I guess this post will cause a lot of hate comments, but I'm here to answer you question and probably to expose some dirty practises about g2a policy for the sellers and the sellers themselves being able to scam people without anyone being able to prevent them from doing it.

Proof : https://imgur.com/a/fqXRdwW

I don't want to share too personal details for legal reasons.

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empyreanhaze3457 karma

For those of us who are clueless, what is G2a, and what was the particular scam you were running?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller3260 karma

G2a is platform where seller can sell game and software products keys on lower price. Sometime is legit, like humble bundle unwanted keys, I even sell from free giveaways. Some people sell keys from physical copies they buy large quantities legit. For everything else, is all illegal keys from some way (directly from dev, stolen cards or what ever). My scam is selling free review keys.

Stierscheisse925 karma

You're awfully blatant in writing in present tense, albeit title. Anyway, thanks for the details and the AMA.

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elloman13694 karma

If he's a scammer on g2a then highly likely English is not his first language

Jay_x_Playboy169 karma

Asian or Russian if I had to guess.

ThrowAwayG2aSeller772 karma

Wrong guess Comrade.

Apocalypse487x332 karma

See! He's clearly Nigerian.

ThrowAwayG2aSeller1532 karma

Hi Apocalypse487x, I have sad news, your uncle in Nigeria pass away and left you 1 000 000 0000 00000 dollars, I will need your credit card info for no reason.

Selthur786 karma

What process or processes were used to get the key codes from devs?

Were most willing to sell codes at a discounted price?

Did you personally commit any of the fraudulent activities yourself, if so what tactics did the company have you use?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller677 karma

1- For me it was easy, it was taking time and research (damn like an actual job). I basically pick a game title and made a request on various site for press/ creator review codes - few examples are : Keymailer, Woovit, Terminal. Sometimes I have being offered keys directly and of course I did what I did with them. I know some other people with directly sent emails to the devs and publishers to ask for keys, while they present themselves as someone else. Dev and Publishers need to pay more attention who they actually give keys to, and if they indeed make review of the product at all.

2- I always sell at least 3/4 of the actual price, there is now way to sell something at full price. Just I had competition of the other scammers that literary drop the price with 1 cent just to beat the others, eventually making something that cost like 19.99 to cost 1.99 at g2a.

3- I don't want to say I commit actually crimes, since most of my costumers left happy with the purchase, but before I gave up I mess up big time. I find online free keys for various antivirus products and sell those. The keys end up being black listed and people who buy something before more that 7 days got scammed ' cause I can't refund them. Eventually almost all of the Antivirus keys got banned I left the people scammed. For my defence I sell those for fraction of the full price. G2a just have system for handling complains and react only if the seller didn't respond first.

whdln772 karma

how much did you earn in total?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller729 karma

About 1000 euro or less.

dcast777705 karma

I’m confused, are sellers scamming the game studios or the users? What should a user look out for to not get scammed?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller203 karma

Sometimes is both. People get their keys (if not payed for them) from the devs for free, not having permission to re-sell, then if the key gets banned users got scammed. Never buy from people with bad reviews or people with too less sells. Even if the seller if verified and doesn't mean he doesn't have bad products keys, just too many daily sells to show up on his reputation. G2a implement new softting and now show % good - bad ration for new sells only, I think month of sells based rating.

dcast77724 karma

Can you still loose the game after it’s been redeemed and installed?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller52 karma

Steam can revoke it, if it was Beta key (get refund ASAP just to be save), the beta test period is over and the product get revoked. Or if the key was purchased with stolen credit cards it get banned.

ThrowAwayG2aSeller258 karma

There is something I wonder: How G2a will change if they see this. There are many like me still doing shady sells. G2a keep allow sometimes un-checked keys to be sold freely.

squid50s214 karma

What types of scams are on G2A?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller324 karma

I hard to explain since I was small fish on G2a. You know about people buying something and it gets revoked later? Yeah that is most common type of scam you get from G2a. Sellers get their keys is illegal or unethical way, so when the company eventually catch what going on and bans the keys, before or after they get sold.

Zockerpflaume159 karma

Why did you do it and did you receive any punishment?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller256 karma

I do it because it was very, very easy way to do some extra cash. I didn't receive any punishment at all (for now).

TheWipyk123 karma

How did you get the keys you were selling?

Edit: typo.

ThrowAwayG2aSeller145 karma

Answered UP, basically requesting review keys from various places.

