weirdness, that you though "Nah, we're gone too far. This cannot be published on an album"?

MFthankyouscientist10 karma

Yes but then we published it on the album - Cody

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Yea and then we release it anyway


midromney6 karma

Do you guys tear up when listening to Bent Knee, too, or is it just me?

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

To use one of Ben Levin’s terms, their music makes our peepee’s cry white tears. -Ben

Select_Trainer6 karma

What's the single worst piece of advice you'd give to an up and coming musician?

MFthankyouscientist19 karma

Go to college and get a degree in jazz performance! - Cody

Saucemasterson6 karma

Was your show in Indianapolis last week the worst show of your career? Venue wise not performance wise, you guys were great!

MFthankyouscientist12 karma

Certainly a low point. Piss water dripping from the ceiling and destroying our equipment is always very cool & fun - Cody

jmytape6 karma

What are your top three influences as a band?

MFthankyouscientist20 karma

Frank Zappa


Bent Knee

- Cody

DirtyXun6 karma

What is it like being tangentially associated with Dan Ryckert?

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

Dan is great and hilarious. I love the guy. He’s perfect for my sister. They have a great podcast together called Panning the Stream. Check it out if you haven’t. I’m going to be a guest soon and I also wrote the theme 💩 -Tom

percussionfreak9D26 karma

Question for anyone in the band:

If you could pull one object in infinite quantity out of your bellybutton- excluding money, precious metals, or jewels - what would it be?

Also, I do want to know how you all manage to be creamy memelords and also incredible musicians? Still asking for a friend.

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Chrome out of belly buttons for sure.

Warrbler5 karma

When choosing your furry friend did the whole band go and play a set and see which pupper reacted best to your smooth jams? Or did you just pick with your heart?

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

He was found during the first We Used To Cut The Grass tour, and he is a miracle boy.


Fifthgeer5 karma

I'm dying to know; What was the inspiration for the lyrics on the track Need More Input? I imagine it as a much more sad version of WALL-E.

MFthankyouscientist12 karma

I’m a big fan of sci-fi and NMI is my salute to the dangers of artificial intelligence. I need your clothes, your boots and your bike. -Sal

metarugia5 karma

If you could recommend a new video game to pickup (any console or platform) what are each of you recommending? After playing through God of War I haven't been able to find a game to fill the void.

MFthankyouscientist16 karma

Hollow Knight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Joe Fadem

D1rtyW1zard5 karma

Who's been been your favorite band to tour with/do a show with?

(Much love from Edmonton!)

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

Bent Knee, In the Presence of Wolves, and Tea Club 🙏


MFthankyouscientist6 karma

Also our sweet boyz in Haken - Cody

louoei5 karma

Would you consider making any drum transcriptions? I know many fans have been asking

MFthankyouscientist14 karma

Maybe! I'm improvising most of the time so it would be quite an undertaking to recall exactly what I played on the album but keep asking and maybe I'll do it!


jes63095 karma

Where is the weirdest place you've ever made whoopie?

MFthankyouscientist12 karma

the balcony of the Exit/In in Nashville - Anonymous

madpiratetom5 karma

Hey guys! What's the name of that sick ass-clarinet looking thing that Sam plays during the show sometimes? I love it!

Terraformer is super rad and I gotta say the vinyl pressing you did is probably my favorite colors I've seen on a pressing. You killed it in Milwaukee and I'm excited to see you next time around!

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

It's an EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) running through a Behringer Model D - Cody

mioxm5 karma

If you guys could choose any movie sequel to write the music for: which series would you pick and why?

MFthankyouscientist21 karma

We would love to write the music for the new Cowboy Bebop ❤️-Tom

pulsai865 karma

If your lives were an anime, which one of you would be best girl?

MFthankyouscientist15 karma

Joe Gullace. He is already my tour waifu and is tsundereAF! UwU

-Joe Fadem

ShoriErise5 karma

What kind of instrument would you love to include in a future album that you haven't experiemented with yet and/or haven't been able to fit into any song you've recorded so far?

