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There's a lot of criticisms towards your book saying it idolizes or at the very least overly romanticizes the toxic nature of dating and the crazy things infatuation does. While I can see were they might be coming from, I personally believe you're just being a human sharing their experiences for others in a creative manner and are pretty self aware of your own crazy mishaps. How do you respond to some of the these criticisms addressed towards your work?

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Beerfest and Super troopers are two of my all time favorite stoner comedies. I now have an adverse fear of ping pong paddles. Came to ask if any of you were ever actually sober during the filming for Beerfest?

Also, RIP in yeast Landfill

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Cow cheese with out the cow. Why not just call it non-dairy cheese?

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That's a great response. Thanks for taking your time to answer my question. Best of luck out there 💪