G13G1396 karma

According to your screenshot it looks like 10 dollars a month. Did you think this was worth it to break the law lol?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller132 karma

LOL you almost estimate my earnings. Yeah is only two digits profit monthly. At most I had withdraw was 200 bucks and have in mind how much G2a took for taxes for withdraw,sell, currency conversation etc.

nealio100081 karma

This isnt the kind of money that's worth the risk of any sort of digital fraud which in my country comes with serious penalties. Unless you live in a third world country that already commits a ton of fraud then this wasnt worth the effort at all. Just go get a real job.

ThrowAwayG2aSeller147 karma

You are right.

Sir_Encerwal81 karma

What do you think think we the general public should know?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller203 karma

Not to trust sites like G2a, Kinguin, G2play when they say they have good customer service and only legit seller do their business on those platforms. Just for the records is 100 times more easier to sell unchecked keys at Kinguin and g2play, compared to G2a. So if you happen to buy from low review , low quantity in sells seller, have in mind that he may not ever being asked how he got his keys in first place.

vAvoidtheBoat67 karma


Fuck these guys. My windows key got deactivated three months after I purchased their shitty W10 key from the site

ThrowAwayG2aSeller80 karma

I keep telling people to not buy Windows or Office keys, but I can see ads everywhere. Those are VL, not a single copy, but one key for many pc's in office or small company.

CofagrigusGames73 karma

What kind of people have you found are more targeted by these scams?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller95 karma

People who buy the games get scammed themselves, developers may get targeted for the valuable games they have on Steam. Nobody wants 0.99 games for re-selling.

7ballcraze62 karma

Do you like nesquick?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller117 karma

I have tried once, taste good with milk.

Notalox58 karma

How come this isn’t brought up more often or isn’t as known? I’ve seen a couple of youtubers advertising this website and I actually found out about it through them and I was planning on buying something from them but last minute I got cold feet and didn’t end up buying anything which I’m kinda glad since I just found out it’s a scam for the most part

sh9jscg48 karma

Ive bought a LOT of shit from G2A and never got an issue with any key, Im part of a small group of buds (10-ish) and used to buy 10x copies of a game to gift on the group's anniversary, been recommending this site forever and now I guess I was lucky?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller60 karma

Buying from trusted sellers is 98% secure way to get good games for cheap. I personally got couple titles and all was good.

3KidslnATrenchCoat54 karma

Do you think you deserve the hate comments that you talked about recieving with this post? After all you are a scammer.

Do you feel any regret or remorse for those that you scammed?

You speak as though you no longer scam people, why did you stop? Would you do it again?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller131 karma

I deserve some good hate from the people to learn my lesson a start doing something legit in my free time.

I did this post exactly because I regret because I regret scamming all those people before I leave G2a for good. I want people to see what is going on and why people shouldn't fail for those scammer who left our there.

I stop because my rating when from 100% to ~70% after I sold 20-ish bad keys to people. I mostly stopped because G2a wanted from the seller to go out legit with company and tax information. Can't go legit with my illegal hobby. The devil is right on my shoulder, if happen something to pop up, I hope the angel on the other side to outspeak the devil. I won't do at all if I had any solid income while I'm student.

MrNestux41 karma

But... Why?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller120 karma

Why doing IAmA or why I was seller there?

I do this AmA because I feel bad for the game developers who suffer from sites like G2a, I want to stop that abuse.

I was selling there simply because I was able to and I need money.

MrNestux32 karma

There is more legit ways to earn money, but fair point.

ThrowAwayG2aSeller92 karma

Nobody wants to hire on me Fiverr so, g2a was there...

Fractal_Death83 karma

So after exhausting 1 possible way to earn money, you start scamming people?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller29 karma

Nope, never had the idea for being regular seller at all. Just the fact that people will buy anything blow my mind. I started selling 0.99 cents games, it was 100% profit way to do some cash.

GetStonked33 karma

What actually is a review key?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller55 karma

People who are reviewers at Youtube ,Twitch, or some gaming dedicated site that make gameplay or review of they newer games. Publishers will provide early access key for they game for free. Sometimes they key will say " ... for Beta testing" or preview or something similar. If you get one saying that, is one of those review keys.

Rose_Beef27 karma

So in 6 months you made what, 50 bucks? Criminal mastermind.

ThrowAwayG2aSeller33 karma

From 20$ to 40$ per month. I was inactive for some period of time.

Kir4_22 karma

What steps should we take as consumers to avoid being scammed?