Looking forward to seeing you guys in August!

MFthankyouscientist15 karma



poornose5 karma

You guys toured Europe with Polyphia and Coheed, why didn't we get any of that magic here?

Also you guys rocked with Protest the Hero that was my favorite concert ever.

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

We’re only playing one show with Polyphia and Coheed and it’s not until August! Toured with Coheed in the states a bunch, hopefully again in the future!


PeedgeMcDuck5 karma


Is it hard work being this good?

I think this album has my favorite guitar work of the 3 albums. How well your chunky tone mixes with everything else is just fantastic.

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Hey man! Glad you dig it. It’s always a work in progress. It’s good to know I’m moving forward. -Tom

GREmLiN3245 karma

Hey guys. A few years back y’all were distributing signed brown bags with personal messages inside, what was one of y’all’s favorite messages you put in (the one I got was “Fashion, ever heard of it?”)

MFthankyouscientist9 karma

I think that one was definitely a favorite. They're 99% impenetrable inside jokes - Cody

midromney5 karma

Hey guys! Sal, why, when I requested Need More Input at the Brooklyn show a couple weeks ago, did you shout no? 🥺

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

It wasn’t on the set list -Ben

Maleficent_Payment5 karma

does anyone in the band have perfect pitch? (besides max of course, because it's apparent he does)

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

Sadly the only blessed boi is Max - Joe G

OctaVariuM85 karma

What are some bands you've toured with (or have become friends with) that you believe deserve some more attention? Sell me on some new stuff! :)

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Bent Knee, In the Presence of Wolves, The Tea Club, to name a few. Also there was a wild local opener last night called the Viennagram - Cody

MFthankyouscientist7 karma


shelbumblebee5 karma

Will you guys ever come back to Oklahoma?! Specifically in the OKC area!! Both times there were issues (mechanical failure and severe weather) but I need y’all here!!

btw me and my husband love the album!

MFthankyouscientist4 karma

Thank you! We’ll definitely be back in OKC!! Sorry about the past couple shows :/


midromney5 karma

Any plans to tour with The Tea Club since their new album is coming out soon?

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Yes. -Sam

nicvolcano5 karma

You guys killed it in Nashville despite all the sound problems! I’m a huge drum corps nerd and was curious how all of your connection with the Bluecoats really got going, leading to playing for them/the FXMLDR video? Did they reach out to you when they were choosing songs for the show, did you reach out to them, how did that all get started really?

MFthankyouscientist10 karma

They reached out to us. David, the director, is a huge fan of the band. -Tom

wildwindsurfer5 karma

What are your favourite Jazz albums of all time?

And any reason behind the new album being longer than your previous releases?

MFthankyouscientist6 karma

Dedicated by Carly Rae Jepsen

-Joe Fadem

RhombicZombie5 karma

I first heard psychopomp because of the bluecoats and you've been my favorite band ever since. how does it feel to have a massive following in drum corps?

also, how'd you guys feel about the AZ show? I thought it was weird that nobody stayed for an encore :(

MFthankyouscientist6 karma

Developing a symbiotic relationship with the Bluecoats is one of the best things that ever happened to us, we owe a huge thanks to David Glasgow for that.

Agreed on the weirdness in Phoenix - was definitely an oddly stiff crowd.

- Cody

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

The drum corps following is so inspirational! That world is so foreign to us and constantly amazes us. That rendition of Psychopomp is unreal.

That AZ show sucked! If you want an encore plz scream!!!!!!

-Joe Fadem

Xelayxes5 karma

What's your favorite color?

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Penis -Ben

Arkeband5 karma

What’s the craziest or funniest thing that’s happened on tour with Coheed?

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

I pants’d Josh once -Ben

Cr_Njin5 karma

What’s the biggest fuck-up you guys have experienced on stage?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

Indianapolis last week


pulsai865 karma

Hey guys! It's ya boi, standard DCI fan who found out about you guys from the Bluecoats.

Really digging the new album! One of the standout tracks for me is Son of a Serpent. It gives me vibes that sound as if it came out of the game Persona 5 (one of my personal favorite games and OSTs of all time) and I am absolutely loving it.

