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Lucid dreaming is great for your mental health because you interact directly with your subconscious, making you more connected with your inner-self. It’s an amazing feeling physically and mentally to be able to do whatever you want, whether that’s flying, fighting crime, doing parkour... knowing that there’s no limits gives you a sense of freedom like no other.

People have also used lucid dreaming to face their fears and overcome them. That’s how I overcame my fear of heights and public speaking!

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I’ll have to sleep on this question.

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You can control your environment, so you could wipe everything away and build something from scratch. You can also create a portal in your dream if you want to be somewhere else, which I’ve done a few times.

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It increases your dream recall, making your dreams more real and vivid and also providing you with information on your dreams.

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Not really. When I wake up I feel satisfied and refreshed, and am glad that I had my experience however I don’t wish I could be in the dream forever. That being said, some people can have problems with this and lucid dreaming can become sort of an addiction so it’s important to know your limits.