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My father was trying to do something that hadn't been done before--a participatory park where people had agency.

What does that mean?

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Would you ever star in a Burn Notice spin-off, based on Chuck Finley?

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I had a terrible experience with Best Buy about 5 years ago, and now think they are the epitome of scum. Would you agree with me?

Oh, and paging /u/Fuck_Best_Buy.

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On my nineteenth day (the day of my court hearing), I had two options once I met with my lawyer. A: deny being mentally insane, get sent back to the psych ward for probably six months+, or B: Go home that day, but agree to the stipulations and claims about my mental health.

I chose B, because who doesn't want to go home. The consequences that came with B are as followed: I can never own a gun again. I cannot miss a psychiatrist appointment. And I was deemed psychotic by the state of Wisconsin.

To any redditors that are thinking, "should I be outraged by this?":

To add some context, it sound like what my state calls an Alternative Treatment Order (ATO). It's an alternative to hospitalization. The state considers and wants to implement 1) the least restrictive measures that are 2) effective. Considering OP's reported psychosis, history of psychiatric hospitalizations, and suicide attempts, an ATO is very appropriate.

It's interesting that OP talks about the "consequences" of his choices, rather than "hey, I can be out in the community rather than be in a locked ward."

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So after exhausting 1 possible way to earn money, you start scamming people?