A few questions: Have you guys ever taken inspiration from music in the Persona series (or hell even just heard it)?

Would you ever consider maybe giving us your takes on music from said series (aka a godlike cover)?


How wide are you guys' assholes after the Terraformer music video?

MFthankyouscientist11 karma

Thank you! Person 5 isn't on Switch so I haven't had a chance to play the whole thing but it looks amazing and the soundtrack is incredible from what I've heard! Joker is OP in SSBU.

We take a lot of inspiration from soundtracks of all kinds (games, movies, etc.) I recently made a chip tune version of our single "Swarm" and am working on some similar things in my other projects https://thankyouscientist.bandcamp.com/track/swarm-8-bit-version

Our assholes mad stretched

-Joe Fadem

pizzapueblo5 karma

A late buddy dear to me was a huge Coheed fan, and he got me into them. He tells me one day to check you guys out. Instantly hooked from Grin. Songs like Psychopomp are among the top of my personal list.

Any chance of ever coming to a Boise, Idaho?

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

We’ve definitely played near Boise! Could happen.

  • Cody

I_hate_the_Jets5 karma

Seeing you guys tonight, so excited! Was at the Brighton Music Hall show last month and you blew my mind!

Does anyone have a cat? I saw the dogs and bird pictures on the site but no cats! I personally love (and have) both, but I just hope some of you share the love for kitties!

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

I had 2 cats, but they both passed away (when I was on tour) 😢


EvoLimbo4 karma

Hey absolutely love Terraformer! Y'all are doing great things. For the band, who were the teachers that had the biggest influence on your love of music?

MFthankyouscientist10 karma

For me Bumblefoot and Vic Juris were great mentors and teachers. Hearing those guys play regularly growing up certainly keeps you humble. -Tom

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

Kirk Nurock, Lew Soloff, Laurie Frink, and Joe Mosello - Joe G

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

My dad!

-Joe Fadem

MFthankyouscientist6 karma

I’ve studied with several great teachers but Boris Kucharsky, my teacher in college has had the greatest impact in my playing. Look up his Brahms 3rd violin sonata and other recordings! -Ben

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

For me, it was Michael Fein in Philadelphia. He’s my old teacher who really opened my eyes to good music and how to practice effectively.


MFthankyouscientist5 karma

For me, Jacque Jobes, Ryan Thompson & Kirk Nurock - Cody

typicalparty4 karma

Do you feel like you risked it all on Terraformer? Or is there some brisket left in the oven? Jw

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

Brisquette all

40°12'48.7"N 74°00'56.3"W

coolmanpie4 karma


MFthankyouscientist8 karma

Shaken, not stirred. -Ben

R3dBaronMS34 karma

How do you guys feel about moshing at your shows? The DC crowd was very chill and I didn't want to rock the boat.

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

We are fine with moshing, though I would imagine it’s hard to focus on the details of our music when you’re slamming into people.

pebbles19924 karma

Hey Joe Fadem can you tell me about the peepee method?

MFthankyouscientist8 karma


-Joe Fadem

Donktor_Jcon4 karma

The first thing I remember Sal saying two Gas Monkey sets ago was "Every time, Dallas..." in response to everyone's high energy.

What other cities/venues have impressed you in terms of crowds Bringing It™?

MFthankyouscientist10 karma

The cities that always seem to surprise us are Los Angeles, Denver, Canada (all cities), Texas (all cities), Orlando and of course our sweet home New Jersey - to name a few. - Cody

_Moonbow_4 karma

While listening to the guitar solo in Son of a Serpent, I noticed Tom's guitar tone sounds alot like Tosin Abasi's on their newer release, specifically songs like The Brain Dance and The Glass Bridge. Was this tone inspired by that? Are you guys a fan of Animals as Leaders? If so, what did you do achieve that tone? It's super awesome :). Incredible record by the way guys, you guys are so inspirational.

