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malau155 karma

I watched the Chinese Cirque de Soleil, they were breathtaking. Don't you worry that you could end up with a serious spinal injury? Do your parents worry about that?

tongqimys_80 karma

You stop thinking about the dangers after doing this for a while and you know the danger of being an acrobat. I think my parents worry but they never tell me

mel_cache48 karma

Do you wear contact lenses while you perform? If not, how do you see well enough to do it?

How did you get started?

tongqimys_56 karma

Yes i wear contact lenses during my performance, because spectacles make things difficult. My parents sent me here

mel_cache27 karma

How old were you when they sent you? Did you show a particular talent as a child?

tongqimys_53 karma

I was 7 when they sent me to the troupe. The main reason was they left the town to work and i could earn money and a good living in the troupe too

mel_cache25 karma

How often did you get to see your family?

tongqimys_51 karma

I see them twice a year, during the lunar new year and the other depend on what happens

acedelaf39 karma

How much do you train?

tongqimys_92 karma

Starting at 7.30in the morning we train until 11.30. We have classes until 3, then we train all the way until dinner. Then night training happens sometime, sometime until 11. We only have sundays off

mel_cache40 karma

Wow. That sounds grueling.

tongqimys_59 karma

you get used to it after a while

Marc11736 karma

What’s something that you wish you had more time to do?

tongqimys_85 karma

Making more friends and spending time with them outside the troupe and family time

Tallbois30 karma

What interested you the most from the different cultures you encountered? Such as New Zealand, United States, etc.

tongqimys_68 karma

How friendly people from other countries can be when receiving us

DrEnter19 karma

My 9 year old son is a competitive gymnast and loves performing. Is acrobatics something you would encourage or would you push him in another direction?

tongqimys_42 karma

acrobatics would be a good direction but it uses quite different skill sets and its abit more extreme i would say

ThProphet19 karma

How long will you be able to perform? What age do most people in your profession move to different careers? Do acrobats at your level become teachers after retiring?

tongqimys_51 karma

I know people who perform when they are 30 but no more than 40 and if they can perform for so long they most of them will become teachers in the troupe. I hope to perform at least until I am 30

Alblaka16 karma

When did you decide to become an Acrobat and since when have you been training towards that goal? Was the decision solely yours or have you been influenced towards it by someone?

tongqimys_30 karma

My parents made me do what i am doing today, and they sent me in when I was 7 and that was when i started

IShouldBeDoingHwrk15 karma

What is the hardest thing you have done as an acrobat?

tongqimys_64 karma

Jumping on my head up the stairs. Yes i did that

triface112 karma

Do you think there were any unexpected benefits from being so flexible, strong, athletic, etc.? Are you the youngest in your troupe?

tongqimys_23 karma

It made what im doing now easier, but that is it. no use outside of the stage

redsparks202511 karma

So what do the Chinese acrobats think about the Canadania acrobats of Cirque du Soleil? And have you ever seen any of their perfomances (even on TV)?

tongqimys_25 karma

I see they perform before live, and i think they are very very good

redsparks20259 karma

Cool. Does your performances have "themes" like for example the story of the Monkey King or the story of Chang'E & Hou Yi put into acrobatic choreography?

tongqimys_17 karma

sometimes we do have themes, but we package it as one big show and the theme runs through

KickAssMiles11 karma

What's cooler than being cool?

tongqimys_52 karma

being an acrobat :)

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