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How do i dream of hot women throwing cupcakes at me while i try to run away but cant get away as the hallway gets longer, eventually collapsing to my knees, rolling into a ball and weeping as i get buried in cupcakes?

ExploreLucidDreaming29 karma

By becoming lucid and creating that scenario! :o You can become lucid by watching this: https://youtu.be/MyxwvseFMjw

firefly634513 karma

But how do i do it?

ExploreLucidDreaming32 karma

There’s a section in the OP that explains how to become lucid. If you mean how to control the dream, just think about it! One of the best ways for me to create something in a lucid dream is to imagine it in full detail behind me, and then turn around and it’s there :)

reddit01lpr23 karma

Can you explain the sexual side of lucid dreaming? Can you create sexual experiences, engage in them, and "finish" so to speak in the lucid dreams? If so, is your physical body affected, and how consistent can you control something like that in your dreams?

ExploreLucidDreaming28 karma

Lucid dreaming sex feels extremely real and is a reason many people get into it. The mistake most beginners make is rushing into the experience, causing them to become excited and wake up. You need to take time to connect with the character in your dream and get to know them before jumping into anything. That will give you the most control and consistency. Many people are able to finish in their lucid dreams while others wake up right before–I’m guessing it’s different for everyone and the more grounded and aware you are in the dream the less chance you’ll have of waking up.

UnderwaterTrashboat20 karma

Can lucid dreams turn into “a bad trip” so to speak?

ExploreLucidDreaming23 karma

Your experience in a lucid dream is entirely based on what you think, so yes. There’s many ways to avoid bad lucid dreams though, and it shouldn’t be a reason to stay away from trying it. Some examples are meditating and repeating a positive mantra in your head before falling asleep. But yes, having negative lucid dreams are possible.

Moggy-Man19 karma

What's been your most amazing, insane experience during a lucid dream?

ExploreLucidDreaming28 karma

I remember one of my first lucid dreams, I became a superhero and fought crime in a massive city that resembled New York (I’ve been there before so my brain was able to create something similar). What blew my mind was how real everything looked and felt... I always knew lucid dreaming is just as vivid as the real world but once I actually experienced it for myself it was incredible. I flew around a lot, through buildings and super high up in the air, and also did rooftop parkour to run from bad guys. It was a shorter lucid dream because I didn’t know how to extend them yet but still amazing!

okthatsmyusername18 karma

I can dream almost every night and remember good amount of it or the most important BUT I've only realised that I'm dreaming and started controlling it (making stuff appear or go places while being conscious that I'm dreaming) 3 times on like 20 most of the time I am only like half-conscious

So how do i become more conscious (lucid) during my dreams ?

ExploreLucidDreaming13 karma

Take time to ground yourself in the dream by observing your surroundings and feeling the sensations of the dream world. It’s important to get familiar with what’s around you before jumping straight into controlling things or moving places. I know it seems pointless at first, but if you spend the first minute or so just observing your dream, you’ll last much longer and be more aware.

CuteHalfling13 karma

Do you not become tired the day after? I do when I have had lucid dreams.

ExploreLucidDreaming16 karma

Sometimes. I can’t speak for everyone because it varies person-to-person (I know people who aren’t affected at all). For me, I tend to lucid dream towards 5-7am which is at the end of my sleep period, and when I exit my dreams and wake up I feel very refreshed and ready to start the day. Maybe that’s because my brain has already had time to rest, but I’m just speculating. If you feel tired lucid dreaming I recommend either changing the time you’re trying to lucid dream or using techniques that don’t involve disrupting your sleep (because those can make you tired).

DiTThO11 karma

There have been some interesting stories about people learning lots of new abilities, composing music and stuff like that during lucid dreams.

Are there any limits to this? Could you learn skateboarding for example?

ExploreLucidDreaming25 karma

Practicing skills is definitely possible in lucid dreams, but you cannot learn something entirely new because your brain has never experienced it before. When you’re practicing the piano for example, you are just strengthening connections in your brain and becoming more familiar with it already. But if you take on a completely new instrument, your brain won’t know how it works so it can’t accurately practice it unless you spend some time in waking life learning the basics. This would apply to skateboarding as well–you need to know something about it already to go off of.

thebeaststirs11 karma

How do you avoid sleep paralysis, i quit trying trying to control my dreams because of it ?

ExploreLucidDreaming11 karma

That’s a very good question. I’ve been asked this a lot and actually posted a video last week on how to stop sleep paralysis with every single tip I could find. Basically avoid things that affect your sleep cycle (staying up super late, eating a lot before bed, etc) and fall asleep with a positive mind which can be done through meditation. There’s a lot more in the video including methods to turn sleep paralysis into a lucid dream, if you want to check it out.

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Isnt this the 3rd time in a month you have done this AMA? Feels like advertising to me.

ExploreLucidDreaming4 karma

My last AMA was 28 days ago but I thought I’d hop on and answer more questions :P I’m not trying to advertise (I don’t sell anything nor will I ever) but rather help people lucid dream with the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the last 5 years.

Pius_Thicknesse5 karma

How do I know this isn’t just a lucid dream??