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

I’ve never listened to those songs so not directly. The tone is from a Jaded Faith amp. Glad you dig!

cjoduse954 karma

Love the new album guys! It's everything I wanted, thanks for another amazing piece of art. This is a comment mostly for Ben I guess. I'm a classically trained violinist and am really impressed with your chops. We met at a show in Ithaca NY a few years back if you can remember. I want to get into more non-traditional playing. Get out of the classical bubble. Any advice? Thanks, love you dads ❤️

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

I do remember! Play along with recordings, practice full range scales and Sevcik, take a lesson, just jam; that’s a nutshell answer . Feel free to email me if you want to discuss more, [email protected] -Ben

Ahovel4 karma

What does FXMLDR mean? Cheers from Montreal!

MFthankyouscientist21 karma

Fox Mulder from The X Files. We just didn’t want to get sued.

Nunkletron4 karma

Hey! I attended your first live show in Pittsburgh on Good Friday with a good friend of mine. We both loved the show! It was my first rock show ever! My friend is at work right now so I'll ask her question and then two of my own.

Her question: How do you folks come up with the names for songs that don't mention it in the lyrics? Psychopomp, for instance. Is it the general theme of the song that inspires you?

My questions:

  1. Do you folks have any classical/western art composers that you admire and/or pull inspiration from? If so, who?
  2. What's your favorite pokemon? Any generation :)

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

My favorite Pokemon is Squirtle because of the memories but Gen 5 has my favorite main series games! Pumped for Grookey

-Joe Fadem

MFthankyouscientist4 karma

Song titles usually come last. It all depends on the vibe of the song -Sal

crowkk4 karma

I have two questions:

  1. What were the relevant influences for the band?
  2. Since you guys perform music with so many instruments and with very rich compositions, have you guys considered adding some more brazilian-ish traits? Like some Bossa-like features or light samba here and there? I feel like some musics of yours would be really good with a bit of those

Love you guys :D

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

  1. We all listen to all kinds of things. Some of our favorites include Frank Zappa, Björk, Mr. Bungle, Squarepusher, Queen, Tool, Daughters idk we like everything!
  2. Yes that would be great. We have some Latin-influence on all our records but it would be great to go deeper

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

There are too many influences to name. We all listen to a ton of different music.

As for the Brazilian-ish music, check out Rube Goldberg Variations or the second half the violin solo in Chromology for some hints of that style!


poppopcan4 karma

Was the food any good at Menghi Jr's funeral?

MFthankyouscientist8 karma

We ate Mengi Jr’s butt cheeks


metarugia4 karma

What do you find is the best way to clean/store your dragon dildos?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

Road cases

Lateraelus14833 karma

I am absolutely stoked to see you guys play in Portland tonight. Is this your first time playing there?? I would looooove to meet you guys. You’ve always been a huge inspiration for my playing music. See you soon!!

MFthankyouscientist6 karma

None of us have ever played in Maine with any band ever! - Cody

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

Yes it is our first time in Portland Maine. We will be wandering the venue before the set and hanging out after, come say hi! -Ben

Thetaa3 karma

I've got a few questions here.

1) I noticed that in Terraformer, a lot of the songs reference other songs. Some of the notable ones are Wrinkle being similar in style to Chon, the venetian snares influence in Birdwatching, and the guitar riff in everyday ghosts that sounds similar to the guitar in Uptown Funk. I know the birdwatching one is intentional, but what about the other examples? Are there other intentional music references, or am I just over thinking?

2) What are some of the band's hobbies outside of music?

3) Does the band have any big musical influences? Nonmusical?

4) I know that Tom didn't do college from one of the live sessions, but what about any other members? And of those that did college, did any join fraternities?

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

  1. Nope! The Venetian Snares one is intentional I guess. Mr. Funk is a breakcore pioneer and its in 7/8 so makes sense! Bruno Mars did not invent funky guitar riffage tho
  2. Watching movies! Drinking coffee! Video games when we actually have time
  3. Nonmusical: our dogs! Musical: Anything and everything, especially our musical friends and the great bands we get tour with
  4. TOM DID GO TO COLLEGE! Everyone went to music school except for Joe Fadem and Sal

-Joe Fadem

22PoundHouseCat3 karma

What was Cream Co about? I felt so out of the loop.

