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How big/awesome is/will the project be that Wiz had to leave Stellaris for?

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... I was hoping it had been a voluntary decision, and not another grooming story.

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When did you decide to become an Acrobat and since when have you been training towards that goal? Was the decision solely yours or have you been influenced towards it by someone?

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(some of which were overnight paused games due to the lack of save/load functionality in the early stages of development)

As a fellow developer (and amateur modder) I couldn't but chuckle at hearing that these kind of 'wait, don't we have basic necessity x yet?' moments happen to the big guys, too :3

Thanks for your answer, looking forward to tomorrow!

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The last time I heard anything about Scientology, it was a cult around some sci-fi novel about aliens that came to earth in golden Boing 747's and such stuff,

and had nothing in common with what you would call 'science' or the scientists that practice science.

Did I miss something here?