ExploreLucidDreaming9 karma

Do a reality check!! It’s funny because I actually used to have dreams where I taught people how to lucid dream, only to wake up later and feel stupid xD

oldtownmaine4 karma

Do you own a red and green striped sweater with rips on the bottom?

ExploreLucidDreaming5 karma

I do not :(

alwaysundermyskin3 karma

Do you think it would be possible to slow down your perception of time in your dream, and extend it basically forever?

Becoming an immortal of sorts in your lucid dreams?

ExploreLucidDreaming2 karma

Unfortunately not. For whatever reason you can’t change or warp time significantly in a lucid dream (I’ve tried this a lot myself). Time seems to move constantly no matter what you do, although it’s known to pass a bit slower in a lucid dream.

hastagelf3 karma

What are some productive things you can do when you're lucid?

ExploreLucidDreaming3 karma

Practice existing skills, conquer your fears, talk to your subconscious mind (by creating a dream character and imagining that they are your subconscious), and exercising your creativity are all productive things you can do :)

Feeqock2 karma

Are there any negative sides to lucid dreaming like sleep paralysis etc. ?

ExploreLucidDreaming2 karma

Sleep paralysis can be both a negative side and a benefit if you know how to control it. There’s also a chance of becoming tired or having bad lucid dreams.

LardPhantom2 karma

Do you think there could be ill effects of not allowing your dreams to run their natural course?

ExploreLucidDreaming1 karma

I’m not sure. I lucid dream all the time and it’s done nothing but help me. I haven’t heard stories of people becoming ill from taking control of their dreams–the closest thing would be having an addiction to lucid dreaming. I’m not saying that there are no ill effects... but nothing so far has been scientifically proven that suggests that.

LordWizrak2 karma

What’s your favourite lucid dream scene and why?

ExploreLucidDreaming3 karma

I love being in the city. Something about seeing people go about their day-to-day life and knowing that it’s all a dream and I can do anything is really amazing. That and I can parkour around a lot ;)

OverHaze2 karma

How do you become lucid without waking up?

ExploreLucidDreaming2 karma

Take time to ground yourself in the dream. Observe your surroundings, feel the textures of things, and fully immerse your senses in your new world before trying to control stuff. Spinning around and rubbing your hands also helps. I made a video on how to lucid dream longer that fully covers everything ;)

maltesecitizen2 karma

How do you do it?

And what’s been your weirdest dream so far?

ExploreLucidDreaming9 karma

Writing down your dreams every morning, performing reality checks, and establishing a good sleep cycle are ways to boost your chances. Then you can use different techniques to induce lucid dreams, like WILD and FILD. I have a few videos on those techniques if you’re interested (I recommend FILD for beginners).

I’ve had a lot of strange dreams... I remember one time me and my friend were sitting down and having a conversation about lucid dreaming. I was telling them how to do it, explaining how real it felt, and describing everything I could think of about the topic. Later we said goodbye and I woke up. I felt incredibly stupid because the whole time I was dreaming!

Katmoish1 karma

When you are awake, do you ever question if you are actually dreaming?

ExploreLucidDreaming1 karma

When I do reality checks, yes. You can learn about them here: https://youtu.be/Ryl_le2QfmM

Lulu_Rose1 karma

Can two people lucid dream during the same night and somehow travel towards each other so that the experience is shared? I'm reading other peoples comments and I'm curious how far this thread can go!

ExploreLucidDreaming3 karma

Very good question! Unfortunately sharing a lucid dream is not known to be possible as everything happens inside your own head. You can dream vividly that someone is there and it’ll feel like they are, but when you wake up you’ll realize that it was just you. However if you get into astral projection I’ve read that it is possible, although I’m not experienced in that field.

SrirachaCashews1 karma

Is your ability to dream lucidly affected by taking drugs? If I smoke weed during the day I can never remember my (non lucid, basic ass) dreams the next morning. Wondering how it is when you’re a dream Jedi.

ExploreLucidDreaming0 karma

I’ve read that drugs can block your ability to dream, so unfortunately yes.

ZaZa471 karma

Thanks for the AMA op! Have you ever "died" in a dream? If yes, what did it feel like?

ExploreLucidDreaming0 karma

Yes. I don’t really feel anything, I just wake up.

Huruukko1 karma

Do you also believe that Earth is flat?

ExploreLucidDreaming-1 karma

No :/

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Please message the mods for additional verification. As it fits now this isn't a valid AMA for this subreddit unless it's your full time job and you can verify that.

ExploreLucidDreaming1 karma

I’ve messaged the mods but have never gotten a response.

PinguStoleMyFish0 karma

This is the first time I heard about lucid dreaming. Seems very interesting, but scary at the same time for me.

Don't you ever get... idk, confused, not knowing when it's dreaming or reality anymore, in the middle of the dream? In other words, have you ever had a moment like "what if I'm not dreaming at all, omg"?

Not sure if I made myself clear.

ExploreLucidDreaming1 karma

Typically when I become lucid I try my best to remember that it’s a dream, but sometimes the vividness gets to me and I need to do another reality check to make sure I’m not awake. Whenever I get confused in my dream I just plug my nose and see if I can breathe through it, and that helps a lot :)