MFthankyouscientist13 karma

It was all tied into making light of our difficulties with distribution and our burning desire to create an 800 number. Necessity is the mother of invention - Cody

Mary_Hobbes3 karma

What was the first song that came together with the new lineup?

MFthankyouscientist6 karma



rodneyc762 karma

Hey fellas!

Top 5 announcements of E3 2019?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

BoTw 2 Animal Crossing Astral Chain Smash DLC boiz

I only rly care about Nintendo

-Joe Fadem

Trayia2 karma

Portland Oregon or Portland Maine?

MFthankyouscientist3 karma


DigdigdigThroughTime2 karma

First of all!

Where do you get off?!?! Part of a balanced breakfast and delicious!

But more seriously, when are you coming to Nebraska? There are dozens of us. Literally dozens!

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

Soon hopefully!

G_O_O_G_A_S2 karma

Milk or Water?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma


metaldrummerx2 karma

Hello friends, I worked the street team for you guys in Chicago last time you were in town. By far you are my favorite band.

What was the moment that you realized people actually wanted you around? The moment that you saw that people were singing along instead of just nodding along? Also, when are you guys going to officially add an accordion player to the band?

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

That moment was on the PNAS cruise when about 20 men were rolling around on each other with no shirts on during our set. We already have an accordion player, Rick; he is the 7th member of the band. -Ben

Goatey2 karma

The song Carnival has a number of lines that hit me pretty hard on the subject of the my childhood and the house I grew up in... Would you share what you intended those lyrics to be about?

MFthankyouscientist4 karma

I don’t remember. Those lyrics were written about 10 years ago. -Sal

Uhji56092 karma

If the 7 of you where ever trapped on a deserted island with no food, who would you eat first? (Max is off limits)

MFthankyouscientist4 karma

Maybe we can all sacrifice some toes and make a toe stew? That way we don’t have to commit to killing and eating someone.

ihavesomegoo2 karma

Hey guys, so proud of your new album, the best bands come from NJ!! Prog tours always have the best lineups, who are some bands you would love to tour with but have not gotten the chance to yet?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

Primus, Guerilla Toss, Mew, Knower, Snarky Puppy to name a few. -Ben

aenima62 karma

Songs similar to New Moon and Birdwatching werent present on previous records. Did songs like those 2 come about due to presence of new people in the lineup? Or maybe gained confidence in pushing into new sounds?

MFthankyouscientist6 karma

Yep! Birdwatching was written mostly by Cody and myself(Joe Fadem) with lyrics added by Sal afterwards so its naturally a very different sound than what we come up with together. We're going to explore more things like that in the future

New Moon is mostly Tom, Sal, and Ben exploring the world instruments they play and the rest of us adding our own touches (I programmed the drums, Cody played upright, our friend Audra adding vocals) It was always intended to lead into Terraformer and they rly made it something special!

-Joe Fadem

zirconkyle2 karma

Any instrumental versions or stems for the album? Loved it in its entirety. Thank you for the musical influence~

MFthankyouscientist9 karma

The songs are meant to have vocals. That’s like asking a painter to release a version of a piece without the color green. -Tom

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

Probably not, we love our Salvatore! -Ben

mushymeltypuppy2 karma

Will we ever see an OFFICIAL cover of Santana's "Smooth"?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

That’s not a bad idea ;)


rjp112862 karma

Question for Max: Who gives the best pets of the group?

Question for the band: How did you come up with the concept for "Anchor"? It's such a brilliant, emotional song.

P.S. Saw you in Hamden, CT the other night and, as the kids would say, you guys "slapped"!

MFthankyouscientist4 karma

Changes day to day - Maxx

Anchor was definitely a special song in that we really tried to build it slowly and sparsely, rather than "HELLO HI HERE'S 7 INSTRUMENTS." Beginning the composing process that way really influenced the dynamic of the entire song. - Cody

SomethyngWycked2 karma

Hey guys, if you had to choose one song to lend your impressive talents to in the form of a cover, what one song would you choose?

