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I went through three unsuccessful nerve blocks at my tibial nerve. Then I found a dr that did them via ultrasound so he could actually verify hitting the nerve. If yours weren’t done via ultra sound I would recommend finding someone that does them that way.

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My wife had the same done and that is an incredibly more dangerous and precision injection compared to the tibial m nerve in my foot that is just under the skin. But yes I agree that the doctor I was originally seeing was worthless to have not used ultra sound and just trying to guess on location.

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Sorry a bit off topic, but has anyone ever told you how much you look like The night stalker serial killer, Richard Ramirez ?

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Sorry bro, if it makes you feel any better Ramirez had a pretty large following of female groupies due them to thinking he was attractive, even with being convicted.

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OP answered 3 questions and then disappeared. I wonder if he got a visit from the police?