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For how many years did you live in a car?

How did circumstances change to allow you to escape your situation?

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I watched the Chinese Cirque de Soleil, they were breathtaking. Don't you worry that you could end up with a serious spinal injury? Do your parents worry about that?

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How does it feel to effectively be one of the most powerful people in Earth?

There must be moments of satisfaction to know that your work has been read by hundreds of millions of people, and that you have enriched the knowledge of the same said hundreds of millions?

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American health care is appalling. His can the American people stand for this kind of system?

A little boy's life is at stake and they play their stupid games. Despicable.

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What software do you use to create fonts?

Have you ever had to threaten legal action against a commercial enterprise using your fonts commercially without a license?

Which font did Rockstar use?