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(some of which were overnight paused games due to the lack of save/load functionality in the early stages of development)

As a fellow developer (and amateur modder) I couldn't but chuckle at hearing that these kind of 'wait, don't we have basic necessity x yet?' moments happen to the big guys, too :3

Thanks for your answer, looking forward to tomorrow!

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Even with the "", that's a misleading title then. There's so many ways to make the topic sound interesting, why would you resort to sensationalism?

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How much replayability is there actuall in the game?

I mean, you basically get a different map each time, different ratio of ressources and threats, and maybe some different stats from the various setup options, but do they actually have a significant enough impact on the game to force people to adapt different playstyles from run to run? Or will it more likely be a 'find optimal setup, execute again and again with slight modifications' thing?

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That's an even more excellent answer!

Thanks for providing such a detailed and source-rich response, despite what could have been interpreted as a somewhat skeptical and challenging stance of mine.

I'm tempted to put forth some more questions, but I feel like I should first take more time reading the sources you provided, in the assumption that the read might change my outlook and consequently questions on this matter.

So, thanks again for your time!

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Is this an ability/issue on global scale, or localized to the UK? If the latter, what is the deciding factor: UK citizenship? Being physically within UK borders? Using an internet access from within the UK? Purchasing hardware (i.e. phone) from a shop in the UK? etc