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

any Kate Bush song

-Joe Fadem

aformadi2 karma

You guys are my favorite band in the world!!! Nerdy question incoming... Not that you need it, but have you ever considered incorporating free jazz/avant-garde type improv sections into your songs? Seems like there’s always been a pretty big influence from avant-grade big band type stuff in your sound so I’m wondering if you’ve ever thought about diving deeper into that in the sense of having some really loose, kind of modal, chaotic sections? I figure most if not all of you have a background in that type of music.

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

We dig more into that stuff in my other band, We Used to Cut the Grass (which features most of this band), which plays in NJ a lot and will be releasing a record in the near future. Sun Ra is a huge influence for that group - Cody

htrevino2 karma

Do you guys plan different sets in case there are technical difficulties with some particular instruments? You guys were awesome in Indy roasting the venue’s sound guy for not doing his job btw

MFthankyouscientist2 karma

We have different sets planned for tour in order to keep things fresh, and will fall an audible occasionally if there are any technical difficulties.


WorkingYogurtcloset62 karma

I know you guys mentioned in one podcast that some of you were considering doing some live-streaming during the tour cycle, any more thoughts on that? I know there’s a ton of resources that would go in to it that might not be a realistic use of funds (mobile data, streaming setup, etc)

follow up, have any of you considered live-streaming practice sessions (or anything else music related) on sites like youtube or twitch?

MFthankyouscientist4 karma

Joe Gullace has expressed interest in doing the Twitch thing. I’m not much of a gamer myself other than the various vintage games I still dig. We would love to get more into all kinds of streaming and it’s something we def plan on exploring. -Tom

zach_buddie2 karma

Hello friends! Zach here.

First off, I absolutely love your work. Absolute brilliance. Writing complex music is one thing, but making it so fun and catchy is a whole separate ballgame. Keep on being wonderful!

My questions:

  1. If you could tour with any band or artist that you haven’t already, who would it be and why?

  2. What most often strikes inspiration for writing lyrics? What about writing music? What music do you all currently listen to?

  3. What pieces of advice do you have for a young artist looking to get into the progressive music scene? How should I begin making connections?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends! Have a splendid day.

MFthankyouscientist4 karma

Anything can inspire me to write lyrics. Good times, bad times. You know I had my share-Sal

EmmettTheGreat2 karma

Ben does playing the solo in Amatuer Arsonists Handbook transcend your soul above the plane of mere mortals and let you touch the realm of God's existence as the flurry of notes reach out and pierce the ears of your listeners with a heavenly joy?

MFthankyouscientist3 karma

The rapid fingertip battery pumps the vivid serum of essential vitality through my veins, I flirt with heaven, dropkick purgatory and hip thrust Hell, light and dark collide into the unholy righteousness of MAXIMUM being! -Ben

DefinitelyNotChthulu2 karma

On a scale of 1 to Hope it Falls off the Face of the Planet, how much do you hate Indiana?

P.s. Thanks for coming out to Newport and playing a show for us. Had a blast and you guys are amazing musicians!

MFthankyouscientist7 karma

Indiana str8 doo doo. Glad you caught the Newport show! - Joe G

TheNeptunianSloth2 karma

Absolutely love Terraformer! I’m curious to know what your personal favorite songs or sections from the album are?

MFthankyouscientist5 karma

My favs Birdwatching fo sho - Joe G

BrokenBaritoneNolan2 karma

Which scientist did you thank, and what good has a scientist ever done for anyone?

MFthankyouscientist6 karma

Marie Curie - she died studying radiation. Her notebooks have to be kept in containment because they're still burning with radiation. - Cody

darkenedfate922 karma

Hey guys! Would you ever consider doing the soundtrack for a video game? I've always felt that some songs would be great boss fight music.

Keep up the great work! Loving Terraformer!

MFthankyouscientist6 karma

YES GET US THE GIG (Mark Mothersbaugh is a huge inspiration) - Cody