UPDATE: thanks for tuning into our AMA! Please watch Tacoma FD starting Thursday 3/28 on TruTV and every thursday for 10 weeks! You guys rock!

Kevin and Steve here from Broken Lizard. You definitely remember us from our projects like Super Troopers 1 & 2, Beerfest, Club Dread and, well, you know the rest. We’ve got a new half-hour comedy we star in and co-created called Tacoma FD. It’s essentially Super Troopers, but in a firehouse!

It premieres on truTV on Thursday (3/28). Check out the trailer here: https://youtu.be/HJaltHN-1a4

Proof: https://i.redd.it/9ly4zsvc66o21.jpg

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PurposelyIrrelephant13 karma

Beerfest and Super troopers are two of my all time favorite stoner comedies. I now have an adverse fear of ping pong paddles. Came to ask if any of you were ever actually sober during the filming for Beerfest?

Also, RIP in yeast Landfill

RealHeffernanLemme11 karma

The Germans never drank real beer. We were always wasted.

putridterror10 karma

Would you guys happen to have any literacola?

RealHeffernanLemme16 karma

You can get one at Shenanigans

CallMeJeeJ7 karma

I swear to god, I’ll pistol-whip the next guy that says ‘Shenanigans’!

RealHeffernanLemme13 karma

Hey Farva! What's the name of that restaurnt you like with all the goofy shit on the wall and the mozzarella sticks??

CallMeJeeJ5 karma

Oh you mean Shenanigans?

RealHeffernanLemme8 karma

You're talking about Shenanigans right?

Hum4n_l3eing8 karma

Should we be prepared for some cameos?

Also, Rabbit is going to be in town soon, got anything embarrassing that I can mention to him just so he knows you're always watching?

RealHeffernanLemme13 karma

Tons of cameos. Paul Soter, Will Sasso, Martin Starr, Brian Quinn, Fernando Valenzuela.

RealHeffernanLemme10 karma

Ask him about his Uncle Denny.

BiggerBangTheory8 karma

The maple syrup chugging in Super Troopers is legend, what do you plan on swallowing copious amounts of in Tacoma FD?

RealHeffernanLemme14 karma


danccbc8 karma

If Broken Lizard gets to do a Marvel movie, who would you play?

RealHeffernanLemme9 karma

Lemme - Howard the Duck

Chaibrary6 karma

Do you boys like Mexico?

RealHeffernanLemme9 karma

You know I love Mexico - this is Steeeeeeeve!

mscott80886 karma

Why was club dread your best movie?

RealHeffernanLemme11 karma

Because that shit was scary. And Heffernan got the girl.

cwilkins24425 karma

First off, let me say I think you guys are hilarious. Thanks for all the effort you put into your work. Heffernan your character in Beerfest was too damn funny. Lemme you killed it in Slammin' Salmon. Question for you both is any particular reason you chose Tacoma? Also, would you wouldn't mind sharing a funny off camera story? I could use a good laugh today.

Keep up the great work & make weedfest (the movie not a Friday night) a reality already...

RealHeffernanLemme4 karma

I'm trying to type really fast (this is Steve) - Kevin was just okay in Beerfest. I did kill it in Slammin Salmon (and all the others)

We loved the idea of a show in the rainiest city in the country and we were in Tacoma when we had the idea for the fire man show. So...

MURKA425 karma

Have you been given any credit for Reno 911 successfully riding your coattails?

RealHeffernanLemme34 karma

Not really but we didn't sy thanks to the Police Academy guys for letting us ride theirs either.

JeneralWack5 karma

Is there a possibility of supertroopers 3?

RealHeffernanLemme11 karma

Yes we are writing right now and figuring it out with thr studio!

JeneralWack2 karma

Fuck yes, I want to know when macs gonna meet his love interest... maybe its trans thorny after succumbing to flovascotsia (cant remember spelling lol)

RealHeffernanLemme5 karma

Mac's love interest is Farva. And don't you forget it.

JeneralWack3 karma

Shit I cant believe i forgot and i just watched super troopers 2 sat. Well then i have closure. Will you guys be driving the fire truck that killed fred savage?

RealHeffernanLemme5 karma

Shit! That's the secret ending of Tacoma FD Season One!

tamammothchuk5 karma

Let's pretend I just got pulled over for checking this AMA on my phone and am about to get a ticket. What's your best advice on my best shot to get out of it?

RealHeffernanLemme14 karma

Send me your # and I'll text you a photo of me and Kevin flipping the bird to the cops!

NaziGazpacho5 karma

What was it like working with the late great Michael Clarke Duncan? I loved him as The Champ!

RealHeffernanLemme5 karma

MCD was phenomenal. He was larger than life and improv'd everything. I think Cleon Slmon is his best role.

NaziGazpacho2 karma

It's amazing that he improved everything!

