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Were you happy with how Game of Thrones ended?

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Why does Christopher Nolan tend to have some dialogue drowned out in favour of loud music or sound effects?

As a film geek, and a music/sound fan, this drives me absolutely crazy and does a major disservice to his, and your, work.

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Hi Brian, I just watched your Ted talk on whether our universe is really the only universe a few nights ago.

While I have SO many questions about the universe, in general and at all levels of complexity, particularly before and beyond it, I would like to ask how we humans can be so positively and absolutely sure about things we only have human levels of knowledge and history to build from, such as...

"Nothing can be faster than the speed of light!"

"All life must be carbon based!"

Even with using the most technical instruments and measurements, these are still based on technology humans have invented.

How can we absolutely know for a fact that these statements of absolute truth can't be countered in the future by more discoveries and knowledge?

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This is my exact issue. It's just frustrating to miss dialogue and not know if it's pertinent or not.

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Thank you for answering my question.

I appreciate the response. I just wish he didn't do it during parts where the audience is meant to be listening to information presented through dialogue.