Was the money worth it for the effort it took? Or you think you could've spend it all that time better doing something else?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller37 karma

People who buy, need to look at selling history of the sellers and if they buy something expensive to buy extra protection or they may not be able to get refund.

I had 100% profit with no expenses. Lets say it was good way to do money in my free time. I wonder If I had the time I can achieve anything productive. I always wanted to learn Unity engine to make games myself, but never find the time to do it.

javisarias21 karma

What's the best way for a developer to identify a possible scam and how to avoid it?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller39 karma

At all just they need to do research first before start giving away review keys to people who may not look what they are. I don't mean to reject everyone, some people are actually legit people who want to review the product, but the companies need to look people background first.

BFeely17 karma

Are you being hunted by the authorities?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller15 karma

No, how they don't know about me.

icemaster833 karma

I've bought from G2A before and only had an issue once. It took me threatening chargeback in order to get my key. How often does the customer retaliate like this?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller16 karma

Well, I had little experience with customers at the end, but most of the time buyers are nice people who ask nicely for money back or new key. Some where pretty strait forward and leave bad review and demanded refund no matter what. I saw some sellers begging the buyers to change the bad reviews, they got that low to keep scamming people. I think I got scammed from buyers, haha, just claiming bad key and I refund them, even I know they key should work, but I want to avoid G2a from step into the conversation.

oneparanoya2 karma

What made you think this post was a good idea? Taking pride in scamming people is one thing, but it seems like you want to announce to the world of your "achievement".

ThrowAwayG2aSeller5 karma

I didn't achieve shit. I want to make Developers more responsible while handle key, because all keys are from them in first place. G2a need to stop closing eyes when people keep passing those unchecked keys on the store.

FSMFan_2pt02 karma


ThrowAwayG2aSeller5 karma

Ah finally good question to be answered. So some sites have like portfolio of the contend creator who wants to request game. The developers can see links to his/her channel no matter if is Youtube/Twitch/Mixer , they can see channel performance, view and what they actually cover on their channels so the developers can decide to give key or not. Is not always like that, if you aim for Indie games you always get them, because some developers are just growing on Steam and need all of the possible exposure for the title they try to sell. I have being contacted by email multiple times and I was always glad to review the game they have to offer. I didn't abuse it that much, I keep a lot of game for myself, other just download from torrent's sites and review anyway.

I want developers who see this to better check out the Youtube channels and to keep eye on the people if they review the title at some point at all. Maybe I didn't got caught because I do reviews so often to be in suspicion.

LaVidaYokel1 karma

When you’re not doing scummy, shitty things to exploit people on-line, what scummy, shitty things are you doing to exploit people off-line?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller3 karma

None, usually I get scammed in life.

Astrixzzz1 karma

Do many criminals go onto G2A to do money laundering?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller2 karma

If they pay taxes is laundry, I have no idea what other people do, we are alone in our business.

Romantic_Google1 karma

I have a hard trusting third-party seller's online as it is and this just makes it worse. It ruins the platform for everyone.

There are better ways to go about making money then scamming people looking for discounted game codes, especially when you only walked away with roughly 1000 Euros.

What's your current occupation ? Do you see scamming as another source of revenue? Have you ever been reprehended for your actions?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller0 karma

Student, No,No I haven't.

DanielYKW1 karma

If you receive a steam key and it gets revoked, is there a chance of the account getting banned?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller1 karma

I don't think so.

Zencoh1 karma

What's your opinion on other selling websites such as kinguin as they're probably the main competitor to g2a?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller2 karma

Kinguin is less popular alternative, that struggle to gain the customer base of G2a. I have sold 3-4 game there too. I way more easier and Kinguin have 0 that is ZERO check on the sellers. My name there was write by randomly pressing keys on the keyboard and still no questions. Kinguin also have extended procedures for verification, but they must check the new sellers before they start selling.

Sellers at Kinguin (the popular ones) have physical copies that they sell, so they are totally legit.

felipe50831 karma

Did you ever get any angry texts or reactions when the person found out it was a scam?

ThrowAwayG2aSeller3 karma

One person found out that I got the key from google results, pretty sure he report me, but hey G2a doesn't care. I refund him and didn't hear from him again. Most of the people where just worried to get they money back or new key. I was very gently speaking to them and I deeply sorry that happen like that.

dn1055-14 karma


ThrowAwayG2aSeller3 karma

Thanks, I think 2 times in my life I consider committing suicide, but I think i'm pretty fine from my actions. I tried to make out for the people who left scammed as best I can.