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iamsethmeyers132 karma

Are you willing to accept the liability risks of taking random people's poop and putting it inside other random people, all without being a medical professional? How much does your service cost?

Do you plan on answering this question at all?

MaximilianKohler10 karma

We're not offering a paid service. This is a completely volunteer project. The only people paying money are recipients paying the donors directly.

It seems everyone has misunderstood what this is.

taking random people's poop and putting it inside other random people

We are not doing this.

CarbonReflections42 karma

Sorry a bit off topic, but has anyone ever told you how much you look like The night stalker serial killer, Richard Ramirez ?

MaximilianKohler29 karma

No, that's a first :(

stickers-motivate-me17 karma

My husband has ulcerative colitis and we’ve been wondering about this for quite some time, but there’s so little information on it. Do you think this would help UC?

MaximilianKohler8 karma

There is a significant amount of evidence to suggest FMT would help UC: https://old.reddit.com/r/HumanMicrobiome/wiki/intro#wiki_ibd.3A

howsadley12 karma

Is there a lack of donated fecal material? Can donations be stored at hospitals (like blood) or is the donation a one-by-one matching process (like a kidney)?

MaximilianKohler11 karma

Is there a lack of donated fecal material?

There is a lack of high quality donors. Most clinical trials, stool banks, clinics, doctors, etc. are using low quality donors, and thus getting poor results, an in my opinion endangering patients.

Can donations be stored at hospitals (like blood)

Yes! It's kept frozen at -80c I believe. The VICE article/video covers the main stool bank in the US - OpenBiome.

There is some data to indicate that fresh is better than frozen though.

zenospenisparadox10 karma

What ailments could be helped by a transplant?

diarrheagram5 karma

I don't like pills. Can I receive the transfusion in liquid form instead?

MaximilianKohler6 karma

Yes, it can be done with liquid both via rectal and oral routes. Rectal-only may not be complete as it ignores most of the digestive system.

TrumpsYugeSchlong2 karma

Does eating ass during sex accomplish the same thing?

MaximilianKohler3 karma

You likely wouldn't get enough, and it highly depends on the health of the person who's ass you're eating.

emanesu651 karma

Shitty work but someones gotta do it.

So you're looking for quality not quantity (cuz I know a few people who might qualify)?

MaximilianKohler-1 karma

Yep, definitely quality over quantity.

Nursue0 karma

What are some of the most common reasons for FMT aside from C. Diff?

MaximilianKohler-2 karma

IBS and CFS seem to be two of the more common complaints.

Poliobbq-2 karma

Do you tell potential suitors what you do? What are their reactions?

MaximilianKohler-1 karma

Unfortunately my health has been way too poor to be looking for potential suitors. But absolutely I would tell them :)