You guys do an exceptional job with fan engagement. I really look forward to checking out the new show

RealHeffernanLemme2 karma


tellMyBossHesWrong4 karma

Meow did you meow actually meow have to meow film in Meow Tacoma?

RealHeffernanLemme7 karma

No. We filmed in LA so Lemme could sleep in his own bed. He is very particular about his pillows.

discopunko4 karma

You guys are awesome! Hope you guys keep making movies too! Any plans for a sequel to Beerfest?

RealHeffernanLemme18 karma

Weedfest then cokefest then fuckfest then hot dog fest

DarthVenti3 karma

Are mustaches a requirement to play a cop or fireman? Also will your next roll be 70s porn star so you don’t have to shave?

RealHeffernanLemme6 karma

Absolutely. You must have a mustache. We're going to do Bohemian Rhapsody 2. We're both playing Freddie Mercury.

TheDrizzle543 karma

Three amigos, The Coneheads, or revenge of the nerds?

RealHeffernanLemme4 karma

Three Amigos.

creedthoughtss3 karma

What was your favorite scene to film in ST1?

If you have time for a second, any advice for struggling aspiring actor in LA?

RealHeffernanLemme3 karma

Bulletproof jockstrap. It was on the shooting range of the Fishkill Max Security Prison. The prisoners were yelling all kinds of obscenities at me.

Advice: stick with it and keep improving. Also, don't expect to be discovered. Make gigs for yourself.

brownsfan7603 karma

I noticed in your movies you guys switch around who the good and bad guys are played by. Which do you prefer to play?

RealHeffernanLemme4 karma

Is Farva a good guy or bad guy? Whichever he is I am.

brownsfan7606 karma

I would say Farva is an anti hero. You chicken fucker.

RealHeffernanLemme3 karma

I say he's the ultimate good guy.

Greasemonkey_Chris3 karma

What's a ZJ?

RealHeffernanLemme5 karma

If you have to ask...

RiD0gG3 karma

Huge broken lizard fan, all the way back to Puddle Cruiser. I can't wait for the show and will be watching.

That said, did you like the way Tru TV handled promotion during the first days of March madness?

Love you guys, but the impractical joker clowns aren't a train I'd hitch my comedy car to.

RealHeffernanLemme5 karma

Shhh, don't let them know that. They'll prank the shit out of us.

Superwilson453 karma

What was your favorite scene to film in Super Troopers? And any on set funny moments we didn't see?

RealHeffernanLemme6 karma

The literacola scene! I liked tackling that little bitch.

dantedivolo3 karma

Open to any extras? Lol

RealHeffernanLemme4 karma

I like extra bacon on my BLTs

sarcasm_hurts2 karma

So, are you guys originally from Vermont or what?

RealHeffernanLemme6 karma

No but Lemme has been arrested there many times.

Groovicity2 karma

Will there be a new form of "chugging"? Like with chili or something instead of syrup?

RealHeffernanLemme5 karma

Yeah you have to stick a firehouse down your throat, turn it on and see how long you last.

missemilyrose3302 karma

Love you guys!! How often do you get recognized on a daily basis meow? Do people often throw out quotes from the movie in ordinary life meow?

RealHeffernanLemme5 karma

Only when we're together and only when we have mustaches. We always say quotes to each other.

Kfraser522 karma

Who has been the funniest/most fun person you have both worked with that isn’t in your usual crew?

RealHeffernanLemme4 karma

Will Sasso super fun. SUpe talented. Smells great.

footd1 karma

Loved the new special and I’m pumped for Tacoma FD.

When will y’all be able to record some more of the podcast?

RealHeffernanLemme2 karma

Yes! We are going to record a podcast in the next few dys!!

mechanimals851 karma

Are you coming back to MI for stand up? Was excited to see you at the Crofoot but you had to cancel and I miss your faces

RealHeffernanLemme2 karma

We are trying to get there!!!

DarthAK471 karma

So when are we gonna see some metal jocks and powdered sugar hazing again?!

"Hey Farva, what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?"

RealHeffernanLemme3 karma

You mean Chicanery's? You're talking about Chicanery's right?

deusahominis1 karma

Just had some beers with Nat at my brewery, just wondering when you guys are coming in for some?!

RealHeffernanLemme1 karma

Who is Nat? What brewery?

deusahominis1 karma

Nat faxon, June lake brewing in June lake California.

RealHeffernanLemme1 karma

Say hi to him!

DrunkCanadianGuy1 karma

What's a ZJ?

RealHeffernanLemme2 karma

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

DodgerKerfuffle1 karma

Hey guys! Loved Super Troopers 1 & 2! What were your favorite scenes to film in those movies? Are there any scenes that were tough to get through because they were so funny? Thanks!

RealHeffernanLemme1 karma

I really enjoyed filming the opening scenes of both movies - SL

WjtlW1 karma

Hey guys, good luck with your new show.

Kevin, how long did it take you to forgive steve for stealing your jacket back in college?

RealHeffernanLemme4 karma

This is Steve - he hasn't.