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Actually it’s not “named”, they believe everyone who ever lived must be baptized. They do baptisms for the dead by proxy in their temples. They believe that each person that hasn’t been baptized is in “spirit prison” and when baptized (by proxy) has the opportunity then to accept or reject the gospel.

Source: live in Utah, used to be Mormon (they prefer “LDS-or Latter Day Saints” to being called Mormon.

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I would look for a neurologist that specializes in TBI. If you have to travel to an area with a level 1 trauma center or a large teaching hospital, it may be worth the inconvenience. Even a skilled, knowledgeable neurologist may not be up to speed on current testing/treatment for TBI, especially if it’s not a injury they are treating on a regular basis.

A lot of people feel like seeking a 2nd opinion is insulting to their medical provider and worry about that-especially if they have a good connection with said provider. But, any medical provider can’t know everything. If they feel threatened or insulted when a patient takes the initiative to get educated about their condition and seek the care they need, they need to check their ego at the door. In fact, they should be helping patients find the best care out there and collaborate with other providers. Something as complex as a TBI often takes a multi specialty team to provide the best treatment possible.

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Wow, I had no idea that the field was that saturated. I was aware that there was not much of a "shortage", but I find this statistic mind boggling. When I started nursing school some 14 years ago or so, there was a huge shortage in my area. It would be incredibly frustrating to invest so heavily in school and then be unable to find a job.

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Not sure why you were down voted. I got it right away and found it appropriately amusing...

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I would love to know where your favorite spot is! My family used to go camping in the Boulder Mountains when I was a kid. Always the same spot-by the prettiest little stream that had a gorgeous little waterfall upstream aways.

We would nearly always stop at some little fast food dive in Salina for lunch on our way there. I would never be able to find that place on my own (more years later than I care to admit), but damn, I would love to be able to take my own kids there someday!